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Important Games For The Rams. This Week

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  • Important Games For The Rams. This Week

    Rams Over Green Bay
    Buffalo Over Seahawks
    Jacksonville Over Minnesota.
    Phily Over Giants
    Atlanta Over New Orleans
    Jets Over Cardinals
    Carolina Over Tampa
    Miami Over San Francisco ( Just Because)
    Baltimore Over New England( Just Because)
    Dallas Over Chicago (Couldn't Hurt)

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    Re: Important Games For The Rams. This Week

    Buffalo takes a 7-0 lead over the Hawks!

    Uh oh!!!!! ITS A STAMPEDE!!!!!


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      Re: Important Games For The Rams. This Week

      As of 3:47 CST:

      Rams Over Green Bay NOT YET
      Buffalo Over Seahawks BUF 7-0
      Jacksonville Over Minnesota NOPE
      Phily Over Giants DONE
      Atlanta Over New Orleans ATL 14-0
      Jets Over Cardinals TIED
      Carolina Over Tampa DONE
      Miami Over San Francisco ( Just Because) MIA 7-0
      Baltimore Over New England( Just Because) TIED
      Dallas Over Chicago (Couldn't Hurt) DONE


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      • Aries51
        NFL Pre-Season Schedule
        by Aries51
        2005 preseason week-by-week schedule

        American Bowl: Aug. 6

        Atlanta vs. Indianapolis (ESPN2/ESPN)

        Hall of Fame Game: Aug. 8

        Chicago vs. Miami (ABC)

        Week 1: Aug. 11-15

        San Diego at Green Bay (ESPN, Aug. 11)
        Philadelphia at Pittsburgh (ESPN, Aug. 15)
        Baltimore at Atlanta
        Kansas City at Minnesota
        Chicago at St. Louis
        Dallas at Arizona
        Denver at Houston
        Detroit at New York Jets
        Seattle at New Orleans
        Miami at Jacksonville
        New York Giants at Cleveland
        New England at Cincinnati
        Oakland at San Francisco
        Buffalo at Indianapolis
        Tampa Bay at Tennessee
        Washington at Carolina

        Week 2: Aug. 18-22

        New Orleans at New England (FOX, Aug. 18)
        Minnesota at New York Jets (CBS, Aug. 19)
        Dallas at Seattle (ABC, Aug. 22)
        Arizona at Kansas City
        Philadelphia at Baltimore
        Carolina at New York Giants
        Chicago at Indianapolis
        Cincinnati at Washington
        Cleveland at Detroit
        Green Bay at Buffalo
        Jacksonville at Tampa Bay
        Miami at Pittsburgh
        Oakland at Houston
        St. Louis at San Diego
        San Francisco at Denver
        Tennessee at Atlanta

        Week 3: Aug. 25-29

        Atlanta at Jacksonville (ESPN, Aug. 25)
        Pittsburgh at Washington (FOX, Aug. 26)
        Indianapolis at Denver (CBS, Aug. 27)
        St. Louis at Detroit (ABC, Aug. 29)
        Arizona at Oakland
        Baltimore at New Orleans
        Buffalo at Chicago
        Cincinnati at Philadelphia
        New England at Green Bay
        Houston at Dallas
        Carolina at Cleveland
        New York Jets at New York Giants
        San Diego at Minnesota
        Seattle at Kansas City
        Tampa Bay at Miami
        Tennessee at San Francisco

        Week 4: Sept. 1-2

        Atlanta at Miami
        Cleveland at Chicago
        Denver at Arizona
        Detroit at Buffalo
        Green Bay at Tennessee
        Houston at Tampa Bay
        Indianapolis at Cincinnati
        Jacksonville at Dallas
        Kansas City at St. Louis
        Minnesota at Seattle
        New Orleans at Oakland
        New York Giants at New England
        New York Jets at Philadelphia
        Pittsburgh at Carolina
        San Francisco at San Diego
        Washington at Baltimore
        -03-16-2005, 03:53 PM
      • MOM
        ***MOCK GAMBLING***BYE WEEK 9***AugustaRam still on top!
        by MOM
        For the bonuses last week, I am having to do some hair splitting, and technicality stuff. I know.....BOOOOOO

        1. Jags had more yards, so that one is cut and dry.
        2. Due to the two times that the Jags turned the ball over on downs, those will count as turnovers. When we add in the fumble and the lone INT, the Rams had a turnover ratio of +1. Jamie Martin was picked off 3 times, no fumbles, and no failed 4th down attempts.
        3. The wording of this one is now bothering me. Furrey DID have a nice fumble recovery, but since it was not made at a time when no one could challenge the call, and the fact that it was not run in for a TD, I have to conclude that it was not a "sneaky grab like last Sunday".
        4. Another easy one as Marshall had 6 rushes for 23 yards.

        If anyone has questions on these, feel free to PM me, and I will be glad to talk to you one on one.

        To the two newcomers: I started each of you out with $75. Welcome aboard! Anyone else wishing to join is more than welcome to do so, but will start with a $50 bank, starting this week. Good luck, guys!!!

        Now for the standings:

        1. AugustaRam $780
        2. laram0 $580
        3. psycho9985 $565
        4. PandaRam $500
        5. Scidog68 $470
        6. theodus69 $460
        7. viper3 $435
        8. AvengerRam $430
        9. Chiledog $385
        10. thoey $380
        10. MOM $380
        12. jjsram $330
        13. majorram $325
        14. HUbison $310
        15. ramstiles $260
        16. sprtsmac $250
        16. Black Hills Ramman $250
        18. JackieSlater $240
        18. OldRamsFan1 $240
        20. RamWraith $235
        21. ramsfan1975 $230
        22. ram3057 $215
        23. RammieGirl $200
        24. STLRAMSFAN $180
        25. BigGameHolt $170
        26. cowboyhater $164
        27. wttrash2 $110
        28. txramsfan $100
        28. talkstoangels61 $100
        30. DJRamsFan $75
        30. jkramsfan $75
        32. rampower $70
        33. FargoRamFan $50
        34. Hoggfather $40
        35. Ferter $25
        35. RamDez $25
        37. supachump $10
        38. OrlandoPaceIsMyHero $1
        39. adarian too $0
        39. RAMMAN68 $0

        There is no game to bet on this week, so it will be bonuses only.....

        Pick the winner of each game. Each correct guess is worth $10

        1. Atlanta @ Miami
        2. Carolina @ Tampa Bay
        3. Cincinnati @ Baltimore
        4. Detroit @ Minnesota
        5. Houston @ Jacksonville
        6. Oakland @ Kansas City
        7. San Diego @ NY Jets
        8. Tennessee @ Cleveland
        9. Chicago @ New Orleans/Baton Rouge
        10. NY Giants @ San Francisco
        11. Seattle @ Arizona
        12. Pittsburgh @ Green Bay
        13. Philadelphia @ Washington
        14. Indy @ New England
        -10-31-2005, 09:47 AM
      • r8rh8rmike
        NFL Network Preseason Schedule - Rams/Jets LIVE Aug 14
        by r8rh8rmike
        Monday, August 10

        Buffalo Bills at Tennessee Titans (9am)

        Thursday, August 13

        New England Patriots at Philadelphia Eagles (11pm)

        Friday, August 14

        Dallas Cowboys at Oakland Raiders (2am)
        Washington Redskins at Baltimore Ravens (3pm)
        St. Louis Rams at New York Jets (7pm)*
        Denver Broncos at San Francisco ***** (10pm) *

        Saturday, August 15

        Minnesota Vikings at Indianapolis Colts (1am)
        Cincinnati Bengals at New Orleans Saints (7am)
        Arizona Cardinals at Pittsburgh Steelers (1pm)
        Atlanta Falcons at Detroit Lions (4pm)*
        Chicago Bears at Buffalo Bills (7pm)*
        Seattle Seahawks at San Diego Chargers (10pm)*

        Sunday, August 16

        Cleveland Browns at Green Bay Packers (1am)
        Houston Texans at Kansas City (10am)
        Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Tennessee Titans (1pm)

        Monday, August 17

        Jacksonville Jaguars at Miami Dolphins (11pm)

        Wednesday, August 19

        Carolina Panthers at New York Giants (1pm)

        Thursday, August 20

        Cincinnati Bengals at New England Patriots (11pm)

        Friday, August 21

        Philadelphia Eagles at Indianapolis Colts (1pm)
        Kansas City Chiefs at Minnesota Vikings (1pm)

        Saturday, August 22

        Atlanta Falcons at St. Louis Rams (2am)
        Tennessee Titans at Dallas Cowboys (1pm)
        Pittsburgh Steelers at Washington Redskins (7:30pm)*
        Denver Broncos at Seattle Seahawks (10:30pm)*

        Sunday, August 23

        San Diego Chargers at Arizona Cardinals (1:30am)
        Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Jacksonville Jaguars (7am)
        Detroit Lions at Cleveland Browns (10am)
        Carolina Panthers at Miami Dolphins (1pm)
        Buffalo Bills at Green Bay Packers (4pm)
        New York Giants at Chicago Bears (7pm)
        Oakland Raiders at San Francisco ***** (10pm)

        Monday, August 24

        New Orleans Saints at Houston Texans (1am)

        Wednesday, August 26

        New York Jets at Baltimore Ravens (1pm)

        Thursday, August 27

        Jacksonville Jaguars at Philadelphia Eagles (11pm)

        Friday, August 28

        St. Louis Rams at Cincinnati Bengals (2am)
        Miami Dolphins at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1pm)

        Saturday, August 29

        Green Bay Packers at Arizona Cardinals (1am)
        New England Patriots at Washington Redskins (7am)
        Indianapolis Colts at Detroit Lions (1pm)*
        New Orleans at Oakland Raiders (4pm)*
        Seattle Seahawks at Kansas City Chiefs (11pm)

        Sunday, August 30

        Baltimore Ravens at Carolina Panthers (7am)
        New York Jets at New York Giants (10am)
        Buffalo Bills at Pittsburgh Steelers (1pm)
        San Francisco 49s at Dallas Cowboys...
        -07-18-2009, 05:47 PM
      • MauiRam
        Are the Rams Pikers?
        by MauiRam
        From USA Today:

        Teams Total Payrolls

        New York Giants $ 137,638,866
        Miami Dolphins $ 126,855,921
        Houston Texans $ 122,573,860
        New Orleans Saints $ 121,552,424
        Chicago Bears $ 120,672,110
        New York Jets $ 120,168,770
        Pittsburgh Steelers $ 119,604,460
        Arizona Cardinals $ 116,701,866
        San Diego Chargers $ 115,264,155
        Green Bay Packers $ 114,597,569
        Carolina Panthers $ 112,738,038
        Buffalo Bills $ 111,956,066
        Oakland Raiders $ 111,527,250
        Baltimore Ravens $ 109,200,157
        Tennessee Titans $ 109,025,090
        San Francisco ***** $ 107,746,232
        Washington Redskins $ 105,049,071
        Jacksonville Jaguars $ 103,558,989
        Philadelphia Eagles $ 102,490,815
        Denver Broncos $ 102,043,735
        Indianapolis Colts $ 101,203,115
        Minnesota Vikings $ 99,806,040
        New England Patriots $ 97,565,413
        Detroit Lions $ 95,963,320
        Atlanta Falcons $ 95,492,002
        Cincinnati Bengals $ 94,591,308
        Cleveland Browns $ 93,932,182
        Dallas Cowboys $ 90,650,939
        Seattle Seahawks $ 89,075,820
        Tampa Bay Buccaneers $ 84,501,322
        Kansas City Chiefs $ 83,187,156
        St. Louis Rams $ 62,384,821

        Oh well .. I guess we got our money's worth ...
        -01-16-2010, 06:01 PM
      • MOM
        Sacks allowed totals after 4 games
        by MOM
        1. Green Bay 20
        2. Buffalo 16
        3. Cleveland 13
        3. Kansas City 13
        3. Miami 13
        3. San Francisco 13
        7. Detroit 10
        7. Pittsburgh 10
        7. San Diego 10
        7. St. Louis 10
        11. Carolina 9
        11. Cincinnati 9
        11. Minnesota 9
        11. NY Jets 9
        11. Oakland 9
        11. Seattle 9
        11. Washington 9
        18. Chicago 8
        18. Dallas 8
        18. Houston 8
        21. Arizona 7
        21. Jacksonville 7
        23. Denver 6
        24. Baltimore 5
        24. Tampa Bay 5
        24. Tennessee 5
        27. New England 4*
        27. New Orleans 4
        29. NY Giants 3
        29. Philadelphia 3
        31. Atlanta 2
        31. Indianapolis 2

        A couple of notes:

        If the Rams had allowed 2 fewer sacks, they would be in the middle of the pack instead of being at the very top of the list like last year. Evidence of improvement!

        The asterisk next to the sack total for New England is there because it would have been higher if the game against Baltimore had been called properly and fairly.
        -10-08-2009, 08:15 AM