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Rams Cutting Jason Brown

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  • Rams Cutting Jason Brown

    Source: Rams cutting Jason Brown
    by Aaron Wilson of, March 12, 2012 at 2:57 pm ET

    Jason Brown Profile

    St. Louis Rams center Jason Brown has been informed by coach Jeff Fisher that he'll be released today, according to a league source with knowledge of the situation.

    The Rams abruptly replaced Brown with Tony Wragge at the end of last season despite Brown receiving high blocking grades from the coaching staff.

    Brown joined the Rams three years ago when he was signed to a five-year, $37.5 million contract that included $20 million in guaranteed money and made him the highest-paid center in the game.

    Under the terms of that deal, he's due a $5 million base salary and carries a $7.2 million salary-cap figure for next season.

    He started 46 games in three seasons for the Rams.

    A former Baltimore Ravens fourth-round draft pick from North Carolina, Brown, 28, has started 91 career games.

    The 6-foot-3, 320-pounder has built a reputation for his leverage, strength and technique.

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    Re: Rams Cutting Jason Brown

    Kinda like taking 1 step back to go 2 steps forward. Suppose he was getting too much money...


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      Re: Rams Cutting Jason Brown

      Good. I thought this would happen at the end of last season. This will save us around 2 million this year, and multiple millions next year!


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        Re: Rams Cutting Jason Brown

        He was horrible the past two seasons, horribly out of shape, and overpowered by defensive lineman. He also can't move and doesn't fit into the running game schemes the Rams will run. Lets put that money to a good free agent upgrade.


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          Re: Rams Cutting Jason Brown

          I wonder if this is a "take less or you're gone" scenario.


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            Re: Rams Cutting Jason Brown

            I got some of that free agency fever coming on.

            COME ON FISHEAD, its time to earn your corn.


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              Re: Rams Cutting Jason Brown

              The writing was on the wall really as soon as he was benched for Tony Wragge


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                Re: Rams Cutting Jason Brown

                And our O line remake begins... good riddance


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                  Re: Rams Cutting Jason Brown

                  Fisher is the real deal, I was pleading all year to fix this O line... That time has come.
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                    Re: Rams Cutting Jason Brown

                    Brown wanted to much green. As Donald Trump would say "Jason, your Fired"
                    sigpic :ram::helmet:


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                    • RockinRam
                      Jason Brown
                      by RockinRam
                      I remember last year Jason Brown was having a very solid year in St. Louis, giving us fans hope that we finally have a mauler in the middle to help Jackson out, unlike the past journeymen we had at center (Leckey, Romberg). We finally had faith that we found a center who could handle bigger tackles like Kris Jenkins and Haynesworth, unlike Mr. 270lb Nick Leckey.

                      However, is it just me or is he regressing? I understand he gets little help from his guards, especially right guard Adam "Why am I still starting" Goldberg, which might be putting some pressure on him. However, he still contributes to a part of our interior line woes, especially when run blocking. I don't see our interior line getting any push, and when I go back and watch Brown, he really isn't getting much push either....

                      In my opinion, he's having an off year. We draft or sign a big mauler and insert him at RG, and Brown and the interior suddenly becomes much better.

                      Discuss. :ram:
                      -12-20-2010, 10:26 PM
                    • Rip32
                      Brown Sets Sights On Starting
                      by Rip32
                      Brown Sets Sights on Starting
                      Friday, March 31, 2006

                      By Nick Wagoner
                      Senior Writer

                      On the surface, the Rams’ signing of cornerback Fakhir Brown on March 14 might have been a simple afterthought in the grand scheme of the team’s many offseason moves.

                      But, if Brown has his way, the move will be much more than a simple under the radar signing.

                      “I am expecting to be a starter,” Brown said. “That’s what I want to be…a starter. I have got big plans for myself.”

                      It didn’t take much for Brown to agree to a five-year deal with the Rams considering what he perceived as a prime opportunity to have his breakout season.

                      Soon after his arrival for a free agent visit in mid-March, Brown put pen to paper on a contract. The reasons for his choosing St. Louis were obvious. Jim Haslett, his former head coach in New Orleans is now in charge of the Rams defense, giving Brown a chance for a comfortable transition to St. Louis.

                      “I look at him like he’s still the head coach because that’s the only thing I know him as,” Brown said. “It seems to me that he will be just the same as he was in New Orleans.”

                      But, perhaps more important for Brown was what Haslett and the rest of the coaching staff told him about his potential role in St. Louis. In his time with the Saints, Brown had been limited almost exclusively to a role as the nickel back and on special teams until 2004 when he started the final 10 games of the year. He finished that season with two interceptions, three forced fumbles, two fumble recoveries and 65 tackles.

                      Brown seemed to be on the verge of a breakout after that performance, but things changed again after he chose to stage a holdout in hopes of a new contract. He didn’t miss any minicamp or training camp, but it didn’t help to miss a chunk of the offseason conditioning program.

                      Brown started the year as the team’s starting cornerback in 2005, but suffered a knee injury that cost him four games. By the time he returned from that injury and a legal issue, Fred Thomas had the starting job essentially nailed down.

                      When he was on the field, he was playing in nickel or sub packages, only called upon when opponents went to three or four receiver packages. Brown started four games and finished with 31 tackles, six passes defended.

                      Now, Brown has the contract he had been looking for after 2004 and the opportunity that he has long sought.

                      “It feels very good for me,” Brown said. “I talked to the defensive coaches once I made it here. I have talked to the coaches and everyone is making me feel comfortable and at home. They are just telling me to keep doing what I have been doing and everything will work out well.”

                      In signing with St. Louis, Brown joins a crowded defensive back field that is wanting for talented cover men. As it stands, the Rams...
                      -03-31-2006, 12:07 PM
                    • RamWraith
                      Newest St. Louis Ram Jason Brown scores big in the pocketboook and on the charisma sc
                      by RamWraith
                      02.28.2009 6:59 pm

                      By: Jim Thomas
                      St. Louis Post-Dispatch

                      The Rams’ new center, Jason Brown, held his introductory press conference Saturday evening at Rams Park, and as they say in the TV business _ he’s quite the sound bite.

                      Brown has a wife who’s about to become a dentist, just became $37.5 million richer, is glib as can be. . .and apparently the guy can block a little bit, too.

                      Some highlights from his media session:

                      _ On running back Steven Jackson: “I see film of Steven and I tell myself _ ’Wow!’ . . .We’ll have a dominating running game.”

                      _ On ending his tenure in Baltimore: “I was hoping to stay at home with the Ravens. . . .Unfortunately, there’s a separation between business and the personal side of football.”

                      _ On his St. Louis-based agents, Harold Lewis and Kevin Omell, who helped steer him to the Rams: “It’s funny. I was just thinking about Jerry Maquire, because they are my ambassadors of quan.”

                      That’s because the Rams showed him the money. The five-year deal pays Brown $20 million in the first two years and $24 over the first three years.

                      Brown said he could feel the “energy and radiance” coming off coach Steve Spagnuolo. He said the Rams will finish better than 8-8 in 2009, and said he can’t wait to get into the weight room. (The Rams’ official offseason conditioning program begins March 16.)
                      -03-01-2009, 04:28 AM
                    • hawaiianpunch
                      Can Brown go to town?
                      by hawaiianpunch
                      I never really got to watch jason brown, can he be effective for the rams? anyone?
                      Hes alright, over hyped.
                      Brown Is one of the most underrated centers, he will clear the way
                      He just sucks
                      -05-28-2009, 03:40 PM
                    • RamWraith
                      Brown ready to roll with Rams
                      by RamWraith
                      By Jim Thomas
                      ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH
                      Sunday, Mar. 01 2009
                      Begin with the premise that as a football player, you're supposed to be happy
                      and excited after signing a huge free-agent contract.

                      Even so, center Jason Brown took it up a couple of notches at his introductory
                      news conference as a St. Louis Ram. He's ready to roll up his sleeves and get
                      going at the task of turning the Rams from also-rans to winners.


                      "I'm thinking about working right now," Brown said. "Because I know the
                      challenges that we're going to have to overcome in order to be a great team
                      this year."

                      Brown knows it can be done because he witnessed it in Baltimore where the
                      Ravens went from 5-11 in 2007 to the AFC championship game in 2008 despite
                      having a rookie head coach (John Harbaugh), a new offensive scheme and a rookie
                      quarterback (Joe Flacco).

                      "All you guys have already discounted us," he told a group of reporters at Rams
                      Park. "Just as the guys in Baltimore discounted my team last year. You know
                      what they said: 'It's a brand new regime; it's a rebuilding phase. The best
                      they're going to be is a .500 team.' "

                      Which pretty well sums up the picture for the 2009 Rams. Actually, they might
                      hold a parade in Earth City if the Rams ended up 8-8 next season.

                      "There's the potential to do something special — to discount all you guys,"
                      Brown insisted. "I'm telling you right now, we're going to be better than a
                      .500 team."

                      Obviously, it's that kind of attitude that attracted the Rams to Brown, beyond
                      his blocking skills.

                      "I'm fired up," coach Steve Spagnuolo said. "What struck me first when I met
                      him (Friday) morning was the person that he was. The things he said — he just
                      spit out exactly what we're looking for. The team aspect. How unselfish he was
                      as a player. Some of the things he went through in Baltimore. The things he
                      shared with me. I'm very, very impressed with him.

                      "This is a quality guy. You talk about character and quality people that we
                      wanted to add to this (team). I tell you what, unless we're way off, he fits it
                      perfectly. He's very, very serious about his job. I could see that immediately
                      when I met him. I think he's mature beyond his age."

                      Brown, 25, was one of the most highly regarded free agents in this year's pool
                      regardless of position. Philadelphia, Washington and Miami were very interested
                      in him. Baltimore, where he spent his first four NFL seasons, offered him a
                      contract worth $6.25 million a year.

                      "To tell you the truth, I was hoping to stay at home with the Ravens," Brown
                      -03-01-2009, 04:28 AM