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    Some time within the last year I wrote a post basically suggesting Jim Thomas get a life and get off Spags for firing the Equipment Manager.

    I was wrong, as the more I think about Spags firing Hewitt while directing that garbage on the field, the more pissed I get. What also drove me crazy was his allusion to having a loving wife and faith in his God during one of his recent pressers after yet another pos loss. I'm happy for you Steve, but really do not give a **** about your personal beliefs. And while I'm on the subject, it's time to relax a bit on the 4 pillars crap, ( suspect in the first place), as the locker room can handle itself just fine at this point.

    But it got me thinking. It appears to me that the St Louis sportswriters have always been a bit lukewarm towards Spags, (and not Devaney), and everyone, including me, just wrote it off to Spags' style (ala Belichek), since we were still ecstatic at finally having a real front office and coach in place. I'm thinking that when Spags is let go, as I hope, certain stories will surface that we don't hear about now because the writers know they still have to deal with him.

    But back to Hewitt - he probably pissed Spags off, and that was it. Doesn't anyone else wonder why he gave up so quickly on what we all thought were promising rookies, like Selvie, Hines and Williams? I'm convinced now that he's somewhat of a tyrant, (as are a lot of the vertically challeged), and way too much of a micromanager, (documented), to be a head coach.

    And, while it won't happen, (the above rant notwithstanding) I would love to have him as the D coordinator, where he could narrow his focus a bit, and free up the Offense.

    Cheers all - maybe Brandstater can surprise Seattle next week. Keep the Faith.
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  • Dirtyspags
    Spags a real class act
    by Dirtyspags
    Fires the longest tenured and beloved equipment manager.
    -01-13-2011, 10:48 AM
  • RamingtoLA
    Why all the hate for Spags?
    by RamingtoLA
    Did Spags coaching cost the rams some games? Yes but the Rams still wouldn't have made the playoffs with all the injuries. By Spags costing the Rams a few games they will get the 2 pick in the draft. If anything you should be mad they beat the saints or the browns that cost the Rams the number 1 pick over all. Give Spags a break.
    -01-01-2012, 11:28 PM
  • dgr828
    SPAGS may be in over his head
    by dgr828
    There are millions of excuses for the Rams woes, but the head coach must be held accountable. Even Jim Zorn has the Redskins playing inspired ball!
    Spagnuolo has done nothing to show that this team is responding to him. More often than not his Rams tend to quit on him before the end of ballgames.

    Has Spags lost this team already?

    Could the Rams have made a better choice for HC?

    Spags must be thinking "What have I gotten myself into!"

    Should Spags be placed offically on the HOTSEAT?

    It might be TIME!
    -11-29-2009, 02:26 PM
  • rob6465
    Why does spags still have a job???
    by rob6465
    He is doing his press conference. why????
    -12-13-2011, 01:26 PM
  • macrammer
    Groundhog Day?? Zag/Han v De/Spags
    by macrammer
    I see a bit of a split on the forum between keeping spags and letting him go. It is only our opinion and ultimately it is up to owner to decide but here is what I find interesting;

    Linehan/Zag were atrocious. I think we can all agree on that. Linehan did not have NFL H/C experience, failed miserably but appears to have found his home in Detroit as the OC.

    Say Spags gets hall pass his first year due to the complete rebuilding that was required after the previous regime. Spags is 9-31 overall or take into consideration the first year hall pass, he is 8 - 16. He is 2-12 over last 12 games.

    As you all know, Spags made his bones on the defensive side of things and had no prior NFL H/C expereince

    I saw a post today that discussed the need for playmakers for the Rams. I would certainly agree with that assessment but it got me to thinking about Linehan. Did we not say same thing about the roster and was that not one of the driving forces that caused the regime shift to DeSpags? Did we not already "rebuild?"

    I am looking for some insight from the clan folks that feel we should keep Spags at least one more year. I'd like to understand the thought behind this. Please, something a bit more substantive then "I do not want to rebuild again" or, "We did not have camp" "Too many injuries" etc.

    Can you list the prevailing and compelling facts that explain your view? It would be helpful to me as perhaps I am missing something that I should take into consideration other then what I see on Sunday.
    -11-07-2011, 11:57 AM