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  • Players commented on Spags NFLN

    Long said Spags was a class act and said he really wanted to thank Billy.
    SJax said Spags said he was sorry he could not get it turned around and kept it positive.
    Bradford said he also was bummed liked playing for Spags, bummed they could not do better to keep Spags. Bradford has already lobbied to keep McD as the coordinator was told it takes three years to master the system. But Sam was realistic that it most likely will not happen.

    NFLN said if the Rams don't land a Fisher type a big name HC they better have a plan B and the plan might be to interview McD

    NFLN said the Rams GM job is a hot job, Bradford, Cap space ect. Going to need to fix the O line and change the Defense the Rams have a lot of work to do. Stan has to get it right the Rams fan based has had enough of the losing.
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    Re: Players commented on Spags NFLN

    Oh man, I really hope McD is not a real option. I'd take just about anyone over him.


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      Re: Players commented on Spags NFLN

      Spags never had a problem with winning the locker room. That's why I feel he'll be a successful head coach one day. He was just not prepared for the rest of the duties the job entailed.


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        Re: Players commented on Spags NFLN

        Originally posted by shower beers View Post
        Oh man, I really hope McD is not a real option. I'd take just about anyone over him.
        I doubt very much Kroenke would hire McD to be are HC. Its just too risky at this point in time. Im fairly certain that Stan is going to go the experienced route, with his first hire.


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        • rob6465
          Why does spags still have a job???
          by rob6465
          He is doing his press conference. why????
          -12-13-2011, 01:26 PM
        • RamDez
          In Spags World ----------
          by RamDez
          In Spags World its OK to think Field Goal and not Touch Down ...................

          In Spags World this team is still in competition ........................

          In Spags World the defense is playing great football .....................

          In Spags World we are sitting top in the division ......................

          In Spags World we are going to the Superbowl .......................

          In Spags World he has no problem with job security .........................

          So go ahead ClanRam Fans ................... Fill in the Blanks

          In Spags World ..........................................................
          -11-30-2011, 12:42 AM
        • RamingtoLA
          Why all the hate for Spags?
          by RamingtoLA
          Did Spags coaching cost the rams some games? Yes but the Rams still wouldn't have made the playoffs with all the injuries. By Spags costing the Rams a few games they will get the 2 pick in the draft. If anything you should be mad they beat the saints or the browns that cost the Rams the number 1 pick over all. Give Spags a break.
          -01-01-2012, 11:28 PM
        • FestusRam
          Spags worst trait...
          by FestusRam
          Its how he reacts after losses...

          I've watched many of the post-game press conferences, and never do i see or hear a sense of urgency from him. I just watched the ***** post game and all he had to say was how the defense played well for awhile. It's just unacceptable.

          I don't know how he thinks the "Mr. Positive" attitude going to turn this team around. I understand the fact that he doesn't like to call players out in public, but he needs to be real and explain to us how terrible these team really is.

          After yesterdays game, I expected a very ticked off or stressed out Spags. Instead he seemed content and never pointed out any of the many negative points of the game. I used to be pulling for Spags only a few games ago, that has all changed now. At 2-10, you got to light a fire under these players butts.

          Look at Miama. Sparano did a complete 180 with his coaching style and they're making a great run. Spags demeanor hasn't changed all season. He just seems much to content with how the teams UNDERperforming.

          If you look at all the great teams such as the Pats, Steelers, Saints etc., the coaches hold their team accountable when they play poorly. They hold themselves accountable when they're out coached. Spags does none of this. I'm over it.
          -12-05-2011, 02:00 PM
        • RamWraith
          Someones perception on Spags
          by RamWraith
          This was found on the Broncos board. Great read and pretty honest....
          -01-13-2009, 05:36 AM