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Fisher's initial reaction to watching Rams 2011 game films

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  • Fisher's initial reaction to watching Rams 2011 game films

    Macaw / Parrot cursing (Angry Bird saying WTF) - YouTube

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    Re: Fisher's initial reaction to watching Rams 2011 game films

    You can't watch that without laughing. Not possible


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      Re: Fisher's initial reaction to watching Rams 2011 game films

      Couldn't watch it. Your thumbnail picture is always too bothersome.


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        Re: Fisher's initial reaction to watching Rams 2011 game films

        Too true!


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          My adventures in Steeltown
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          What do you think the Rams' opponents will fear the most in 2011?
          by AvengerRam_old
          What part of the Rams' attack will strike the most fear into the Rams' opposition this year?
          Sam Bradford's abilty to run the McDaniels passing game.
          Steven Jackson as a dual threat running and receiving.
          The Rams' offensive line's ability to control the line of scrimmage.
          The Rams' defensive line's ability to control the line of scrimmage.
          The Rams' pass rush from the front four.
          The Rams' blitz packages.
          Something else? (What?)
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          2011 IS series game
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          Good evening folks,If there is to be a season next year has anyone heard anything
          about a game at wembley England,the rumour over here is that the ravens have been approached to play ,as it is normally AFC v NFC and they play the NFC west could the rams be on the way over to play?
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          Rugby World Cup 2011
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          Just wondering who on here is going to be following the rugby World Cup which starts tomorrow morning (or whenever depending on your time zone). I know there will be fellow Brits watching and some other international fans but are any Americans interested in rugby? I just read an article that said the World Cup has a new television deal in the US meaning it will have more exposure and that rugby is growing very fast there.

          If you've never watched a game before I thoroughly recommend catching a game (try watching a New Zealand one if you want a lot of action). I'll be waking up early for the next few weeks to see as many games as possible and of course cheer on England.
          -09-08-2011, 05:28 AM
        • AvengerRam_old
          The Rams 2011 Demise, From A to Z
          by AvengerRam_old
          A is for Amendola, lost from a busted wing.
          B is for Brown, who failed to earn his cha-ching.
          C is for the cornerbacks, going down like flies.
          D is for Danario, even though he tries.
          E is for Eagles, who started this year's fall.
          F is for the grade, in the end assigned to all.
          G is for gone, as several current starters will be.
          H is for home field, an advantage we did not see.
          I is for inexcusable, as big plays allowed have been.
          J is for Jason, who's pay level is a sin.
          K is for Kroenke, who must lead us from this mess.
          L is for Long and Laurinaitis, who have been among the best.
          M is for mistakes, too many to sustain a drive.
          N is for next year, for that we still will strive.
          O is for the offense, that's floundered from the start.
          P is for pressure, that can destroy a QB's heart.
          Q is for the questions, in numbers far too great.
          R is for resurgence, of the Niners we do hate.
          S is for Steven Jackson, who deserves so much more
          T is for the trade deadline, that brought Brandon to our door.
          U is for ugly, which describes the way we've played.
          V is is for value, which we must get from those who are paid.
          W is for wide receivers, a draft target for next Spring.
          X is for x-factors, that talent evaluation can bring.
          Y is for the yearning, of Rams fans everywhere.
          Z is for our zenith, with patience we'll get there.
          -12-02-2011, 08:27 AM