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  • Landeta Cut!

    Rams | Stemke Signed - from
    Fri, 26 Nov 2004 11:51:25 -0800

    <A href=""> reports the St. Louis Rams have signed free agent P Kevin Stemke (Redskins). Terms of the deal were undisclosed. Stemke spent the 2002 offseason with the Rams and was in the Washington Redskins' training camp this year.

    Rams | Landeta Cut - from
    Fri, 26 Nov 2004 11:46:05 -0800

    <A href=""> reports the St. Louis Rams have released P Sean Landeta.

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    Re: Landeta Cut!

    This is a major surprise to me. Not that landetta is no longer qualified to punt, but that we would make the move now for a totally unproven guy. I cant believe that landettas performance is a shock to anyone given the fact that he has been kicking since vince lombardi was coaching.

    ramming speed to all

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      Re: Landeta Cut!

      I wonder if this was more about sending a message than anything else.


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        Re: Landeta Cut!

        It was a suprise to me. Not that he's been doing great as much as up until last week we hadn't heard any rumblings about that being an issue from Martz. I wonder if Landeta had been warned previously. GC makes a good point about the new punter being unproven. Does anyone know his history and stats? Hope it doesn't come back to bite us. If Landeta could kick it out of bounds or at least tackle he may have had a chance. :redface:

        At least we know that special teams is finally getting some attention. Let's hope there are more adjustments to come that will prove effective.
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          Re: Landeta Cut!

          Oh sure...blame the punter.


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            Re: Landeta Cut!

            Does anyone know which nursing home to send cards and letters to? :redface:


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              Re: Landeta Cut!

              Thanks for the This Just In news, avenger.

              Perhaps it IS about "sending a message" but in addition, I hope we improve somewhat on punting. Special Teams must improve NOW.

              As for the decision, it's one of those 'damn if you do', 'ditto if you don't' moves. Let's just hope Stemke establishes himself as reliable.

              I wonder what it's like to be present during the actual cut; what the body language might have been with the parties involved. Sean Landeta probably had already considered the possibilities.

              Thank you for your services, Sean (twice with the Rams). I mean it.


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                Re: Landeta Cut!

                While I concede Landeta has not been punting his best sounds like a "scapegoat of the week" scenario to me.
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                  Re: Landeta Cut!

                  Good point on the message avenger. However, i think that landettas hang time, or lack thereof, has been a significant contributor to the punt coverage issues. I am not blaming all the problems on him, but its a lot easier to replace the punter than to replace the 10 other guys trying to make the tackles.

                  Think about how many times it seems like the punt returner is catching the ball and running forward before our guys get to him. A good portion of that HAS to be the hang time from the punter. If landetta wasnt a 50 year vet, i think he would have been cut a while ago. He has gotten the benefit of the doubt long, long past the point where there was any real doubt as to the current level of his skills. He did have one great game this year, but his time had come. the real issue at this point is whether the replacement solves any of the problems.

                  general counsel


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                    Kevin Stemke, P, St. Louis Rams 2004

                    Ironically, this youngster was born in GB and the Packers had considered him for their punter!

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                      Re: Kevin Stemke, P, St. Louis Rams 2004

                      Originally posted by RealRam
                      Ironically, this youngster was born in GB and the Packers had considered him as their punter!

                      You barely beat me to this....LOL

                      I was just getting ready to post this link myself. I wonder if this move was made BECAUSE he is from Wisconsin and wants to show the Packers what they passed over. Very interesting how this will play out.
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                        Re: Landeta Cut!

                        BTW, Ms MOM, I had to edit/modify the link (also here in this post).



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                          Re: Landeta Cut!

                          Hi Mom, are you new or were were you previously apart of Ramsfamily?

                          I can't say Landeta was the problem as zigzag has pointed out. But, he hasn't really been a strong point of our special teams either.

                          That may help, but, its our punt and kick coverage that really needs a kick in the arse. What will MM do to get that under control? Something needs to be addressed there big time.

                          Go Rams!!!


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                            Re: Landeta Cut!

                            [QUOTE=viper3]Hi Mom, are you new or were were you previously apart of Ramsfamily?[QUOTE]

                            Yup, that is the very opinionated little woman...she wanted to make sure her opinions, etc., were known as her own. She is VERY passionate about her football, and wanted to make sure everyone knows it!


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                              Re: Landeta Cut!

                              Apparently when this was announced, Martz was quoted as saying "This was a very hard decision. Sean has been like a father to me."


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                                -09-05-2004, 04:58 AM
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                                Notes about the Game today.
                                by psycho9985
                                Inside Slant | Notes and Quotes | Strategy and Personnel
                                Coach Mike Martz is adamant that the club's special teams will improve, despite the numerous problems that occurred in San Francisco in the season opener.

                                "Oh, I'm very confident. This is going to work fine," he said. "This guy that is coaching the special teams (Bob Ligashesky) is outstanding. He is very superior, and I really, truly mean that. This guy is special. We have some young guys that need to step up that haven't. We trusted them in a vital role and they didn't play well. We will replace them with some veterans if we have to. But that is their role. That is their job. I don't care who is coaching or what team they are on. They have to step up and make plays."
                                Asked about rookies adjusting to regular-season intensity, Martz said, "They get sunburned on the roof of their mouth. Even for guys that have been playing in the league for a long time, when you get out of the preseason and you play that first game, especially a division game, that has a lot of chemistry to it, there is a lot of electricity in the air. It's fast, it's really fast, and they have to get used to it."
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                                --RT Rex Tucker injured his calf against San Francisco and will be out an undetermined amount of time. Tucker was wearing a boot in practice Wednesday, and could miss a few weeks.
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                                --G Claude Terrell was inactive for his first NFL game Sunday, but could be in uniform this week because of the injury suffered by OT Rex Tucker.
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                                GAME PLAN: Offensively, the Rams will try to run the ball better than they did against San Francisco and build a lead so they don't have to call 65 pass plays.
                                On defense, after stopping the ***** ground game, the Rams will try to do the same against Arizona, which struggled running in the opener against the Giants
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                                Rams RT Blaine Saipaia vs. Cardinals DLE Chike Okeafor - Assuming Saipaia gets the start at right tackle, he will have to handle the non-stop motor of Okeafor. That's a matchup the ornery Saipaia should be OK with. However, the Cardinals could flip-flop their ends and have Bertrand Berry play some...
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                                2. ramdez 68.06%
                                3. slchicken 67.37%
                                4. sprtsmac 67.37%
                                5. The-Great-Bison 65.98%
                                6. StlouisRams 65.98%
                                7. ramsin99 63.89%
                                8. Dvdb 63.64%
                                9. Shale 63.2%
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