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Obscure Rams stuff on eBay

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  • Obscure Rams stuff on eBay

    Check this out. They even make spare tire covers.

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    Re: Obscure Rams stuff on eBay

    I'm offering for sale a ten year old Reuben sandwich on which Fred Dryer's face magically appeared. Think I can get $28,000 for it?


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      Re: Obscure Rams stuff on eBay

      The following is a list of some of the more unusual rams items i have purchased on ebay

      Rams mustard
      rams pasta
      rams band aids
      rams sippy cup for my three year old and pacifier for the baby
      a section of the original turf in the dome
      baseball bat signed "God Bless" by kurt warner

      On the better side, i recently picked up a ticket stub from a 1936 rams game against the brooklyn tigers, an old afl game, which of course was the season before we joined the nfl.

      ramming speed to all

      general counsel


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        Re: Obscure Rams stuff on eBay

        Nice! I recently purchased a Montreal Allouettes season preview with Ferragamo(and Billy "White Shoes" Johnson) and a 1995 Taco John's Kurt Warner, Iowa Barnstormers rookie card.

        I'm waitiing to see if I win the 1995 Rams cheerleaders card set so don't anyone steal it from me!


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          Re: Obscure Rams stuff on eBay

          Its a very cool set moklerman, i have one and its a lot of fun to look at!

          general counsel


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            Re: Obscure Rams stuff on eBay

            I remember when the cheerleader sets came out back in 1994. I would buy packs and packs of this oddball companies cards trying to get just one Rams cheerleader. I would get Dallas, New Orleans, Oakland and other but never a Ram. Damn that pissed me off.

            Speaking of old Rams stuff, my vintage piece is a 1958 Rams yearbook. Way before my time so the nostalgia isn't what it could be but it has a really cool painted cover and it's pretty awesome reading about all those historic players like they are still playing.


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              Re: Obscure Rams stuff on eBay

              Moklerman, 1958 is actually the first year the rams issued a yearbook. Its a great item to have. If you are so inclined, i strongly suggest purchase of the old media guides, they have all the info you could ever want about the squad. In fact, the 2004 media guide, which is a $10 item, is one of the best ways i can think of for any memorabilia fan to spend short money. Its 250 pages or more of current and historical info on the squad.

              general counsel


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                Re: Obscure Rams stuff on eBay

                I agree, I've been getting the media guides off and on as I come across them. I have a pretty nice sampling from the 70's, 80's and 90's (about 15 I think). I don't like the digest size that they usually come in but other than that they are good stuff. Recently picked one up from 1983(Ferragamo AND Dickerson! What could be better?) and 1986. Ahhh, the memories.

                Another item that I'm proud to own is a "rally towel" from the Super Bowl XIV. I think it was from KMPC which was real good about sponsoring merchandise with the Rams. I also have an audio tape celbrating the history of the Rams with radio highlights from some of their more memorable moments. I'm pretty sure Dick Enberg was the broadcaster during a lot of those games as well as the narrator for the tape. I didn't really listen to the games on radio since I lived too far away for them to be broadcast so it was very cool the first time I listened to the tape, reliving some of the memories that I had watched on t.v.


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                  Re: Obscure Rams stuff on eBay

                  I like the towels also. I must have 12 different ones, including first game at the dome, the two superbowls and nfc champ games. My favorite one is from the nfc champ game vs. tampa bay, which was my first game in the dome. I never watch a rams game without it by my side. It is my ultimate rams good luck talisman.

                  general counsel


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                    Brenda Warner hatches twin girls
                    by general counsel
                    This may be a little dated, but i saw that captain kurt and brenda had twin girls this week. Congrats, i will also love captain kurt, he helped bring us the title and you can never take that away.

                    The names were sienna and sierra. I was sure that he was going to name them martz and bulger or maybe holt and bruce.

                    Ramming speed to you and yours during this merry holiday season,

                    keep ike and sign big grease.

                    general counsel
                    -12-23-2005, 04:56 PM
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                    Warner to Proehl in '99
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                    Kurt warner book's
                    by Guest
                    i just bought them on ebay.. "the last shall be first", and "All Things Possible". and after looking at kurt in the 99 jerseys with white sleeves on it made me realize that those jerseys are awesome and in honor of georgia i think we should wear them this year.

                    -01-22-2008, 09:47 PM
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                    In memory of Warner
                    by RamWraith
                    St. Louis' local paper put together a nice slide show of our hero.

                    Kurt memories
                    -06-02-2004, 07:55 AM
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                    Warner, Big Red would be a match made in heaven
                    by RamDez
                    This just goes to show what a fool Bernie the Dolt is .........................

                    Warner, Big Red would be a match made in heaven

                    By Bernie Miklasz
                    Of the Post-Dispatch
                    Saturday, Mar. 05 2005

                    If there is a god of football, then surely Kurt Warner will sign a free-agent
                    contract with the Arizona Cardinals. The greatest quarterback in St. Louis NFL
                    history will join hands with Bill Bidwill in a plot to overthrow the Rams and
                    take over the wide open NFC West.

                    Warner as a Cardinal would be delightful, delirious entertainment for football
                    fans in St. Louis. And for some, such an arrangement would spark intense,
                    conflicting emotions.

                    How many Warner fans here would defect from the Rams to the Cardinals? How many
                    of red, No. 13 "Warner" jerseys would be sold in St. Louis stores?

                    Warner doesn't always hold onto the football, but he still has a firm grip on
                    many fans here. They seem convinced that Warner can, in fact, walk across the
                    Mississippi River. And when the Rams defense and special teams got squashed in
                    the playoffs by Atlanta, the Post-Dispatch ran letters that pinned the loss on
                    Marc Bulger, who replaced Warner as the Rams' starter in 2003.

                    Warner's more zealous fans resent Bulger and seem to believe Mike Martz was
                    sent to earth by the forces of evil and darkness to destroy Warner. So imagine
                    the Rams and Cardinals playing twice a year, with Warner setting up to throw
                    against the Rams' shaky defense at The Edward Jones Dome, the scene of St.
                    Kurt's greatest football glories.

                    Imagine . . .

                    Warner riding in a Popemobile-type vehicle through the streets of downtown St.
                    Louis, waving to weeping fans, as he makes a triumphant arrival at The Ed ...
                    Martz being hung in effigy from lamposts outside the Dome ... hustlers selling
                    Bulger voodoo dolls outside the stadium ... Warner leading Arizona to victory,
                    with the home crowd turning against the Rams, and cheering for the Cardinals as
                    if the clock had been turned back to 1974 ... Brenda Warner sitting in her
                    former seat at The Ed, leaning over the rail to give Kurt a kiss as he leaves
                    the field ... Bidwill and Warner hugging in the Arizona locker room.

                    This catastrophe would ruin Martz's mood, and quite possibly his career.
                    Day-after talk show callers would speak in tongues and demand Martz's

                    Our town would tingle over the revival of Martz vs. The Warners. Warner isn't
                    yet a Cardinal but he's already stirring the cauldron, making cryptic comments
                    about the untold story of his demise in St. Louis.

                    "It's hard, because the media has made so many determinations on what's wrong
                    with me and why I'm not in St. Louis anymore,"...
                    -03-06-2005, 01:49 AM