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There Is Nothing Wrong With Your Monitor. You Are Seeing Some Apologists Get It.

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  • There Is Nothing Wrong With Your Monitor. You Are Seeing Some Apologists Get It.

    Naturally at the forefront of this phenomenon is Bernie
    Naturally he is helping to create another problem.

    Look out because it has finally arrived and many Rams Fans and sports writers have been slapped up side the head with the inevitable reality that us “separatists” have been warning them about for the better part of half a decade.

    The leader of the Martz apologists is now squawking about wasted draft choices, lack of motivation, hiring of coaches, A decline in talent and has them jumping off the Martz bandwagon right and left.

    Indeed. At a time he should be behind Coach Martz for finally getting it and at least trying to head in the right direction he's got fans jumping overboard throwing the baby out with the bath water and looking at only half the picture again. Forget the fact that the Rams are 5 - 5 and only one game out of the division lead and a great shot at a wild card spot. No lets now start drumming up the past. Even though it is 3-4-5 years to late because duh! Some of us are just now getting it.

    Its amazing how a win loss record can fool the minds of so many fans. Dedicated and loyal fans that spend oodles of time reading everything about the team they can get their hands on only to go back to the win loss record for their final thoughts and opinions regarding the state of the team.

    Hey McFly er Bernie what’s the plan now? Running Martz out of town to Coordinate another offense with the possibility of coaching another NFL team this time with the correct vision on how to do things? Wonderful idea and perfectly in step with the nauseating way you hold the Win Loss record as the end all be all in a coaches achievement.

    Realizing that the granite skulled bernie will never read this and even some of us here may still not get what us separatists have been warning about, I will continue trying to get through because it is important now that you support Martz and not jump ship when he is finally starting to see how to steer the ship on the correct course and though the ship is leaking it has not yet sunk.

    For Christ sakes what will it hurt to support him throughout the remainder of the year. Its not as if were going to waste a team stocked with talent to which the NFL has never seen!

    There were probably several coaches that could have come in and saved this team from underachieving once upon a time however there isn’t anybody that can do any better with this team three quarters of the way through the season so let’s see what transpires between now and week 17. And once again keep your eyes on something other then the W/L record.

    Take a look at our favorite fat faced columnist that has been misleading the bandwagon about Martz while he heads for the life raft.. You may not recall what he looks like because he has had his lips planted squarely on Martz's ass for several years now.

    Hey Stein! ya you Bernie! The decline in talent was inevitable. Even if we had not been so inept in the draft the talent level was going to come down from what it was in 1999 - 2000. The Rams were stocked with talent some of it came by good drafting some by good signings however quite frankly the reason the Rams suddenly had an onslaught of talent was because of Tony banks. Yes you can credit Tony banks for the Rams talent pool because for years he did a great job at disguising it. Phony Clanks assured that even the greatest of talent would go undetected so no teams looked towards the Rams free agents during the off season's further adding to the talent pool.

    The feel good story people cling to believe that the Rams and Dick Vermeil pulled off an unprecedented trade in acquiring Marshall Faulk out foxing the Colts and the Saints however a closer look while applying common sense shows a more believable story. Faulk was traded by the Colts for salary cap reasons not to mention they had Edgrin James to take over Faulk’s roster spot. The reason he was traded to the Rams is simple. The Rams were the losingest team of the 1990’s, they were not in the Colts division and furthermore they were not in the same conference. Make sense? Now lets look and see what talent the Rams already had under contract in 1998 when the Rams went 4 - 12.
    Orlando Pace
    Ricky Proehl
    Kurt Warner
    Isaac Bruce
    Az-Zahir Hakim
    Tony Horne
    Ernie Conwell
    Roland Williams
    Jeff Wilkins
    Kevin Carter
    Mike Jones
    Jeff Robinson
    London Fletcher
    Leonard Little
    Fred Miller
    Tom Nutten
    Mike Gruttadauria
    Robert Holcombe
    Rick Tuten
    Grant Wistrom
    Ryan Tucker
    Wayne Gandy
    Mitch Jacoby
    John Flannery
    Zach Wiegert
    Ray Agnew
    Todd Lyght
    Charlie Clemons
    Dexter Mccleon
    Mike Scurlock
    Ryan Mcneil
    Gerald Mcburrows

    Now you understand just how Bad Phony Blanks was. There is a lot of talent on that list and only a player of Clanks's calibre could possibly hide it all.

    Many of these players went in free agency because they were good and they all came out of hiding at once. If not for Tony Banks disguising these players with his atrocious play we would not have been able to hide them. So you see it took a bizarre set of circumstances to accumulate this talent nonetheless the Rams were stacked with talent beyond belief then the additions of Faulk, Holt, Bly, Hodgins and a few other less notables gave the Rams perhaps the best collection of talent the NFL has ever seen. So it was inevitable that teams were going to start picking apart the Rams in free agency. I don’t care how well the Rams would have drafted the decline was inevitable. Perhaps now were seeing the light on why some of us were so pissed off at Martz for wasting this talent?
    To be continued…Maybe

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    Looking At The Talent Issue
    by Guest
    Let’s put this into more of a prospective instead of a blanket statement regarding talent. First of all the title of the thread "I don't buy this no talent thing" alludes to the Rams having no talent. When I first replied to that thread I was in the mind-set that “No talent” really meant less talent which is undeniably true.

    Each year you go back, the Rams have been raped for players and we have been so inept in the draft that our talent level has suffered. This does not mean that the Rams defense is without talent, this simply means that our talent is not at the level it was in the past.

    Do I really need to go over each position and compare what we had in talent to what is on the field now? I won’t because I trust that everyone is clear on this. As far as the talent this team has, sure they all have at one time or another shown they can play, however the "one time or another" part is the problem. To say the Rams have all this talent because someone picked up a fumble and scampered 40 yards for a td six weeks ago or because someone had a sack or two in one game out of 9 is reaching as far as declaring that player has as much talent as someone who played that position in the past.

    One thing we all seem to agree on is what really ails the rams and that is motivation. Where I disagree is I think Martz is finally trying to address this problem albeit it may be too late but he is putting emphasis on being ready and fired up something he has shunned in the past. This has been my gripe since 2000 and while many pointed to the Rams W/L record as proof that I was full of it, I denounced the Rams achievements as underachievement.

    Martz fell into a crop of talent like no other coach I can remember and because of the tremendous talent the Rams had, the Underachievement during his rein has gone unnoticed by many. This of course is why you cannot simply look at the W/L record as the end all be all as far as how good a coach is.

    Now what you’re seeing is the inauguration of Martz into the parity level where coaches have to get at least the potential out of the players that he has and if he is worth his salt should be able to get more. What Martz is learning is he cannot get to these levels without motivation.

    Some believe that the Rams were the model of motivation because they won in the past now suddenly Martz cannot motivate them anymore. Wrong. This team under Martz has ignored motivation and now you’re seeing the alarm go off because now that the Rams possess talent equal to other teams in the league and far less then in the recent past the inevitable has become reality.

    To make matters worse he has hired a DC that has never shown that he can motivate a defense. Martz has now put the onus on himself to get the team motivated because he sees that there is nobody in the organization capable of doing it. Can he do it? Can he pull...
    -11-25-2004, 10:46 PM
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    The Fire Within
    by Guest

    Congruence: The relationship between your words and your actions.
    Walk your talk.

    Talent is necessary however motivation is the fire that begins from a smoldering ember. Without fanning the ember into a flame, that ember will continue to smolder. The Rams have shown a smoldering ember that is capable of roaring into a bonfire. This was apparent in the final minutes of the Seattle game, in San Diego two years ago and against San Francisco in the final Monday Night football game of that same season.

    So what fanned those flames into bonfires within each of the players on those days? My guess is embarrassment. Embarrassed due to being apart of a grossly underachieving team.

    What fanned the flames of the New England Patriots when they upset the heavily favored Rams in the Superbowl? My guess is urgency.

    I also theorize that someone on that team (Probably Belichick) saw the urgency and implored that urgency throughout the entire squad.

    It seems that Mike Martz has recently discovered that talent alone is not enough. It took the Rams to drop to the parity level as far as talent before he emphasized the importance of getting his team up for games.

    Only after the loss in Miami did he come out and talk about intensity with intensity. I don’t know if anyone else has realized this but the recent articles from the Post Dispatch along with “Martz on the Mike“have shown a noticeable escalation in Martz talking about being up and ready for games.

    It looks as if he has discovered a new tool in coaching and is now going through the adolescent stages of applying it.

    What I am refering to when I say "adolescent stages" is hitting on Wednesday before the Seahawk game which to Mike Martz is what fanned the ember into a flame.

    I think Martz believed that it was the hitting that motivated the team. I believe it was more then that. I think the team was responding to Martz’s intensity more then the hitting itself and that intensity is what carried over into the game against Seattle.

    My feeling is that Martz may have put to much emphasis on the hitting and never realized that it was his own intensity and urgency that fanned the ember into a roaring fire.

    In sum Mike Martz may have had the illusion that all he had to do to get his team up was hit on Wednesday; not realizing the intensity he himself brought on the prior Week.

    I know there are a lot of fans here on the board that measure everything by wins and losses. This was oh so very apparent during the Warner Bulger debates. At that time, I was not compelled to look at the W/L column to base my feelings on. I saw a very good QB that looked to be getting a bum rap and I saw another QB that had great potential who probably felt as bad for Warner as anyone did.

    -11-23-2004, 05:24 AM
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    by Guest
    As thankful I am of the Rams home and the Rams fans in St. Louis I am conversly discusted by the ball less, sackless columnist and reporters that slither their way into the PD offices looking for anything they can write about which keeps them from having to do any real work. Yes tabloid bile.

    Am I the only one not in sync? Why am I always the one on the flip side of the coin? Is it really cool and funny for Post Dispatch reporters to be taking pot shots at Martz and the Rams? Here we have an injury depleted not very talented football team trying to stay afloat and now the PD brain trust feel like it’s a good time to take pot shots at them. Obviously right in step with their sub-human ways of not sacking up when it really counts. Its safe now to take these pot shots because we know the Rams are not a very good team and Ergo Martz is not as good as many believed. Why the hell these guys get paid to write the obvious is a mystery to me and I for one would like to see if the PD has enough sack to hire a reporter that can look past one Sunday’s performance for their opinion. So here’s to Bernie, Jeff, and Bryan. Way to hit a team when they are down, when a coach is looking under every stone, in dark alleys and in rat infested slums for anything any place to find an anchor point where he can begin rebuilding his teams confidence from. So continue to write your tabloid bile tearing it down as fast or faster then it can be prepared. But hey it sells papers doesn’t it?
    -12-06-2004, 06:44 PM
  • RamWraith
    Martz deserves his due for years of Rams success
    by RamWraith
    By Bryan Burwell

    I wonder what Mike Martz must be thinking right now as he sits out there on the West Coast quietly observing from a distance the long-overdue power shift unfolding at Rams Park.

    Is he smiling or cursing?

    Is he feeling some measure of vindication, or does it hurt too much to feel any satisfaction from a justifiable "I told you so"?

    I bring this up now because I remember an enlightening conversation we had more than three years ago, just before the start of his sixth and final season as the Rams' head coach. We sat in his office on the second floor of the team training facility, and as Martz sat on a soft leather couch with the windows to the practice fields behind him, he told me an incredible story. He said conspirators, saboteurs and incompetent meddlers were surrounding him and they were all plotting to get him fired.

    He told me that they would destroy him unless, of course, he destroyed them first.

    At the time I remember thinking, "Whoa, is this dude paranoid."

    Almost immediately though, I thought something else, having been around Rams Park long enough to observe the way things worked around there. "Yeah, he might be paranoid, but that still doesn't mean someone's not out to get him."

    Martz was the first man inside Rams Park who articulated perfectly just how dysfunctional things were behind that glittering glass and chrome entrance. And now he's coming back to town this weekend as the offensive coordinator of the San Francisco *****. But in reality, he is still a head-coach-in-exile. Seeing him on an NFL sideline marching to someone else's orders just doesn't feel right.

    If only the Rams Park environment was different back then. If only Martz had been surrounded by strong football men he respected and trusted, who knows how much different the recent history of the team might be? If only there were smart football men in charge back then like there are now. Maybe then someone could have saved the eccentric Martz from his own worst instincts and insulated him from the destructive office politics. And who knows? He might still be a head coach and the franchise would never have fallen on such tough times.

    But that opportunity was lost in his final days here, when his brilliant and turbulent stay ended with an unceremonious firing. Since then, Martz has been a vagabond, peddling his creative X's and O's from town to town, team to team, hoping that one day his image as a true football genius will again be restored.

    I hope it happens. But if he still has head coaching in his blood, I doubt if he will ever get another chance to prove himself in the NFL. What happened here probably left a permanent scar in the minds of too many team owners, presidents and general managers.

    But that...
    -12-19-2008, 05:16 AM
  • RamWraith
    Lots of The Bernie
    by RamWraith
    BernieM wrote:
    I'll try to break it down for you, saintloser....

    last week Rams played the 31st run defense in the NFL .... and didn't run....and didn't play Steven Jackson.

    This week they line up against the 11th run defense in the NFL ... and make a determined effort to run....and go 73 yards for a TD in 10 running plays ... with JACKSON AND FAULK SHARING THE LOAD.

    (In other words: (A) team is capable of running; (B) Jackson and Faulk can be used with great effectiveness; it doesn't have to be one or the other.

    So this would lead a reasonable mind to wonder ... why didn't the Rams -- with a bad QB at the helm no less -- try to run it at Arizona last week? It just reveals what a horrible, flawed gameplan they had in Arizona.

    Got it?



    BernieM wrote:

    the line is doing a terrific job, opening holes, and pushing the Eagles inside on those outside-design runs.

    You can see the difference....

    Faulk has the holes, and he's been productive, with 7 carries for 38 yards so far. But with the same set of circumstances, Jackson is going off, with 9 carries for 100 yards. He's able to bust it loose and take it down the field.

    Faulk does look better tonight than he has in a while.


    BernieM wrote:
    Marshall can be a useful spot player..... as long as he's willing to accept the role.


    BernieM wrote:
    at the Edward Jones Dome....said it's disgraceful...and needs to be replaced, the sooner the better....he's been pushing for it...asked the media to make it an issue. (upset over injuries, concussion to Cleeland, and the late-game injury to the Philly player, Thomas Tapeh)...

    also.... Martz says Bulger has been hurt all season (shoulder) and that no one knew about it....says the shoulder has been sore since the first game of the season .... and that the two weeks off helped make it stronger.


    BernieM wrote:
    Sorry, but I don't rip coaches who go 12-4 and squeeze wins out of a team in transition, as Martz did last season.

    Say what you want, think what you want, insult me, whatever.

    Won't change my mind. Martz did a helluva job in 2003.

    This year his coaching has been pretty bad.

    As I've said before, I don't dumb myself down just to appease a mob. I write columns based on what's happening and what I know to be true.

    Coaches and managers have good seasons and bad seasons, just as players do. Witness La Russa and Baker in 2003 and 2004. They basically switched places in terms of their respective performances from 2003 to 2004.

    Cheers, ...
    -12-31-2004, 04:52 AM