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  • My Game Plan

    On Kickoffs:
    Onside kicks at every opportunity. 1st of all we may get lucky and recover a few. Second of all since Wilkins seems to be our leading tackler on kickoffs and he has a nose for the ball on onside kicks. If Green Bay does recover them their field position wonít be nearly as good. Finally there is less chance of a big runback for a TD

    On Punting:
    Donít do it.
    Go for every 4th down. This could keep Green bay out of the end zone and limit them to field goal attempts. The other option is punting the ball out of bounds. Regardless the one unit that really worries me is the punt team I think Landetaís age has been showing all year and in that cold weather he will do good to get the ball 30 yards downfield with a 3.5 second hang time

    On Returns:
    Fair catch everything. Yes even kickoffs.

    On the Quarterback:
    Marc when youíre in the pocket, watch your right side dude. Step up to buy the extra time. Just remember the pressure is coming from the side of your body that hurts the most.

    On the Offensive line:
    No protect, No donuts. Oh and on the way from the hotel to the stadium practice counting to five these false starts are getting to me.

    On the linebackers: (This includes Archeleta)
    Run blitz on every down. You canít cover a tight end anyway so make yourselves useful.

    On The Secondary:
    See Linebackers.

    On the Defensive Line:
    Watch your back side and please do not trip up the blitz package I have assembled.

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    Re: My Game Plan

    i second this resounding vote of confidence... :redface:

    may i add that in case marmie should get lost on his flight to greenbay, for whatever reasons, the rams defense just wing it....couldn't hurt...