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Anyone going to the game Monday night?

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  • Anyone going to the game Monday night?

    I am fortunate enough to take my two brothers and my son to the game Monday night and I was wondering if any other Clan Members might be there? Now that work and turkey day are behind me, my mind is getting focused on the important things! I can't wait!

    Joe :smile:
    "The disappointment of losing is huge!"

    Jack Youngblood

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    Re: Anyone going to the game Monday night?

    Will definitely not be there but will definitely watch MNF.

    Good for you, MoonJoe! Make sure our Rams know you're there. :helmet:


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      Re: Anyone going to the game Monday night?

      MoonJoe, we will be there with you in spirit. A trip to the frozen tundra at this time of year presents some logistical challenges for most of us, but we will all be routing hard with you. Remember, the Clan is always at every rams game. Our spirit and energy pervades an aura of invincibility.

      Of course, that has not helped us much this year up to this point.

      We assume you and your son will be wearing rams jerseys and will not be donning those ridiculous looking cheese heads.

      ramming speed to all

      Go MoonJoe Go!!!!!!!!!!!

      general counsel


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        Re: Anyone going to the game Monday night?

        Thanks guys,

        I know your always there in spirit! Yes my son and I will be in our Rams gear and my two brothers will be in their Packers gear. Our family is orginally from Iowa and that's how they became Packers fans. I on other hand was three when we moved out here to the West coast and knew nothing else but Merlin and Deacon! Go Rams Go!!

        "The disappointment of losing is huge!"

        Jack Youngblood


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        • lordwhttgr
          I have to know, How many are going to STL this monday night
          by lordwhttgr
          I have thought about it and am going to see the Star Wars show as well as the Game Monday Night. I feel its important to support my teem in their hour of need. The Rams have been very good to me and so I will make the trip.

          Who else is going to the game?

          Go Rams,,,Beat the Squaks!!!!
          -10-24-2013, 02:15 PM
        • RamWraith
          The music
          by RamWraith
          Anyone hear the music they play before the Monday night game about the "greatest show on earth" anyone know where I can get that song...I LOVE IT!!!!
          -12-03-2001, 09:55 AM
        • general counsel
          did anyone see lebron's dunk last night
          by general counsel
          Did anyone see lebron's tomahawk dunk over Mr. Kevin at the end of the game last night. Truly an aggressive throwdown.

          THe physique on lebron is amazing. Impossible to distinguish between lebron and hubison in the muscle bound category.

          ramming speed to all

          general counsel
          -05-13-2008, 12:40 PM
        • RamWraith
          Monday night lights can illuminate Rams
          by RamWraith
          By Bryan Burwell

          The magic begins on a field far from the celebrated glare of Monday Night lights. It begins under the low-wattage glimmer of some craggy patch of grass and dirt, with little boys scooting across Pop Warner practice fields in shoulder pads far too big for their pint-sized bodies. The momentum builds as it moves across small towns and big cities, growing under the ethereal yellow mist of every teenage boy's Friday night high school football fantasies.

          The glowing lights of football at night have always held a special allure to anyone who held even a mild infatuation with the gridiron. The sight of a colossal multimillion-dollar stadium aglow in the distance or for that matter, even a tiny, nondescript boys club field is the surest signal that the game's about to be transformed into a larger-than-life event.

          "I still remember my first Monday night game," former New York Giants linebacker Carl Banks told me several years ago. "I remember driving up to Giants Stadium as a rookie and seeing the stadium lit up from two or three miles away. I got goosebumps and butterflies right then and there, and they didn't go away until after the game. Don't let any player ever tell you 'Monday Night Football' doesn't mean anything to him. If you hear a guy say that, tell him he's lying. Monday night is big. It's very big and don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise."

          So the Very Big Show comes to town Monday night under the big top of the Edward Jones Dome.

          So maybe it's not quite as big as it used to be, having moved from network television to the niche world of ESPN; so maybe the larger-than-life, love-him-or-hate-him character of Howard Cosell has been replaced by the entertaining trio of Mike Tirico, Joe Theismann and Tony Kornheiser; so maybe because the game is being played under a downtown roof, the only glow in the night will be the neon lights of commercialism that decorate the stadium's exterior.

          But the game still carries a wallop when you're the only game on the tube. Reputations can still be made or ruined on "Monday Night Football." "This will be a tremendous challenge for this football team on the biggest stage in football, other than the Super Bowl and playoffs," said Torry Holt, the brilliant Rams receiver. "We'll either get embarrassed or we'll do some embarrassing."

          Oh yes, the game still has some clout. The Rams are a struggling 5-7 team. An underdog in their own home against the 10-2 Bears. They have not been on national television all season. They are a team devoid of a national persona. They have been limited to brief highlights on the tail ends of sportscasts. They are a mystery. No, it's worse than that; they are a franchise lacking any national consequence.

          "I know they have Steven...
          -12-11-2006, 02:38 PM
        • BigGameMN
          What do you think of the Monday Night Football Crew?
          by BigGameMN
          I don't like them. Joe Theisman is a know-it-all and Kornheiser is out of his element. What were they thinking with this group? Another thing I hate is that they invite non-football people into the booth at various points in the game and they stay a LONG time. Last week it was Christian Slater and this week they had Jay-Z there. While I'm watching a football game I don't want to hear about somebody's new movie or music ventures. I want to hear the announcers focus on calling the game.
          Yep, I like 'em
          No, They need to start thinking about replacements
          I don't really care one way or the other
          -11-21-2006, 04:17 AM