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How to make the best of 2004

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  • How to make the best of 2004

    For all their problems, if the season ended today, the Rams would make the playoffs... barely.

    Here's what they need to do to make the final six games a big enough success to ensure that they actually do make the playoffs:

    1. Reshuffle the O line. Here's the line-up I'd go with:

    LT: Pace
    LG: Nutten
    C: McCollum
    RG: Sapaia
    RT: Timmerman

    2. Reshuffle the Defense. Here's the line-up I'd go with:

    DE Little
    DT: Kennedy
    DT: Pickett
    DE: Hargrove
    OLB: Tinoisamoa
    MLB: Faulk
    OLB: Archuleta
    CB: Butler
    CB: Fisher
    SS: Edwards
    FS: Williams

    3. Take drastic measures on Special Teams:

    Bring in a new punter. Find a kickoff specialist who can boom the ball into the end zone consistently. Punt the ball out of bounds. Do whatever is necessary.

    4. Run Steven Jackson more. All year, when he's had an opportunity, he's produced. Gotta give him more touches.

    If the Rams can win 4 of the last 6, they probably will make the playoffs. 5 of 6, and they win the division in all likelihood.

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    Re: How to make the best of 2004

    few points:
    I don't see Timmerman as a solution at RT.. i don'th think he has the mobility.. better off Sapaia giving a shot at improving the rest of the season.. the last thing we want to do is wreck Timmerman's confidence

    I know a lot of people are high on Arch at LB.. but he is way too small... even smaller that the other guys we have.. I would relegate him to special teams


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      Re: How to make the best of 2004

      Timmerman played some RT 2 years ago and did a pretty good job.

      I agree that Arch is too small to be a full time LB, but my thought is that, in the short run, combining our two biggest DTs (Pickett and Kennedy), with Arch roaming behind the line of scrimmage as a LB could work.

      Worth a shot, I think (of course, I'm just a fan, so what do I know :confused: )


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        Re: How to make the best of 2004

        How do we make the best of 2004? A complete face-lift to the Defense would be my first option. I'm not saying it's completely stable, but if this isn't the time to experiment, what is? So here's my idea:

        DE - D-Lew
        NT - Pickett
        DT - Kennedy
        SOLB - Little
        SILB - Faulk
        WILB - Arch
        WOLB - Pisa
        CB - Fisher
        CB - Butler
        FS - Aeneas
        SS - Edwards
        The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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          Re: How to make the best of 2004

          i like your idea HUb, but Arch is way too small to play on the inside. We'd have to switch him with Pisa and then maybe switch Arch and Little as well. I would really like to see Marmie get creative and throw different looks at the Offense. It is really our only chance to create turnovers.


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            Re: How to make the best of 2004

            I think we need to play more of a 46 D. Arch plays his best when he is closer to the line. We need all the help we can get to stop the run.
            AW and Edwards should be the safeties whith Arch comming in for run support.
            Need a fresh rotation on the D line. Play Kennedy more, we need the big man up front.
            I would like to see McBride(?) in the rotation at CB too. He's on the roster and can't be any worse than Groce.

            The O line is in a bit of a bind. Have to go with what we have right now, but IMO, we should use more 2 TE sets to help with protection.
            Run the ball more. AV is right. Marshall, though he has shown some flashes this year just isn't the same. I want to see Jackson more. He is a producer and will take the load off of the O-line some what.


            Adm. William "Bull" Halsey


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              Re: How to make the best of 2004

              We'd have to switch him with Pisa and then maybe switch Arch and Little as well.
              You're right. I could see moving Pisa to WILB and Arch to WOLB. Also that would give Arch more blitzing opportunities, which he actually does pretty well with on most days.

              Boy, that sure is a small backside though. That would leave us pretty vulnerable to the counter-run, but then again, I guess that's why they call it experimenting.
              The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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                Re: How to make the best of 2004

                why don;t we just go for broke and make Arch the NT


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                  Re: How to make the best of 2004

                  If you need a temporary fix on your feelings, just take a look at the whiners record each week, it's sure to help! :king:


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                    Re: How to make the best of 2004

                    Originally posted by PTHOR
                    If you need a temporary fix on your feelings, just take a look at the whiners record each week, it's sure to help! :king:
                    Good point Pthor :redface:


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                    • AvengerRam_old
                      Rams Roster Shaping Up Nicely
                      by AvengerRam_old
                      Here's the current starting line-up. Players in bold are players who the Rams should consider upgrading in the draft of free agency if the opportunity presents itself. Players in italics are those who have a question mark attached to them due to health or other (Leonard Little) considerations.

                      QB: Marc Bulger
                      RB: Steven Jackson
                      FB: Joey Goodspeed
                      WR: Torry Holt
                      WR: Isaac Bruce
                      LT: Orlando Pace
                      LG: Blaine Sapaia
                      C: Andy McCollum
                      RG: Adam Timmerman
                      LT: Scott Tercero
                      TE: Brandon Manumaleuna

                      DE: Leonard Little
                      DT: Jimmy Kennedy
                      DT: Ryan Pickett
                      DE: Tony Hargrove
                      OLB: Pisa Tinoisamoa
                      MLB: Chris Claiborne
                      OLB: Dexter Coakley
                      CB: Travis Fisher
                      CB: Jeremetrius Butler
                      SS: Adam Archuleta
                      FS: Michael Stone

                      So, clearly the biggest needs are on the O line and the DBs. I almost didn't put Fisher and Butler in the "upgrade category," as I think they are adequate. But the draft is very deep at CB, so the Rams could get a chance for a real upgrade there.
                      -03-16-2005, 03:47 PM
                    • AvengerRam_old
                      My "Day After" Starting Roster Review
                      by AvengerRam_old
                      Here's how I see the starting lineup, with the following criteria applied:

                      K - Keeper. No need for upgrade.
                      C - Competer. Low priority. Bring in competition.
                      U - Upgradable. Medium priority. Replace if price is right.
                      P - Priority. High priority. Pay the price to upgrade.

                      QB: Marc Bulger - K
                      RB: Steven Jackson - K
                      FB: Joey Goodspeed - K
                      WR: Torry Holt - K
                      WR: Isaac Bruce - K
                      OT: Orlando Pace - K
                      OT: Blaine Sapaia - P
                      OG: Adam Timmerman - C
                      OG: Tom Nutten - P
                      C: Andy McCollum - C
                      TE: Brandon Manumaleuna - U

                      DE: Leonard Little - K
                      DE: Bryce Fisher - C
                      DT: Ryan Pickett - K
                      DT: Jimmy Kenndey - K
                      LB: Tommy Polley - P
                      LB: Pisa Tinoisamoa - K
                      LB: Robert Thomas - P
                      CB: Travis Fisher - C
                      CB: Jeremetrius Butler - C
                      SS: Adam Archuleta - K
                      FS: Antuan Edwards - C

                      K: Jeff Wilkins - K
                      P: Kevin Stempke - U
                      KR: Aveon Cason - U
                      PR: Sean McDonald - U
                      -01-16-2005, 08:14 PM
                    • AvengerRam_old
                      One Trial, One Potential Position Change, and Two Safeties
                      by AvengerRam_old
                      Could those four things be the only things between the Rams and a greatly improved defense? I'm beginning to think so.

                      For starters, I think there can be some encouragement drawn from the fact that (apart from the Falcon game fiasco) the Rams defense played much better last year towards the end of the year when Travis Fisher returned from injury and Jimmy Kennedy and Tony Hargrove were inserted into the starting lineup.

                      So, the four factors that will determine next year's defense are:

                      1. One Trial
                      Despite having a somewhat off year, Leonard Little remains the biggest playmaker on the Rams' defense. If he is not available due to the outcome of his upcoming DUI trial, the Rams will probably have to expend a high draft choice in the hope of finding a suitable replacement. If he is available, the starting D Line of Little-Kennedy-Pickett-Hargrove (with D.Lewis backing up both the DE and DT positions) has quite a bit of promise.

                      2. One Potential Position Change
                      All indications seem to be that the proposed move of Pisa Tinoisamoa to SS may be aborted. If that is the case, you have to like the potential of the Rams' LB corps of starters Coakley-Claiborn-Tinoisamoa, and a second team of Thomas-K.Faulk-Chillar.

                      3. Two Safeties
                      While the CB spot is relatively settled with starters Fisher and Butler, the safety positions are in a state of flux. Will Pisa stay at SS? Will Adam Archuleta be healthy and, if so, can he play the FS position, or does he go back to SS with Pisa playing LB? And if that happens, who will the FS be? Will the Rams make a run at Darren Sharper? Will they target a FS in the draft?

                      The Rams should be able to address these concerns in the coming months. If they do, I look for a much improved defense in 2005.
                      -03-11-2005, 09:48 AM
                    • txramsfan
                      We don't have the talent anymore
                      by txramsfan
                      It just isn't there. We aren't as talented as some of you perceive us to be.

                      1. Williams on the O line dosen't deserve to be in the NFL.
                      2. Faulk is just about through. He dosen't hit the hole like he used to. He dosen't make people miss. He isn't perceived to be a threat in the passing game anymore. He is missing the speed that made him a HOF. The pass he dropped yesterday was right where it had to be.
                      3. We are very small in the front seven on defense. We've been getting pushed around all year. The 2001 draft is becoming quite possibly the huge bust we all feared. Pickett and DLew can't stuff the run, and Archuleta has regressed from his first year.
                      4. Brooks threw to Butler's side all day yesterday. Whatever WR lined up against Butler was automatically open.

                      We just aren't very good right now. Happens in the day and age of the salary cap. My take, let other people "coach up" DT's. Time to clean some office, free up some cap space, draft O line and FA the rest.
                      -09-27-2004, 05:16 AM
                    • HUbison
                      Age of starters
                      by HUbison
                      I got curious about how "old" a team we are going to put on the field for opening day. I checked the roster with the pre-judicial thought that we were getting pretty old. However, we are younger than I first thought. Here's the age of the possible (and I stress, only possible) starters as of opening day.

                      QB Marc Bulger 27
                      RB Marshall Faulk 31
                      LT Orlando Pace 28
                      LG Andy McCollum 34
                      C Dave Wolabaugh 32
                      RG Adam Timmerman 33
                      RT Kyle Turley 28
                      TE B. Manumanuala 24
                      WR Isaac Bruce 31
                      WR Torry Holt 28
                      WR Dane Looker 28

                      DE Leonard Little 29
                      DT D-Lew 26
                      DT Ryan Pickett 24
                      DE Tyoka Jackson 32
                      OLB Tommy Polley 26
                      MLB Robert Thomas 24
                      OLB Pisa Tinoisamoa 23
                      CB Travis Fisher 24
                      CB Jer. Butler 25
                      FS Aeneas Williams 36
                      SS Adam Arch. 26

                      K Jeff Wilkins 32
                      P Sean Landetta 42

                      Now, I think it would be fair to say that most, not all, players peak between 27-29 (and yes that is open to debate). So with that assumption in place, our offense has 1 player still developing, 5 in their prime, and 5 who are declining (although 3 of those 5 are O-lineman who tend to be more prolific than skill players). That's pretty good news for the current team, if you ask me.

                      What's even more exciting is the defense (Tx, you'll love this). On the defensive side of the ball, we have 1 player in his prime, 2 on the way down (although one is TJ who will be rotating at end), and 8 (how many?) I said 8 defensive starters who should be improving over the next couple of years.

                      Now I know, there are 25 year-olds who can't find it with both hands (Ryan Leaf) and there are 40 year-olds at the Pro Bowl (Bruce Matthews), but notwithstanding I think this should be a decent indicator of good things to come in the current and near future.
                      -06-30-2004, 07:55 AM