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  • Prediction For Season Record

    I Posted at the beginning of the season that I thought we were in for a 7-9 or 8-8 season. I personally think the Rams will go either 3-3 or 2-4 in the remaining 6 games. Green Bay is playing well as is Carolina, Philadelphia. the Jets and Cardinals are questionable games as you never know which team will show up. Arizona played tough the first game this year. the Jets will probably have Pennington back by then. the only give me game is against the Whiners.
    your thoughts?

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    Re: Prediction For Season Record

    Lakerams, the Rams have a good probability to make the playoffs, I think. I don't 'predict' scores or end-of-season results.

    Quite obviously however, we're going to need help from Seattle (they just squawked there way past Miami today -- those Dolphins, grrrr).

    The one thing we have going for us in our division is that Arizona (who lost today) as well as our 2-0 Vs. Seahwks, might be very instrumental in the final weeks of the season. Whiners are doing dismal, but they can end up tripping someone out of the picture.

    Bottom line today: bad news, we lost an ugly game Vs Buffalo. More bad news, Seattle won. "Good news", we can / might still get our act together for the sake of CONSISTENCY.

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      Re: Prediction For Season Record

      I think they need to win the division in order to get into the playoffs, and looking at Seattle's schedule, all they have to do is match the Rams record the rest of the way. they should be able to do that easily. just my opinion!