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What WOULDN'T ESPN Do For Favre?

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  • What WOULDN'T ESPN Do For Favre?

    Are you ready for a love-fest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Proclaim him Supreme Lord and Master of the Universe.
    Declare him to be more popular than Jesus.
    Buff his backside with an ESPN The Magazine Fleece.
    Call Him The Toughest Human Ever.
    Mention him at every moment possible until we vomit.
    Opine that he really was the star of "There's Something About Mary."
    There's NOTHING they won't do for him tonight - except block!!!

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    Re: What WOULDN'T ESPN Do For Favre?

    Originally posted by AvengerRam
    Are you ready for a love-fest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I think you mean ABC, but all of that will basically happen. I enjoy Favre and Vick but I really wish announcers would quit acting like those guys NEVER had a single player worth a damn on their teams and they're the only players worth speaking about. That applies to Favre more than Vick but it makes me sick anyways.


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      Re: What WOULDN'T ESPN Do For Favre?

      Actually, ESPN and ABC are the same company (Disney). I was thinking more of the pregame show and Sportscenter, but you're right, the ABC commentators will do the same.


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        Re: What WOULDN'T ESPN Do For Favre?

        Favre can't be crowned Master of the Universe until he goes head to head with He-Man.


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          Re: What WOULDN'T ESPN Do For Favre?

          The question is, what would ESPN do if they could only kiss the backside of one person? Would it be Favre or one of the Niner Quadumvirant (Walsh, Montana, Young, Rice)
          The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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          • bigtiger737
            Why Favre
            by bigtiger737
            Over and over and over every off season there is brett Favre talk. I like favre but seriously.. I just lost 30 min of my life listening to Espn bable on about moronic speculation of favre.. Forgoing weather shaq will retire, forgoing, info on NBA and NHL playoffs for the shot in the dark that maybe, favre will get surgery, and if he does, maybe he will be ok enough to play again, and if so maybe he will want to, and if so maybe he will sign with the vikings. I don't understand what makes this so signifigant. I actually have the same torn tendon in my right arm just like favre and If I had the money I would also get surgery because it is freakin annoying. I couldn't imagine doing the farm work favre is said to love with it. Between him and vick I may take a 2 month break from ESPN I love them but man I am sick of there tired offseason routine. just wondering if anyone is getting to this point as we'll?
            -05-18-2009, 12:12 PM
          • ZiaRam
            Rams contact Favre
            by ZiaRam
            as per Adam Schefter ESPN

            Asccording to Adam Schefter, Rams called 44 y/o Brett Favre to gauge interest in return to NFL after losing QB Sam Bradford to injury. Favre declined.
            -10-24-2013, 04:23 AM
          • RamWraith
            Favre on Hasllett's D
            by RamWraith
            Found this pretty interesting,

            From the Green Bay Press Gazette :...
            -12-17-2007, 04:05 PM
          • RamWraith
            Favre has 'itch' to ditch retirement, report to camp
            by RamWraith
            By Chris Mortensen
            Updated: July 2, 2008, 4:32 PM ET

            With his family "tugging" on him to play, Brett Favre has an "itch" to come out of retirement and report to training camp with the Green Bay Packers later this month, according to sources close to the team and player.

            Favre has communicated his potential desire to coach Mike McCarthy but talks have not advanced to a substantive stage, a Packers source said.

            The source said the Packers would be reluctant to open the door for Favre because "Brett retired for the right reasons, even though I know his family is tugging on him ."

            Another source conceded Favre was "getting the itch" to play football in 2008.

            However, Favre's agent downplayed the likelihood that the quarterback could un-retire or that he was prepared to report to camp July 28.

            "As far as I know, right now, Brett Favre is retired and until he tells me something different, that's what it is," James "Bus" Cook, Favre's agent, said.

            Favre was unavailable for comment. A Packers spokesman said that McCarthy and general manager Ted Thompson were on vacation.

            Favre has two years remaining on his contract at an average of about $12.5 million per season. His salary is not currently counting toward the salary cap because the Packers placed him on the reserve-retired list.

            If Favre decides that he absolutely wants to play this season, the Packers could be confronted with a sensitive issue. The entire offseason has been spent preparing Aaron Rodgers to play quarterback to the point where "the offensive scheme has evolved" and, psychologically, closing the door on Favre's legendary 17-year career.

            If the Packers resist a stronger push by Favre to return, sources speculate that the quarterback could press the team to release him from his contract so that he could seek a job with another team. A league official said that Favre could force a decision by asking the Packers, in writing, to reinstate him to active status. The team would have to comply or release him.

            "That's speculation and I wouldn't go there," a team source said. "We value Brett's legacy, we think he values it, and we'd want to protect that. Brett's a high-quality person and he's not going to push it that far. He'll do the right thing . This was almost predictable, the idea that Brett would get the itch to play as we get closer to the season."

            In an interview done with ESPN around the time Favre retired in early March, McCarthy predicted Favre "will have an itch to come back. I saw Joe Montana go through it, even though I was a younger coach in Kansas City at the time."

            McCarthy said it was Favre who convinced the coach that retirement was the "right thing to do."...
            -07-02-2008, 04:18 PM
          • Chiledog
            Favre Fashion Statement
            by Chiledog
            I missed the game, but saw the pics. What's with the pink shoes?
            -10-11-2009, 01:15 PM