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  • Last nights game

    I know this if off the subjects....but.....

    Any one see Kevin Carter in last nights game??

    This is the first game I have got to see and watch him all year. The guy looks slow and weak. He was completly dominated ny Wayne Gandy...YES...Wayne Gandy.

    We saved a hall of money trading him away. The defense hasn't been the same since they added him.

    What do you guys think about him??

    :rolleyes: :cool:

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    I would think that we need to ask ATLAS that question

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      Let me answer your question by asking a question....How the hell is anyone supposed to play great when the entire roster looks like SWISS CHEESE???

      Still trying to pick on Kevin Carter? I believe this is ancient history. :mask:


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        Atlas, we are not knocking your team but, man yea have to remember the bullcrap carter did with the Rams :mad:

        We have every right to watch his progress, every right. This guy was offered a $$$$ deal bitter that Isaac Bruce's deal. His words were ....... that he was INSULTED by the offer. Bruce, jumped at it.

        I have met Carter on several occasions and he is a nice guy. BUT he pissed off the Ram fans.

        We are watching with interest :evil:

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          People can still play great even if there is little talent around you. Junior Seau, Kevin Green etc...

          My beef is Carter still looks like he is dogging it. He does not go 100%. I am trying to figure out if Carter is the problem with the defense right now. I can't believe losing Holmes is the problem.

          My honest opinion is Carter is a Cancer much like Moss is with the Vikings. There is no "I" in team, and I think that is the way he is now approaching the game of football.


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            All the bullcrap Carter gave the Rams??? Comeon RAMDEZ, I expect better from you. Martz fined Carter for wanting to be with his wife when she gave birth. Now that's bullcrap!! :mad: Wether Martz is a great coach or not...he's an asshole and when Carter wouldn't play ball, he screwed him.

            Now if anyone disagrees with me on this, then it would be best if we left it as it is...We agree to disagree. :upset:

            Besides, isn't that loss to the Saints and finding a way to over come them in the playoffs a bit more important of a subject then Kevin Carter? :nerd:
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              Nope, sorry to disagree with you mate but you never saw what Carter did before he came over to the Titans. You never followed his play like I did. I thought the guy was great. Then in his last year as a Ram ..... he dogged it, just as he is doing not in your team.

              I am perfectly able to have more than 1 train of thought Atlas ;) so I (and others) can talk about more than one subject :p

              Carter was a Ram for so long and he was one of the factors in us NOT getting back to the superbowl last year so we have every right to go at him. :mask:

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                I just think too any Ram fans are being way too judgmental about Carter without placing some of the blame on Martz. Which he more then deserves. Carter DID NOT lose those games by himself. He had a lot of help. And, if some jackass coach fined me for going to the birth of my child, then **** the son of a *****. Excuse my words, but Martz was clearly wrong in that respect.
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                  You are right. Carter did have help, and Martz got rid of them all.

                  there are 3 .... THREE starters left on this defensive unit. And are the Rams better for it ?? YEP.

                  No matter what you say Atlas, Carter dogged the entire season last year and is doing the same this year.

                  Pray tell me who upset him on the Titans coaching staff that has him doggin it now ;)

                  The man is supposed to be a proffesional. Stop making excuses for him :wiseman:

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                    Originally posted by Atlas
                    if some jackass coach fined me for going to the birth of my child, then **** the son of a *****. Excuse my words, but Martz was clearly wrong in that respect.
                    I read a different version of that event. What I read is that Carter didn't bother to call or tell Martz he was going to be absent. In other words, what infuriated Martz wasn't being at the birth, it was the lack of professionalism in simply not informing anyone.

                    The way it sounded to me was that was kind of a "last straw" thing. Obviously Carter's attitude was crap, and when he just didn't show up it caused Martz's kettle to boil over.

                    I think it's pretty standard NFL practice to be strict on the "call if you aren't going to be here" policy. So I can't agree with your criticism on Martz here.


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                      any thoughts atlas????

                      As you may gather The Kevin Carter subject is touchy with rams, as he did kinda give up last year. Maybe martz didnt help but going to see your new born child when you havent told coach your going, you can see the wrong in both sides.

                      Even if martz is wrong do 2 wrongs make a right?

                      Carter complained when the rams put a frachise player tag on him. He was a highly regarded player and we got a first round pick for him, I am sure that made sense. Watching a few games last year, he really didn't put his heart into it. This did him harm, if he wanted a big contract or a move, then playing your heart out was the smart move to attract the correct attention, wasn't it?

                      If you sell a car for $100 and that guy sells it the next day for $1000, you feel like a fool.

                      Rams fans would just like to know if he is still a good player and it really was just a disagreement last year, or if he really has lost a step or gained a lazy/bad attitude, period. Until last year he was a real tryer for the rams. If he has sorted his problems out, then all power to the guy, the rams D is playing better this year and I am not bitter towards Carter or the Titans.

                      A simple quetion, not ment to offend in anyway.
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                        Not to rub salt in the wound, but Martz didn't punish Carter for wanting to spend time with his new family, he was punished for allowing the lines of communication to break down. He didn't tell Martz he wasn't showing up for practice, he just didn't show. No coach would go along with that behavior. I'm not willing to pick on Carter now, he's been through enough. The problems the Titans are having don't begin or end with Carter. He can't carry the defense and he shouldn't be expected to. And the defense can't fix what's wrong with the offense. Like Atlas said, Swiss Cheese. Too many key injuries.

                        As for watching him play, why would I do that? Unless they play the Rams, just don't see the point.


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                          Kevin was the disease and Martz was the cure.

                          I'm glad someone posted this K.C. info. I have thought for the longest time that I was the only person who felt any negative feelings towards Kevin Carter's playing/attitude. Don't get me wrong, the guy is probably a nice person yet what upset me about Kevin the player was his lack of attitude after a contract of 45 million dollars was pushed aside as if it was a week old kitty litter box He was upset that it was not more and was upset that he was getting paid or offered what Isacc 'loveboat' Bruce
                          was making. If his actions were brought on by a greedy manager, then the manager should have been fired rather than trying to act like Jerry 'show me the money' mcguire!!!

                          After the disputes and the back and forth on not being able to reach an agreement on both sides Kevin Carter's play became apparent that he was not 'into' the game for the measly millions he was still making and was upset and bitter that he was not making more money. His actions transended on the field and showed that he was not putting 100% into each game. He even was quoted a while back that he played for the 'm o n e y' and not for the love of the game and for me, I have a problem with that. You see, a true team player will play for the love of the game and for the glory of winning with his team mates.

                          The most devasting display of him not playing 100% was the game against the Bucs last year on monday nite. I still remember Kevin (all 300 pounds plus of him) holding on to the running back of Dunn (all 180 pounds of him) and he couldn't even tackle him while spinning him around like flag football. This enabled Dunn to lateral the ball to the QB and the rest was history. This was typical of Carter and his team mates even made negative comments about him not being the player he could be. If that was me tackling Dunn, I would have reeled in Dunn using my weight and body slammed him to the turf. Not because of the millions of dollars but for the 'love of the game'. Kevin Carter was a cancer that was growing each day in the Rams. And thank god Martz was the cure!!!

                          Martz had alot of patience with many players yet Carters seemed to be the most noticiible. I think the straw that broke Martz's and the Rams back was the lack of attitude that transended onto the field. Carter Is an "I" or "ME" player and not a team player and with a superstar who puts himself first before the players/team, it spells trouble. Furthermore, in regards to the babygate crises, Carter's lack of communication during his childs birth was no excuse. Carter was still getting paid millions of dollars and other players have always phoned in to their coach about an absence that was going to occur ahead of time. By not calling to let the team or Martz know that he was taking some time off, it made it sound like he just did not care about the team or his coach. Carter forgets, the reason he can afford a home, car, insurance, a family with kids, a good school, food, clothing, fame, jewlery, vacations, etc..etc... is because he gets paid for a living playing for the Rams and when you bite the hand that feeds you its no wonder that things went the way they did.

                          Plain and simple, the team is a much better team without him. The player(s) I hated to see go was Jerome Bettis, Kevin Green yet that is a whole different story. Hey, is it just me or don't you all feel hungry to go out and eat some of cambell's chunky beef soup? I wish those darn comercials would show some real thoughts of NFL players such as eating some soup by a swimming pool filled with sports illustrated models!!!
                          :evil: :evil: :evil:



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                            Originally posted by Atlas
                            Besides, isn't that loss to the Saints and finding a way to over come them in the playoffs a bit more important of a subject then Kevin Carter? :nerd:
                            as for your Aints comment .. I don't expect them to make the playoffs especially after losing to both the Dirty Birds and Jets .. so the Aints are no true worry for the Rams .. I give Aints the second win as well .. because I know the Rams are going to win the SB when it comes down to it


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                              In this day and age, very few players stay their whole career with one team. Eventually, things get stale. Take Bettis, what type of different runner is he now than he was here? None really. He just really as far as I can remember, give that kind of effort here. He just finally has a talented offensive line, and they give him the ball. However, in Carter's case, he got stale and for some reason stayed that way. Before and during the Super Bowl Season, he played great. That last year in a Rams uniform, he stunk it up from training camp. He really hasn't played well since the Super Bowl. Sorry Atlas, I am appreciative of what Carter did for the Rams, but I am very glad he is in a Titan uniform now.