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  • Head Coach Mike Martz

    Head Coach Mike Martz
    Thursday, November 18, 2004

    (On comparing the Rams’ defensive line against the Bills’ offensive line)
    “Strength is such a big issue. Strength, quickness, and the ability to shed blocks (is the issue). If we really thought that (size) was a big issue, we wouldn’t have the guys that we have. I think the quickness and the strength of the defensive line is what we are most interested in. Their ability to hold the line of scrimmage, get off blocks, and get to the ball carrier. I think that our guys are strong guys up front. They play leverage, use their hands well, and get off blocks. That’s what we’ve been working on the last few weeks.”

    (On RB Marshall Faulk feeling better from the flu)
    “I don’t know if he’s a 100 percent. He was pretty weak out there today. He was down pretty good. I think he’s fine.”

    (On DT Damione Lewis)
    “Damione had a death in the family and the funeral was today. He should be back tonight sometime.”

    (On DE Anthony Hargrove)
    “He’s got a stinger. He has a flamed nerve up there, and we’re just trying to rest him a little bit. If you keep pounding on that thing it will never get better, so we’re just trying to rest him.”

    (On Buffalo QB Drew Bledsoe)
    “I don’t study him. I haven’t studied him. I’m aware of him and I watch him. I don’t study those tapes as much as I study the defensive tapes, obviously. I think he’s a very capable quarterback, obviously, and has won a lot of games. This is a guy that has been to the Pro Bowl and he’s played at the highest level, and he’s certainly capable of it. We also know their last three games at home they’ve scored 27 points per game. This is more of an admiration that anything else.”

    (On the Bills at home)
    “They’ve played very good. Those three wins at home, with all the points. It’s a tough place to play. They have a terrific environment up there when they play at home.”

    (On if LB Tommy Polley will play)
    “I think so. That’s why we’ve held him out. Tomorrow he’ll practice. He could have practiced, he’s no worse then last week. We tested his leg, and it’s down a little bit. So we wanted to make sure that he could recover so we’ll have him available for the game. He’ll be up though.”

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