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  • Panther game scores please

    OK, thats the by week done and dusted. now its on to those Panthers who swept us last year.

    Scores please, get them in by Thursday and I will include them in the newsletter.

    Mine ??? .................. well, OK :o

    Here me out now. I think this will be a tight game with the Rams squeeking out a win.

    Rams 28 - Panthers 21 :rolleyes:

    Keeping the Rams Nation Talking

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    I think we are going to be a little rusty out of the gate. The Panthers are very hungry for a win. Games in our division are always closer than they should be.

    The difference will be playing at home and a guy named Faulk.

    Rams 31
    Panthers 20

    Expect the Rams to be behind at the half with a strong Rams fourth quarter.


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      I'm not even going to try anymore, RamDez. I picked the Jaguars, Steelers, Browns, and Seattle. Man, this season is starting to bug! How's anyone supposed to pick the winners when everyone that is supposed to win or lose...doesn't?! I think I'll pick the Titans to lose every week. Everytime I do, they end up winning. :p
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        Rams are pissed...panthers suck...panthers swept us last year...

        Rams 38
        P-cats 7

        Rams go back to #1 in power polls we're they belong...much jubilation amongst continues ;) :o


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          Originally posted by DJRamFan
          Rams are pissed...panthers suck...
          Right on DJ. LMAO


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            Originally posted by Atlas
            I'm not even going to try anymore, RamDez. I picked the Jaguars, Steelers, Browns, and Seattle. Man, this season is starting to bug! How's anyone supposed to pick the winners when everyone that is supposed to win or lose...doesn't?! I think I'll pick the Titans to lose every week. Everytime I do, they end up winning. :p
            Yep, I did the same this week and look what happened :eek:

            Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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              :eek: :eek: Rams win in a blow out ..... Our boyz are PISSED .... and its Panther-fodder time !!!

              RAMS 45

              fodder 10

              :confused: :confused:
              "Life should NOT be a journey to the grave intending on arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, martini in hand, body thoroughly used up, worn out and screaming "WOO HOO what a ride!"


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                I also have a feeling this weeks game will be close.The Panthers havent won since week 1 and teams on a losing streak are always dangerous.Rams in another nailbiter.

                RAMS 24 PANTHERS 20

                GO RAMS! STAY FOCUSED! WIN!


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                  I hope this isn't a close one. I can't handle it after that series.

                  I know the Panthers are thirsty for a win, but I think the Rams are thirstier to pound someone into the turf after handing that game to NO. I'm still drinking Maalox.

                  C'mon, we all know why the Panthers swept us last year...

                  Rams 37
                  Panthers 24

                  I'm giving Weinke some room to score here, sorry Rams D.


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                    My gut says the Rams O will be rusty, but special teams will make a comeback and the D is pissed.

                    Rams 31
                    Kitty Cats 10


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                      With all the quarterback trouble the Panthers are having, I see many turnovers in the Rams favor.

                      Rams 42

                      Panthers 10 :p


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                        White panthers...

                        Welcome BigDaddy to theee one and only ClanRam!

                        Let's see now, healthy St. Louis Rams..., ailing Carolina Panthers... hmmm, I would expect the black felines coming out pale white after this game against the Ram stampede: STL 42 - CAR 6.
                        :mad: GO RAMS!!!


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                          This is the week that the Rams start their glorious march to the Super Bowl.

                          Rams 56

                          Panthers 3


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                            Ramcrazy took my guess. Can we have the same guess? If so, 42-10--the Marshall is back in town! If not, then 42-9, kicker gets injured and doesn't get the extra!:evil:


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                              THIS WEEK IM ON!!

                              I messed up last time not following my gut but following my heart.

                              This week though it is ALL Rams after the first half rust is shaken off. Revenege from last year and mental mistakes last game are erased with a good old fashion a$$ whoop'in.

                              Rams 42
                              Panthers 13


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                              • MauiRam
                                Rams seek milestone victory in Charlotte ..
                                by MauiRam
                                By Jim Thomas

                                CHARLOTTE, N.C. • Coach Jeff Fisher stubbornly lives in the moment. He has disdain for the big picture and distaste for gridiron philosophizing.

                                So when asked what it would mean for his Rams team to improve its record to 4-3 with a victory Sunday against the Carolina Panthers, Fisher’s reply was predictable.

                                “It would mean that we won the next game on our schedule, which we’re trying to do,” Fisher said, with a trace of a smile. “That’s the object — one more point.”

                                As in one more point than the other guy wins the game.

                                One more point than the Panthers in Sunday’s noon kickoff (St. Louis time) puts the Rams above .500 this late in the season for the first time since 2006. Under then-rookie head coach Scott Linehan, the Rams started the ’06 campaign 4-1 before losing five in a row and seven of their next eight.

                                Fisher’s first Rams team stood at 3-2 last season following a 17-13 Thursday night triumph over Arizona. But the team then went on an 0-4-1 skid and didn’t top .500 again before finishing 7-8-1.

                                But ask the players what 4-3 would mean, and the answer’s a bit different than Fisher’s.

                                “It would mean a lot,” said defensive end Chris Long, who has yet to experience a winning season since being drafted by the Rams in 2008. “We talked about confidence earlier; it’d be another step in the right direction. Another step in being confident, and exhibiting that we can get things done on the field. It’d be another tough road win, and we’d love to go get it.”

                                And from tight end Lance Kendricks, who was drafted in 2011 — or just in time for Steve Spagnuolo’s ill-fated 2-14 Rams finale: “It would mean a great deal. I think last year we were only above .500 maybe once or twice. So I think this early in the season, being above .500 is very important for us, especially being a young team.”

                                Plus, should the Rams escape North Carolina with a victory, their next two contests are at home.

                                “Yeah, exactly,” Kendricks said. “So we’ve really got to just crank it up for this week, get going early, and hopefully we can make some big plays.”

                                Six games into this season, it’s next to impossible to get a read on the Rams. They opened the season with two spirited fourth-quarter rallies — one that succeeded (Arizona), and one that didn’t (Atlanta).

                                Then came two dispiriting losses (Dallas, San Francisco) that were painfully reminiscent of football follies of past regimes.

                                And most recently, with a retooled offensive philosophy and a newfound penchant for takeaways by the defense (and special teams), the Rams posted convincing victories over Jacksonville (34-20) and Houston (38-13).

                                “I hope that they continue,” Fisher said when asked if defensive scores were contagious. “Two weeks in a row now, but the idea is to get the ball in the end zone....
                                -10-19-2013, 10:52 PM
                              • laram0
                                This game is HUGE!
                                by laram0
                                We all know that this is a must win for Divison purposes. Obviously for Wildcard contention also. Here's a list of the games this week that have a direct effect on our Rams.

                                Rams (4-4) @ Seattle (5-3)
                                Cowboys (4-4) @ Cardinals
                                Browns @ Falcons (5-3)
                                Packers @ Vikings (4-4)
                                Redskins (3-5) @ Eagles (4-4)
                                Buccaneers @ Panthers (4-4)

                                This Seattle game is crucial. I predict the Cowboys,Falcons,Vikings,Eagles and Panthers are all going to win this week. So if we are going to keep pace we must win this game!!!!:imho:
                                -11-09-2006, 11:49 AM
                              • rNemesis
                                For gooness sakes offense, please give us a chance to win this game!!!!
                                by rNemesis
                                I've been hearing about all this talk about the upcoming game on Sunday in HOU against the Texans. Well, first let me start off by saying that we must NEVER forget that we are the RAMS and we are usually the "cure for all ailments". That being said, I am just asking that the offense PLEASE COME AND SHOW UP FOR THIS GAME!!! Without you guys, we do not stand a chance in this game and it could get ugly real quick because Houston is a team that can score points, and in a hurry also if need be. The reason I say this is because our defense, although they have taken quite a step back, are still playing well enough to keep our team in games. But the offense goes into their usual "shell" and just caves in, comes out with the vanilla stuff, and quickly goes 3-and-out. WE CANNOT have that this game!!!

                                I am fully aware that the defense needs to shade coverage on Andre Johnson and try to contain the run game of Arian and Ben, but I feel that the weight of the game is NOT on their shoulders. The weight of this game is on the OFFENSE. They need to come out and establish themselves EARLY and often. I AM BEGGING YOU OFFENSE!! PULL THROUGH!! DONT go in that shell and get really conservative, because everyone is sick and tired of it. Get Cook and Austin involved as they are two key weapons on offense. Contain JJ Watt as much as possible:- I know its tough but with help it can be done. Keep Bradford upright and he should be able to deliver ( i dont trust him enough yet to say WILL ) Receivers, CATCH THE DAMN FOOTBALL FOR CRYING OUT LOUD; still WAAY too many drops.

                                To sum it all up, I feel VERY confident in our chances this weekend, thats IF, a big IF, the offense can come out and establish themselves (as well as tempo) EARLY and throughout the whole game. In this manner, we would be putting the pressure on them and forcing Matt Schaub into more throws and hopefully another pick six, lol. In other words, and I know we are largely incapable of doing this, I think if we want to beat them, we will have to outscore them. We dont want to fall behind early and play catch up, this team is not built for that yet. It already is a mismatch on paper because our offense sucks balls and their defense is pretty stout. So its very important for our O to get going in this contest!!

                                PS. Special Teams.... STOP COMMITTING the stupid penalties and give the returner a chance ...GEEZ!!!
                                -10-11-2013, 06:09 PM
                              • AvengerRam_old
                                Rams @ Panthers: Pick the Score
                                by AvengerRam_old
                                Scores only, please.


                                Rams 19
                                Panthers 17
                                -12-09-2004, 09:36 AM
                              • The Limey
                                Beware of the cats
                                by The Limey
                                I'm a little bit nervous about this Sunday's game against the Panthers.
                                With Carolina in a 1-6 hole, all the signs point to a blow-out in St. Louis.
                                What I want to know is, how many are we allowed to beat them by without being dubbed "unsporting."
                                Is 20 okay? Or is that just rubbing it in and making people ashamed to be Rams fans.
                                Should we just be sporting and let them win for the sake of parity, like they did twice last season.
                                Mike Martz should make a mental note not to call any onside kicks. Or field goals. Or play-actions. After all, it's a bit unfair to make the other team think you're going to run it and then pass the ball instead. That's almost cheating.
                                Or maybe, just maybe, we should just try and win by as big a margin as possible and avoid last year's mid-season slump.
                                Crazy idea, I know, but it would be nice to think Martz could go all out for the win each week without the media, and even the Rams' own fans, describing his play-calling as arrogant and unsporting.
                                We all saw what happened when the Rams took their foot off the pedal against the Saints last week and it wasn't pretty.
                                So let's rack up 30 or 40 points, without mercy, against the Panthers and get our bid for homefield advantage in the Play-offs back on track.
                                We spent years being the whipping boys for better teams - now it's our turn to rack up the points.
                                Rams by 30 - I hope.
                                -11-08-2001, 09:12 AM