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We need an impact linebacker

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  • We need an impact linebacker

    Dont ask me where we are going to get the cap money, but we need an intense tackling linebacker that doesnt miss, preferably in the middle. Pisa and chillar/faulk will be ok outside, but it sure doesnt look like thomas is the answer in the middle and i like trev faulk, but i dont think he is the ong term answer either. We could sure use takeo spikes right about now.

    general counsel

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    Re: We need an impact linebacker

    I agree;
    We are a little too small at LB. Pisa is a gammer, Chillar looks to be coming along, Polly and Thomas are inconsistent!
    Not too sure about Trev yet.

    Adm. William "Bull" Halsey


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    • general counsel
      we missed trev faulk this year
      by general counsel
      i think we would have been stronger with trev faulk in the middle and chillar on the bench. Of course, this is both 20-20 hindsight and ignores faulks injury which caused him to get cut in the first place. We really had no other viable option in the middle.

      ramming speed to all

      general counsel
      -12-22-2006, 06:59 PM
    • ramavenger
      Brandon Chillar
      by ramavenger
      I noticed when Chillar went in for Robert Thomas that he did a nice
      job fiiling the mlb position. I think he should sub more for that position.
      What do you thimk?
      -09-30-2004, 03:57 PM
    • Nick
      Rams' Needs: Linebacker
      by Nick
      Rams' Needs: Linebacker


      The free-agent acquisitions of Will Witherspoon and Raonall Smith have spruced up the two-deep at linebacker. At the moment, Pisa Tinoisamoa is backed by Dexter Coakley at weakside linebacker. Witherspoon is backed up by Trev Faulk in the middle, with Smith and Brandon Chillar vying for the starting job on the strong side. Chillar is recovering from shoulder surgery, while Coakley is finishing off his rehab from ankle and leg surgery.

      If the right player is available, the Rams could look to upgrade the strongside position in the draft. Florida State's Ernie Sims is one possibility at No. 11 overall. The Rams have been impressed with his burst and his ability to get to the ball in a hurry. Although he played strongside in college, he's on the small side (5-11, 231) and may be better suited for the weak side (away from the tight end) in the NFL.

      If the Rams want to add depth on the inside, Maryland's D'Qwell Jackson, Iowa's Abdul Hodge and Georgia Tech's Gerris Wilkinson are the best bets. Jackson and Hodge might be there in the second round; Wilkinson could last till the third. Keep in mind, Tinoisamoa is scheduled for unrestricted free agency after this season. If he goes elsewhere following the '06 season, the Rams could end up sliding Witherspoon back outside.
      -04-13-2006, 05:11 AM
    • Will51
      Question on our linebacker situation?
      by Will51
      Since the ravens failed to place the franchise tag on LB Adalius Thomas because they didnt want to pay him do you think we should take a shot at him? He is still young and he is a pro bowl OLB, he would be a HUGE up grade over chillar and watching him play he is a serious ball hawk, i kno most of you are worried about the DL but all the teams are tagging the defensive line stars (smith,grant etc,) we can draft some talent on the DL and do something big with our LB corps now, What do you guys think?
      -02-23-2007, 08:10 AM
    • stlouis_buddy
      by stlouis_buddy
      what do u think will happen with our linebackers? I think it is going to be at WILL i think it will be pisa and then at MIKE it will be witherspoon and at SAM it will be chillar. one more question well acually what do u think about who's starting what position?:clanram:
      -04-30-2006, 10:50 AM