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What Could Have Been, What Should Have Been.....

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  • What Could Have Been, What Should Have Been.....

    I posted this as a response to the "no talent" thread, but I wanted to get everyone's input on how you think the last 3-4 drafts have gone and what you might think the problem is.

    I personally think it has to do with the HC and the FO not knowing how to scout talent, especially on the defensive side of the ball. offensive side is no better. remember Trung Canidate and Lamar Gordon? and let's not forget the Eric Crouch and Steve Bellisari experiments.

    MM and the whole FO has no idea how to scout talent ( except for Jackson this year which was a no brainer ).

    for me, it goes back to the 2001 draft when we had (3) 1st round draft picks.

    they chose:

    D. Lewis- 51 tackles & 7.5 sacks
    A. Archuleta- 208 tackles, 10.5 sacks, & 2 int's
    R. Pickett- 105 tackles & 3 sacks

    here are the guys we could have drafted:

    M. Stroud- 132 tackles & 15 sacks
    N. Clements- 188 tackles, 15 sacks & 14 int's
    K. Jenkins- 110 tackles & 15 sacks
    K. Lucas- 205 tackles & 9 int's
    K. Bell- 193 tackles & 18 sacks

    Stroud went right after the Rams drafted Lewis.
    Clements went right after the Rams drafted Archuleta.
    Lucas & Bell went after Pickett.
    Jenkins went after Polley.

    if MM and the rest of the FO knew how to scout talent, the Rams should have ended up with:

    StL- 12th pick-1st round- Marcus Stroud- DT
    StL- 20th pick-1st round- Nate Clements- CB
    StL- 29th pick-1st round- Kendrell Bell- ILB
    StL- 42nd pick-2nd round- Kris Jenkins- DT

    now I know hind sight is 20/20 and the draft is sometimes a crap shoot. but if you have personnel who know how to do your homework, mistakes like this are not made in this magnitude.

    you want to know why NE is so good? look at their draft and the way the go about FA's. they do not miss too many picks.

    it goes back to the guys running the show, like it or not.

    as an additional note, the 2002 1st round pick was not any better.

    StL- 31st pick-1st round- Robert Thomas- OLB
    Career stats- 116 tackles & 2 sacks

    going 143rd pick-5th round- Scott Fujita- OLB
    Career stats- 190 tackles, 9 sacks & 1 int.

    do you see a pattern here?

    2003 draft

    StL- 12th pick-1st round- Jimmy Kennedy- DT
    if they would have drafted right in 2001, they wouldn't have needed a DT. therefore, they could have traded with Seattle to get Trufant or any other position.

    enough said!!

    your thoughts?
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    Re: What Could Have Been, What Should Have Been.....

    I thought Elacky posted this in the other thread sorry lakerram. You have done a lot of work here to prove a point. I would think this should be apparent to everyone however by the looks of the responses in that thread it is obvious that it is not. As stated before, you could have gone back another year when the rams saw fit to draft Trung Canidate.


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      Re: What Could Have Been, What Should Have Been.....

      I didn't mention the 2000 draft because they were coming off a Superbowl win and nobody knew how bad that defense really was. looking back on that draft, I wouldn't mind having Mike Brown on the team ( he went in the 2nd round ).


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        Re: What Could Have Been, What Should Have Been.....

        I think one thing has to be considered when talking about drafting players.
        Lovie was a new DC back in 2001, and installing a new system. They drafted players that would fit his scheme, speed players. Perhapse those players that lakerams listed were not considered to be a good fit for the cover 2.

        Adm. William "Bull" Halsey


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          Re: What Could Have Been, What Should Have Been.....

          Great points lake..........


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            Re: What Could Have Been, What Should Have Been.....


            I thought you were supposed to take the best guy available at the position? also, these guys have speed otherwise they wouldn't have better stats than the guys they drafted.


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              Re: What Could Have Been, What Should Have Been.....

              This is an example of misleading with fact. You can take any team's drafts and play the "here is who they could have drafted" game to make their drafts look bad.

              Heck, every team in the league passed up on London Fletcher... several times.


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                Re: What Could Have Been, What Should Have Been.....

                Barry has an interesting article on Gridiron Gateway right now that talks about this some what. He basically says that the cap and poor luck is what's caused the decline of Rams linebackers, considering the cap was responsible for us not being able to keep London Fletcher and Mark Fields and also mentioned how the Rams were prepared to take Kevin Bullocks and Dan Morgan in 2000 and 2001 respectively but they went right before the Rams could pick. Interesting stuff.