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"The Tale of Two Teams"

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  • "The Tale of Two Teams"

    That is what it feels like from week to week. I would say this is the most frustrating team I have seen in my 17 years as a fan. I mean they have talent, they show alot of promise one week then they just drop. Big thing to me is they seem to come out the tunnell at halftime flat an awful lot. Then it seems if they get the ball inside the 10 they have problems. I like the ball at the 15 or 20 better then the 5. I dont know what to think. I try to stay positive about this year but it is becoming harder and harder. The blue and gold seems to be flowing outta wounds that just dont seem to completely heal. I need a couple weeks of victories not one at a time so my lacerations will heal up. How the Rams could come off a great win and just play like this baffles me. I will say this team will make the playoff's hopefully Fisher will be back soon. Oh and special teams??????I really cannot even comment on that 17 points they gave up.

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    "Tale of Two Teams" / It was buffalo stampede!

    Believe me LA, I feel your pain AND your frustration. Honestly.

    This was a terrible performance by the Rams! I mean... really, really bad.

    We were manhandled by the Bills today. It was a buffalo stampede, for crying outloud!

    And then it seemed like we just took f-o-r-e-v-e-r to wake up and try to make something happen, despite "fortituous" errors on our part, like muffing the ball on a kick return, plus a couple of costly, critical blocked / intercepted passes, etc.

    I think we needed 3 Qrts worth of time just to move the ball in the red zone when we HAD to, only for Bulger to throw in into a Bills DB just sitting in the end zone.

    Special Teams, what was all that about!?! Our defense, ouch! OL, ditto.