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NFC South - Good For The Saints & Rams?

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  • NFC South - Good For The Saints & Rams?

    With the impending NFC West getting split up and the Saints going to the NFC South, do you all think that will “stunt” the growth of our teams’ rivalry? All they’ve (ESPN, Fox, etc.) been saying how this is a new and heated rivalry. Personally, I love the rivalry, although the games give me a coronary, I am sorry to see the conference split up.

    I like Kurt Warner. For that matter, who can’t? The guy has one of the greatest stories in the NFL plus the guy has been through hell and back. He’s a nice guy as well. In the same breath, he scares the hell out of me as a Saints fan.

    Do you all think that when our two team meet up maybe once a year AND in the playoffs, the rivalry will be as heated as it is now with the recent history?

    Prediction: December 17, 2001 - Saints vs. Rams - Highest Rated Monday Night Game of 2001. ;)

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    In all honesty....

    I am now glad we splitting up. I don't think our teams could take seeing each other 2 times a year with out someone getting killed.:confused:

    I see the rivalry, however it has only happened the last couple of years. To the rest of the NFL there is little respect given to Saints, Panthers and Falcons. As is how much the Rams lost over that 10 year period. Its time to start something all will be missed because up until the last year the Saints had some of the best fans I knew until they won a few games and got a little taste of victory...then most became blood thirsty smack talkers.

    I had a lot of respect for them because they were on the same road as the Rams for many years. Now they are no better then the in your face Ram fans.:eek:


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      It could turn into one of the best but there are a couple of things against it.

      1) the rams and whiners will continue to bang heads and as the whiners get better, so will the games.
      2) the chances of meeting the aints in the regular season will be near nil (for a couple of years anyhoo) by that time either Martz or the mouth from the south ;) will have moved on.

      As to J-Rams point about the aint fans.

      there are 2 types of aint fan. (that I have encountered)

      1, the ones who know what they are talking about and can smack good.
      2, the prats who are more than likely bangwaggoners with trash cans for mouths. We have seen a few on this site but if you go the there are loads. :mad: This type (along with a few rams fans) just have no idea of the principles behind smack talk and are not welcome on this forum. I will not have bucket talk by anyone here.

      If I had a preference, I would have liked the Rams to go with the aints and dirty birds.


      Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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        I don’t think there will be much of a rivalry with the Saints after the split. It will be heated if we meet in the playoffs. But no more than the other non-divisional NFC teams, especially in a few years.

        As far as I am concerned the deep emotions surface when we meet the Whiners so I am glad we will still be able to beat up on them twice a year. It runs very deep for me having to grow up in Northern California. Everyone loved the Whiners and hated the Southern California Rams. It was always Montana, Rice, Craig, Clark, Lott and Young on the TV. The Rams were lucky to get mentioned.

        I can see why Arizona is in. People in St. Louis have no love for that franchise. Not being from St. Louis, I really don’t care either way.

        I have to say that you guys know how to get me pretty worked up. I liked it better when your team was losing and the Saints fans were mellower. Now my angst is focused at coach Jimmy after his “B.S.” comments. (Oh no…………..blood pressure is raising just thinking about it………….Deep breaths…………Feeling better now):rolleyes:

        I will miss the matchups especially since both teams have been getting better. I can say that I won’t miss your coach. Given the choice, I wish we could swap the Seahawks for you guys and keep the rivalry going.


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          What Rivalry? Am I missing something? I still don't see the rivalry between the Saints and Rams, it just isn't there.


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            Fair enough. I for one have been a Saints fan forever for the same reason you all are Rams fans: loyalty. Regarding the one remark about the “smack talking Saints fans”, once a team starts winning, you will always have them come out of the woodwork, regardless of the team. Now before you shake your head, I’m pretty confident there were quite a few less Rams fans in the days of Tony Banks and Gerald Moore.

            I have to argue that there is a rivalry because of all the “aint” comments. It is true that the NFL gives the Saints no respect and that respect will come with winning.

            Smack talk is fun but I do believe that you do not enter ones house and disrespect their dwelling. Unless of course there is a room for that.

            Thanks guys……


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              Saint Fanatik,

              Really enjoy your posts. Wow, dug all the way back to Gerald Moore? he he

              I respect your opinion on the "rivalry" issue, but honestly, true die to the wool Rams fans just don't see the rivalry yet. Hey, if you in LA want to try to establish one, be my guest. Notre Dame in college football used to be everyones rival, but they only REALLY had a USC rivalry for a long time. Same with the Rams. Over the long haul of this competition, there really hasn't been much of a spark of a rivalry till recently. I really don't consider the Saints much of a long term threat. Sorry Saint fans, that is just how I see it. No rivalry at all. The only one the Rams truly have is with the Whiners. Congrats on the win, I'll give you that. As for the rivalry, I just don't see it.


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                For the last couple of years there has been a rivalry building,mainly because the two teams themselves seem to hate each other,but before that a Rams-Saints game really wasnt a marquee match-up.The whiners have always been my most hated team,but after last year I started developing a lot of venom towards the Aints.The new divisions dont bother me.I'm sure St.Louis will have some animosity towards the Arizona Cardinals.So if the Cards ever start winning, an intense rivalry may develop there.;) The Rams and Saints will probably continue to dislike each other,but it probably wont be as intense.

                GO RAMS! STAY FOCUSED! WIN!
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                  I will right now throw the gauntlet at the Saints and all their "LOYAL" fans. Here it is. The Rams probably have one of the most solid foundations for a team projecting out from now until 2004. Tell you what, win your division next year, and a playoff game ensues, can guarantee a rivalry is there. Especially with this year the way it has turned out. What a brain fart there in the 3rd Qtr. I really consider the Saints fortunate of the Rams just buckling under pressure for a moment. Better now than later, at least I can stomach a loss now, even to the Aints.

                  The Saints as an organization for the Rams fans point of view, haven't won any SIGNIFICANT games that meant something to the whole NFL. No NFC Championships, no big playoffs wins, which means NO SUPER BOWLS. Start winning, and the rivalry will be there. Revert back to old days, and we would look at a Saints matchup with how you look at a menu: how do you like your Saints cooked? It's up to the organization that you have put your faith and trust (not alone money) into. Win, and rivalry. Lose like normal, and who really cares about the Saints. Up to you.


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                    Originally posted by txramsfan
                    What Rivalry? Am I missing something? I still don't see the rivalry between the Saints and Rams, it just isn't there.
                    If there is a rivalry it is not as big as San Fran. The ***** and the Rams1 are more of a rivalry to me. And now you have to look at the interstate game, Kansas City w/ our old coach Vermile(?). I think that game is very impotant now. (although K.C. isn't in the league). As far as the the split goes we still have our share of teams to beat. Go RAMS!!


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                      Re: NFC South - Good For The Saints & Rams?

                      Originally posted by Saint Fanatik
                      With the impending NFC West getting split up and the Saints going to the NFC South, do you all think that will “stunt” the growth of our teams’ rivalry? All they’ve (ESPN, Fox, etc.) been saying how this is a new and heated rivalry. Personally, I love the rivalry, although the games give me a coronary, I am sorry to see the conference split up.

                      I like Kurt Warner. For that matter, who can’t? The guy has one of the greatest stories in the NFL plus the guy has been through hell and back. He’s a nice guy as well. In the same breath, he scares the hell out of me as a Saints fan.

                      Do you all think that when our two team meet up maybe once a year AND in the playoffs, the rivalry will be as heated as it is now with the recent history?

                      Prediction: December 17, 2001 - Saints vs. Rams - Highest Rated Monday Night Game of 2001. ;)
                      I really have to agree with you on some of your comments.
                      1. If the Rams-Saints play every other year or couple of years, the hate rivalry would be probably to much to watch without committing harry carry. Now that would be the game of the year.

                      2. If the conference does split don't worry, we will respect you as a Saints fan, and the coronary's will be on both sides.


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                        I for one will miss the rivalry. It helps keeps each team on their toes. As for meeting up after the split, I don't think the rivalry will diminish. Memories of games past will haunt both of them and bring fuel to the game.

                        By the way, thanks for the positive words about Warner. We like him too.


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                          After last weeks fiasco at home against the Jets, I again will pontificate (if I spelled that right yipee. lol) that I don't consider the Saints a threat. So they beat us, so what? They are a .500 ballclub at best this year. In the NFL, you have to get up for everyone, not just what YOU may consider a rival. The Saints do not prepare themselves every week to be a contender like the Rams do. The Rams did not get any more "up" for the Saints as they had for the Eagles, Giants, or Lions. The Whiners game was more tense, more meaningful, and more enjoyable to watch as a fan than any Saints game I know of. Even the game we won at N.O. last year. Saints, what I am saying is this: you haven't proven you belong here yet. You won't prove it this year either. I hate to admit this, but the Whiners beat your tail this week, sending you three games back in the standings after the Rams whip Carolina. C-YA


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                            i agree TX, i've said from training camp that the whiners are more of a threat - and less annoying.

                            personally, i'm glad to get rid of the the aints. the games with the new division make more sense and we still got the whiners plus the cards coming back into town. aints haven't proved anything yet, they're looking up at the wild card, let alone the division.

                            So the aints beat us 3 out of the past four times, big deal, only one of those games was convincing enough for me, the other two, the Rams screwed themselves. With 8 turnovers, they coulda given the Lion-down-s their first win.


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                              After a couple of visits to the Saints forum I have to agree with txramsfan.I think the so-called rivalry is far more important to the Saints and their fans than it is to us.They really seem to hate us over there,but I think that stems from bitterness.Overall, the Rams have been a far more successful organization than the Saints could ever hope to be.I have to admit that the Saints have gotten under my skin lately,but I think I have been more pissed about the Rams performances against the Saints than anything else.The Whiners, on the other hand,are far more dangerous this year due to their relatively easy schedule.So this Sunday I have to pull for the lesser of the two evils:The Saints.Even though,I also have a feeling the Whiners will win.Our next game against the Whiners will be huge!I wish I could be there to see it in person.

                              GO RAMS! STAY FOCUSED! WIN!
                              Last edited by Aries51; -11-07-2001, 02:12 PM.
                              ST.LOUIS RAMS:THE MOST FRUSTRATING TEAM IN THE NFL!!!


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                              • THEFIELDGOAL
                                Rams For Real?
                                by THEFIELDGOAL
                                :angryram: This is the fact.The Saints have own our number for the past 3 out of 4 encounters. Fact,we have given the games away with turnovers. Fact, they have every right to trash talk, they are the defending NFC West champions. Fact, our defensive unit is angry and they will not allow another word after Monday Night!
                                The thought of losing to the Saints is not the issue. The thought that we beat ourselves and give them all the glory of victory is in fact the issue. So we put up or shut up come Monday Night.
                                -12-14-2001, 10:43 PM
                              • Saint Nick
                                Ram, Saints feud
                                by Saint Nick
                                A great article that expresses my sentiments about the greatest divisional rivalry of the last two season this side of Raiders/Broncos.

                                Rams, Saints have developed nasty feud fast


                                By John DeShazier
                                Staff writer/The Times-Picayune

                                After the bell rang to signal the end of the third and final showdown, one contender lamented that the decision would've been different if time hadn't run out, while the other suggested that two knockdowns equals a knockout.

                                That's about what you'd expect when it's clear each team would rather swim naked with piranha than face up to a loss.

                                It's a kind of spirited, deep-down dislike that rears its head only on occasion in the NFL. Sunday, when the Saints and Rams mix it up in St. Louis, will be one of those times.

                                "(Saints coach) Jim (Haslett) and I are very competitive people," Rams coach Mike Martz said. "Whenever you play another good team within the division like that, it's gonna be hot."

                                Not just hot. Lava hot.

                                The kind of bitterness that usually takes years to develop blossomed in one for the Saints and Rams. Last year the Saints won two of three games between the teams en route to ending St. Louis' reign as division and Super Bowl champs. The clincher came in the Superdome, a 31-28 thrilling Saints victory in a wild-card game.

                                Amid the three scrums (the Saints won the first 31-24 in St. Louis; the Rams the second 26-21 in New Orleans) there was enough trash talk, big hits and cheap shots to give each a healthy respect for the other.

                                But, certainly, there is no love.

                                From the Rams' view, a snot-nosed upstart had the audacity to challenge and prance without possessing any bona fide claim to supremacy. From New Orleans' corner, each Saints victory was downplayed by the Rams, attributed to internal breakdowns rather than a superior opponent.

                                For the rest of us . . . hey, sit back and enjoy it. These kinds of passionate bouts don't appear every week.

                                These are the games worth watching, even though the Saints (3-2) are sputtering, the Rams (6-0) are surging and a St. Louis victory could do irreparable damage to the Saints' hopes of defending their NFC West crown.

                                Circumstances don't figure to mean much once heads start cracking Sunday.

                                "Look at the games last year," said linebacker Charlie Clemons, who helped the Rams win Super Bowl XXXIV, before a Saints-Rams rivalry existed, and moved to the Saints as a free-agent pickup last year.

                                "I think they felt we were one of the teams they could just beat up," Clemons said. "We went in there, and I think we just took their hearts. With that, I think you develop a bitterness."...
                                -10-25-2001, 08:16 AM
                              • FirebirdRamsam
                                The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.
                                by FirebirdRamsam
                                The good.......there was very little in the saints game.
                                The bad.........there was alot!!!
                                The Ugly........ditto!!!

                                I was kind of afraid that the saints were going to pull off a victory. If anyone read my last post which read: Will the saints go marching on. It talks about a possibility of them having our number. For some reason the team plays with added intense due to their coach and team mates being fired up since we have been ex-superbowl winners who have won with bull **** flee flickers and screens and fancy plays. The saints coach seems to think that we are a bunch of crap players with crappy non-football plays.

                                Truth is, the Rams beat the Rams fair and square!!! We lost the game due to silly penaltys, fumbles, interceptions, costly errors, un-special teams, blown plays and a missed field goal. If we played error free football or at least hanged on to the ball without giving it away with our fumbles and interceptions, we would have won yet as murphy's law plays out so many sundays, it was a game of 'what can go wrong will go wrong' and to think that the Rams are exempt from murphys law is wrong! It was bound to happen and I say good, why?

                                Well, lets just say that the next time we play the saints on their turf, it will be a different game. We should learn from our mistakes and hopefully on the next meeting, we will be playing with a healthy Faulk, and fumbleless game, a zero interception, a game plan that will have many flee flickers, trick plays so that it will inferiate the saints coach and perhaps a few on side kicks to boot ;-). I think that the Rams have learned a valuable experience of this loss and that if they can bounce back and play with added aggression due to this loss, perhaps this will propel them into the nfc playoffs.

                                This game against the saints truely was a horror film for the players as well as the fans and we didn't even get to see georgia for her halloween yearly appearance :mask: , darn!!! I believe that we see the saints mid december again. I will hope that we will bring with us a more intense game plan and an error free game in the georgia dome so that it can erase this bad taste that this last game left. And I hope that Martz will remember what the saint's coach said about the Rams and their so called plays so that he can fire up the team to seek revenge. I honestly don't think that the saints coach should be talking smack until he takes his team to the big dance and wins the big one! Rememeber, we walked the walk and can talk the talk since we are a past victorious superbowl team.

                                We now have a 'bye' week to rest, gather our thoughts and hopefully allow Faulk to return with 100% healed on his knee.
                                I predict a victory againt Carolina after the return from the bye week yet I will go out on a limb and
                                I guarantee a victory (IE: Joe Namath/broadway Joe) against the...
                                -10-29-2001, 06:45 PM
                              • MauiRam
                                Rams will face a rejuvenated Saints team ..
                                by MauiRam
                                BY JIM THOMAS Thursday, December 9, 2010 12:10 am

                                Your offseason's a month shorter than most since you've been playing all the way into early February. And once the new season begins, there's a bull's-eye on your chest, because 31 other teams want to get where you've been.

                                "We talked so much about that coming into the season," Saints quarterback Drew Brees said. "Everybody wants to accomplish what you accomplished less than a year ago. I think we knew coming into the season that we were going to get everybody's best performance, and that everybody would mark us on the calendar as kind of the team to beat until you prove otherwise."

                                For the first couple of months of this season the Saints sure looked a little groggy. In 2009, the Saints started 13-0 en route to a 31-17 victory over Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts in Super Bowl XLIV.

                                This season, the Saints lurched out to a 4-3 start that included losses to a couple of less-than-stellar foes in Arizona and Cleveland. By New Orleans standards, the league's most dynamic offense of a year ago had to huff-and-puff its way to points.

                                But just in time for the Rams, Sunday's opponent in the Louisiana Superdome, the Saints have started humming on offense. The Saints (9-3) have won five consecutive games, and during the last four victories have averaged 33 points. (They averaged a modest 21 points in their first eight contests.)

                                "We're running the ball a little bit more effectively than maybe earlier in the season and that's been a point of emphasis for us," coach Sean Payton said. "I think that's helped us."

                                Actually, the Saints have run it a lot more effectively. Through eight games, New Orleans averaged 84.8 yards per game and 3.6 yards per carry on the ground. Over the last four contests? Try 126 yards per game and 4.8 yards a carry.

                                This has happened even though Pierre Thomas has been sidelined since suffering an ankle injury in Game 3 against Atlanta. The University of Illinois product was full participation in Wednesday's practice and is expected to return against the Rams. Reggie Bush missed eight games with a fractured fibula. Since returning on Thanksgiving against Dallas, he has only 10 touches in two games.

                                The player who has rescued the Saints' running game is unheralded Chris Ivory, an undrafted rookie from Tiffin (Ohio) University. When it was mentioned during a conference call that not many people had heard of Ivory, Brees quipped: "I hadn't heard of him either."

                                Saints opponents are learning about him the hard way. Ivory has rushed for 636 yards and is averaging a robust 5.2 yards a carry. He is coming off a 117-yard, two-touchdown outing against Cincinnati.

                                "He's doing great," Brees said. "Just a guy, and we have a lot of these guys, the undrafted...
                                -12-09-2010, 12:42 AM
                              • Curly Horns
                                D-Lew attempts to punch saints lights out...
                                by Curly Horns
                                I see that there are already several threads on this subject, but I wanted to write my own.

                                I know everyone thinks it was a no class move and yada, yada, yada.

                                Should he have done that? Of course not.

                                Was it really that bad considering what goes on in the NFL? Not in my opinion.

                                The worst thing about the play was the fact that he got caught.

                                This kind of thing and worse goes on all the time both on and off the field. I'm not trying to justify it, simply stating it happens all the time.

                                Longtime St. Louis football fans should not be that shocked. They had Conrad Dobler in a cardinals uniform for years. Conrad was well known as one of the dirtiest players in the NFL. The guy even wrote a book to boast about it.

                                Class does not truly exist in a game with thugs who are constantly mocking each other. The majority of these players do little dances whenever they are successful on a single play for doing what they get paid handsomely for. This is class and or sportsmanship? I think not.

                                Looking for all out class in the world of the NFL is just setting yourself up for disappointment in my opinion.

                                -10-24-2005, 10:47 AM