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Rams/Bud/Cheerleader question

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  • Rams/Bud/Cheerleader question

    I'm out in California and Coors Light has an advertising promotion of a life-sized cardboard standup of an Oakland Raiders Raiderette. While she is gorgeous(and in no way inspires me to drink Coors Light(blecch)), she is still wearing silver and black so I refuse to display something like that as part of my football related decor(I am a bachelor, surprise, surprise).

    My question is: does anyone in or around St. Louis know if Budweiser has done something similar with a Rams Cheerleader?

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    Re: Rams/Bud/Cheerleader question

    Originally posted by moklerman
    ...(I am a bachelor, surprise, surprise).
    You...a bachelor? Naaaah, come on! A mild mannered guy like you? :tongue:

    Can't help you with the Miss Budweiser thing though. Good Luck on both accounts!


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      Re: Rams/Bud/Cheerleader question

      If you could see or smell me you wouldn't need to be told I was a bachelor either. With my inkredible intellect, looks and hygene had to be sacrificed. :tongue:


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        Re: Rams/Bud/Cheerleader question

        I'm bumping this thread in case anyone missed it, that might have an answer for me.

        And speaking of cheerleaders, what's up with the gold outfits that the Rams girls have been wearing? They look awful to me. It reminds of something that Joan Collins or Linda Evans would wear on "Dallas".

        I know it's sacrilege to like anything from an opposing team but the Eagles cheerleaders have the best looking "uniforms" that I've seen lately. Does anyone else even pay attention to the cheerleaders? I know football's important but given the choice between football and a scantily clad, dancing woman...well, you can see the possibility for distraction from the game. :tongue:


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          Re: Rams/Bud/Cheerleader question

          Originally posted by moklerman
          With my inkredible intellect, looks and hygene had to be sacrificed. :tongue:
          Apparently, so did spelling.


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            Re: Rams/Bud/Cheerleader question

            I think that was intentional AV.


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              Re: Rams/Bud/Cheerleader question

              Thanks, ZigZag. Somehow I knew that would go over some people's heads.


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                Re: Rams/Bud/Cheerleader question

                You got me Moklerman...I was starting to feel sorry for you! :redface:


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                  Re: Rams/Bud/Cheerleader question

                  I didn't know you HAD a sense of humor, Mok. Its nice to see this side of you. :redface:


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