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Rams Still May Make Playoffs - That's A Good Thing, Right?

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  • Rams Still May Make Playoffs - That's A Good Thing, Right?

    Anyone who thinks the Rams are out of it isn't paying attention.

    Next week, the Rams have a home game against San Fran and the Seahawks play Dallas, who could beat them. That would put the Rams in... yes, it sounds aburd but... FIRST PLACE in the NFC West!

    Oh goody.

    Let me preface my the comments that follow with the following statement: I always want the Rams to make the playoffs.

    That said, let's be realistic... even if the Rams make it to the playoffs, they are not going very far.

    If this were an up-and-coming team with little or no playoff experience, I'd say... fine, its good to get your feet wet in the postseason. But that is not the situation.

    Here's my concern: Could making the playoffs simply reinforce the things that are wrong with this team?

    Would it give Mike Martz the ability to convince himself that things are headed in the right direction?

    Would it cause management to keep this defensive unit that simply is not working?

    Would it provide a justification to give aging and unproductive former stars another season as starters?

    As a fan, I always want the Rams to win and to make the playoffs.

    But following this latest debacle, I wonder... maybe it would be better if they didn't.

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    Re: Rams Still May Make Playoffs - That's A Good Thing, Right?

    But following this latest debacle, I wonder... maybe it would be better if they didn't.
    I'd almost agree but I can't just sit back and let the Seahawks win the division.


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      Re: Rams Still May Make Playoffs - That's A Good Thing, Right?

      I hear ya Avenger. I'd really like us to be able to get that LB from Texas, Derrick Johnson. Then I'd also like us to get Ed Hartwell from the Ravens as an FA. That would solve our LB problem real quick along with Pisa.


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        Re: Rams Still May Make Playoffs - That's A Good Thing, Right?

        OH. I'll be realistic! Great team turned know what! Pound the ball and bring in the secondary. Just because this team is supposed to fling the ball all the time doesn't mean you have to do that all the time! Let Jackson get his licks and give him the ball. Martz ' game plan is so obvious all the time now. Fake FG to WILKENS......IIIIIIyacalambochers(new word) They got beat terribly but they were in it most of the way. PATIANTS.....Martz has none!


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          Re: Rams Still May Make Playoffs - That's A Good Thing, Right?

          It comes down to who wants it the least.


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            Re: Rams Still May Make Playoffs - That's A Good Thing, Right?

            I sad before , the heap of the schedule was Buff, GB,& Philly. But to have it handed to them 2 weeks in a row,Not good. No matter how you look at it! A playoff appearance only lengthens this downward spiral! And another "oh Martz got them to the playoffs 4 yrs in a row"Isn't going to set well with me and the few others not afraid to say so. Blinders off Gentlemen, It's time to see the whole track. And it's wet, slippery,& downright sloppy to the end!


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            • tomahawk247
              Am i the only one that thinks it may be better to not make the playoffs?
              by tomahawk247
              I would love to win the division, and would love to get to the playoffs. But this team isnt ready for it. Not at all.

              At the moment the Rams are heading to the playoffs more due to the fact that the rest of the teams in the NFC West have regressed or played awful.

              In a normal year, in a normal division, the Rams would be bottom or third. This team just isnt playoff calibre.

              I don't know anyone who has watched this team, especially in recent weeks, could think otherwise.

              Despite this, it would be some feat to win an NFL division with a terrible WR corps, one where the leading receiver has the least yards per catch in NFL history for anyone catching over 60 balls.

              I love this team, but they arent ready for the playoffs.
              -12-21-2010, 05:38 AM
            • HUbison
              I hope the Rams go 4-12.
              by HUbison
              Not exactly. Just thought that might get your attention. Honestly, I don't think the post-season is an option anymore. Here's the NFC, as we speak (or type, you know what I mean):

              1. Seattle 7-2 West
              2. Carolina 7-2 South
              3. Giants 6-3 East
              4. Bears 6-3 North
              5. Falcons 6-3 WC
              6. Bucs 6-3 WC
              7. Cowboys 5-3
              8. Redskins 5-4
              9. Eagles 4-4
              10. Lions 4-5
              11. Vikings 4-5
              12. Rams 4-5

              Granted, that's only 2 games out, but that's a whole lot of teams to leap-frog. Maybe 10-6 makes the playoffs, but it looks like 11-5 will be the only sure thing, and then means running the table for the last 7. Folks, we all saw the game yesterday. As much as I love'em, we don't have a team that can run a 7 game streak.

              In theory
              We should play rookies and experiment from here on out. If there are FAs that we know we're not resigning, keep them off the field. Put guys on the field that we haven't seen much of. Make the final 7 games an incubator to develop our youth for next year. Not to mention, with every loss, we slide up the draft charts.

              In reality
              They're still the Rams, and there is no way, I say again, no way, that I'm going to wish a loss on them.

              My head tells me the season is over, but my heart just ain't listenin'.
              -11-14-2005, 07:29 AM
            • Richbert88
              What would make the season better....
              by Richbert88
              at this point..........even if the RAMs don't make the playoffs?

              Hangin' two L's on the 9ers.
              -10-18-2010, 12:06 PM
            • Ram4Life83
              by Ram4Life83
              Every year around this time I get overly optimistic about how we have to go to the playoffs. The NFC has been weak and will be again, and we certainly have some weapons, and the ability to play with anyone, but I have serious doubts still. Are we still a middle of the road team with no identitiy or are we turning things around?
              -05-07-2007, 11:25 PM
            • theodus69
              It's almost over!!!!!!
              by theodus69
              Well , Looking at what I thought may be a chance season has turned to no chance! I don't want to see this team in the playoffs, It would be an embarassment to us all! Bulger is calm as ever and I feel is getting better and better all the time and that takes alot for me to say if you know how much I disliked the guy for years. And Jackson to is showing why we picked him! He is improving all the time. But the rest of the gang( bruce & Holt aside) this team is terrible! I knew Linny had his work cut out, But this is ridiculus. The Front line on D sucks, Which in turn makes the LB's & DB's look like ****! The Makeshift O-line is a disaster. But I think it all started with the loss of........Yes I must say it, London Fletcher,Anyway, This is still my team and I stand behide them. Even though their ass's suck canal water about right now! But one thing on the bright side, The Bears suck on MONDAYNITE!!!!!!!!We might just turn the corner of this dissmal year and find a bright flower growing in the snow!!!! I just hope it isn't yellow!
              -12-09-2006, 01:42 PM