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Stupid Chunky Soup Commercials

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  • Stupid Chunky Soup Commercials

    Chunky Soup needs a new marketing team. That commercial where the bad interpretation of a mom from a Norman Rockwell painting telling Warner "Don't fumble that bowl Baby", is the worst. Hey Warner is getting paid, I am sure he dosen't care. Have you seen the KFC Jason Alexander commercials? Actors and athletes make commercials for money, but we have to put up with them during broadcasts. Whatever happened to Earl Campbell and "Skoal Brother". The product was terrible but the commercial with an athlete was great.

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    Chunky Soup

    Is it just me or does Kurt's "mom":mask: on those commercials look as old as him?


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      Is that a slight on Warner?


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        I would be embarrassed to do such commercials, but Kurt actually looks like he's enjoying them. I find them entertaining in the sense that they are good for a laugh during a bad spot in a game. At least they are incorporating some of the other players in them. That one with the woman's head on Garcia's body is one example. As for the women playing his mom, they are different in each one. How many mother's does he have, anyway?:o


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          i was glad to see mcnabb taking over, then warner took over again. yeah i've read his book, and his mom looks different on tv;)

          they're just friggin' cheesy, i don't mind actors and athletes doing commercials, but the commercials are cheesy.


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            The commercials are great. I think it's ok to draw in more women and children and maybe have them pull for the Rams. I just don't want the Rams to even come close to being "America's team". I mean we already have that finesse label. What's next, " The favorite NFL team of mothers and wives"? Hey Mike, lets put 60 on the board this week. Let's just make sure Canidate gets a couple of TDs and maybe one for Justin Watson too. Oh yeah, Rams 45-Panthers 17, ***** 30- Saints 17.:evil: