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A new contovers looming.

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  • A new contovers looming.

    Do you think Marshall will be benched in favor of Jackson?

    If it happens how big will the controversy be?

    Will it be Mashall's Maniac's or will it be Jackson Faction's???????

    I know this is not a very nice topic to start I am sorry.

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    Re: A new contovers looming.

    Marshall will be gone next year. Whether it be by his own doing or the front office.


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      Re: A new contoversy looming.

      Marshall will be gone next year. Whether it be by his own doing or the front office.
      I hope not I hope he accepts his role next year. I think he will be the #2 and will be very effective on 3rd down pass plays.


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        Re: A new contovers looming.

        I think we should set him up to do well against a couple of marshmellow defenses. (Damn I wish we had two more games Vs. SF). Then we get the most we can for him from a team in dire need of a running back. (S.F. anyone?)


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          Re: A new contoversy looming.

          Jackson should be starting now. Faulk has a role as a receiver (another TD anyone - see how confused the D got when MF lined up outside?), but his dipsy-do in the hole isn't cutting it anymore ... he doesn't have the acceleration to make it work any longer. And with as cream-puff as the o-line is, the Rams need a RB to create the hole where there is none. Two back sets and MF in the slot will give Faulk all the dignity he needs to bow out gracefully. But with the playoffs still within reach, this is no time for sentimentality.


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            Re: A new contovers looming.

            It pains me to say this, but Jackson should now be the feature back. Marshall is still the man at finding the small opening on 3rd & short or as a slot receiver, but the speed and power are gone. I do not want to see him elsewhere, except for where he lines up on the Rams...


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              Re: A new contovers looming.

              As much as Jackson seems to look better than Faulk right now I'm not enitirely convinced that Jackson's success is based largely on the timing of his runs. Not to mention the types of running plays that each of them get. Marshall seems to be getting a lot of "inside handoffs" as they were called last night. I can't tell you how aggravated I've been by that stupid play where Marshall lines up in the slot and then at the snap of the ball, runs down the line and takes the handoff. It hasn't come close to working.

              I haven't seen Marshall take a handoff and then have a hole to run through in a long time so it might be better for Jackson to take a beating behind the line of scrimmage. He has more strength than Faulk so he might be able to bust through a couple of the non-holes that the Rams running game constantly face. Of course, he's starting to show signs of a fumbling problem that I'm not too excited about either. For his low number of carries he seems to have fumbled a lot.

              All in all, I'm not excited about teams game-planning for Jackson. He has been benefiting from being "the other rb" so far and I'm not convinced that he will be able to carry the load yet.


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                Re: A new contovers looming.

                Originally posted by moklerman
                As much as Jackson seems to look better than Faulk right now I'm not enitirely convinced that Jackson's success is[n't?] based largely on the timing of his runs.
                I won't dispute that timing plays a role in the impression gained thus far. But it is too hard of a phenomenon to pin down. So I would rather say that with Jackson's running comes inspiration and with Faulk's comes frustration. For what ever the reason, it has been seldom that one rises to cheer a MF run - mainly I suspect because there is dread that he will be hauled down from behind or that he isn't juking anyone senseless anymore.

                Originally posted by Ibid.
                Of course, he's starting to show signs of a fumbling problem that I'm not too excited about either. For his low number of carries he seems to have fumbled a lot.
                I didn't bother to look it up, so I can stand corrected, but I only recall two Jackson fumbles. And I only recall those because of the timing. If that's the case I'm not going to start labeling him fumble-prone just yet.

                Originally posted by Ibid.
                All in all, I'm not excited about teams game-planning for Jackson. He has been benefiting from being "the other rb" so far and I'm not convinced that he will be able to carry the load yet.
                And the first time Jackson is asked to carry 30 - 35 times, we will see what other questions have yet to emerge. But the series of 3 runs and a catch for 2 1st downs made me want to see him on the field more. The O is not firing on all cylinders and an effective ground game when a run is needed has to be part of the equation. So what I'd like to get excited about is seeing our man sMartz game plan for Jackson.


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                • psycho9985
                  Life after Marshall.
                  by psycho9985
                  I think we're gonna need another Primetime running back real soon,either the Draft or free agency.This is probably marshall's last year and I believe in having Two primetime backs in the line up.I liked what Pete Carroll did with Bush and White.After enjoying the GSOT so much I'm addicted to it.

                  I'd like to see it return with more power and less finnese,we have the train and now we need a monster TE.

                  Will a rb gets passed over for the D in 2007?
                  -03-01-2006, 07:43 AM
                • Fat Pang
                  Two-back attack
                  by Fat Pang
                  Everyone seems so certain that Marshall could not handle a full load without getting injured. I disagree. He's had a couple years to rest those injuries and guys like Curtis Martin have had great years at this age.

                  He looked great in the plays he was in. He is a leader, he will be great for the transition of coaches to keep some consistency, and he is still a great RB. I think he needs MORE playing time, and is insurance if Jackson goes down, to come in for a few games and carry the load. I think Linehan will use him more efficiently than Martz, and will find a way to get him involved in the game, and still keep Jackson pounding away. I say we ride him to the ground. When we need 1 yard for a first down, Marshall gets it. SJ for whatever reason does not know how to "will" this 1 yard. I think the naming of SJ as the starter was premature. Running back by comittee this year if you ask me.

                  And on a side note, I think that Aveon Cason started to show something late last year, and has a certain style that reminds me of Marshall. If Marshall does fade away into the sunset this year, I think we can use Cason a bit more in the passing game like we used Marshall, and use SJ as the bull rusher. Either way, SJ needs to be used only as a one dimensional back, like Bettis....up the middle.

                  This was posted by sbramfan in the Marshall thread and intially I didn't have much sympathy with it.

                  Primarily because I felt that we need to commit to SJ as our featured back and secondly because of Marshall's age, cap value and public pronouncements that he couldn't carry the full load in the same way he used to.

                  I also felt that toward the end of last season people were rounding on Jackson in the same way they used to round on Bulger (and may still do, although it seems that's a tad controversial at the moment). The whole "replacing a legend" thing.

                  Anyway, I was thinking about it on the boat home this evening and I finally got round to reading an article by Jim Corbett in USA TODAY Sports Weekly where he was commenting on the economics reagrding re-signing Shaun Alexander. It made me think about sb's post i'd read that morning because Corbett commented that...

                  "There is also this fact to mull: The Steelers won the the Super Bowl with a two-back system, with second year running back Willie Parker rushing for 93 yards on 10carries, including a 75 yard touchdown run, while Jerome Bettis rushed for 43 yards on 14 carries.
                  Three teams in the Championship round were proponents of the two-back system. The combined running back 2005 payouts for Carolina,Denver and Pittsburgh's two-back tandems amounted to $5.8 million combined, compared with Alexander's $6.3 million for 2005"

                  This gives food for thought, and whilst I'm laying myself open to the "NFL copycat league" criticism, I also was thinking of Linehan in...
                  -02-13-2006, 04:28 AM
                • sbramfan
                  The Future is bleek...
                  by sbramfan
                  Jackson has NEVER shed ONE block in the backfield in his entire career. Marshall literally would tell his blockers to take the second guy, because he'll get around the first guy. I think that was clear in this game. Nobody gets Marshall on the first try. Everyone gets Jackson on the first try. I'm sorry, but if you were to ask me what makes a good back, it would things like, finding the end zone, or the first down marker. Finding the hole. Shedding tackles. Jackson has none of this. He has one thing: Give him a big hole, and he'll run through it and it will be hard for the secondary to bring him down once he gets a head of steam. Even the TD he scored was another "hmmm, maybe if I run all the way around the line I'll see an opening". It does work once in a blue moon, but this guy sucks. And the O line is not the excuse because as soon as Marshall comes in, they move the ball on the ground. I'm also starting to think that Steven Jackson is "telling" the defense when he is going to get the ball by his stance, or whatever. He must be. You know, when he stands on his toes, vs. flat footed, or something like that.

                  The whole team is full of mediocre players, other than about 3 guys. Even Tinoisamoa is just an average, decent Linebacker. Problem is, since he's the only guy on this defense that can tackle, he almost looks like he could be a star.

                  With this many mediocre players, it's impossible to know which one's to keep, and which one's to replace. It will take years. They can only bring in so many new guys. This is not a team that is on the way up, where you just need to fill in a few blanks. This is a team that will patch a few of the holes in the damn next year, only to find more created. Guys on the O'line will start to retiree, as well as Bruce and Faulk, so even if they fix a few holes next year, there will be others to fill.

                  There are teams on the rise out there, and the Rams are not one of them. They did not have good luck with the Defensive players they drafted, but they're all busts. Really, it just came down to luck. I mean, if Robert Thomas was the best Linebacker on the board, the Rams had to take him. And the same with Damione Lewis, and Travis Fisher, etc... I mean with 3 first round picks at DT, they should have a great D'line, but they don't. And their other 1st round pick, Archuleta, is in the same league as Coady, and Sorenson. He's a better tackler than these guys, but not much better, if at all, in coverage. Furry gets the "overachiever of the year" award, but not a starting job at free safety in 2006. Sad that he is one of the better players they have on the defensive side. Also, I think the bookends of Little and Hargrove are a liability. They are good passrushers, but the Rams need DE's that are bigger and can stuff the run. Little and Hargrove would be great at 3rd down blitzing, but unfortunately, there's 2 other downs...
                  -12-24-2005, 09:02 PM
                • jjigga3000
                  Thoughts on Marshall
                  by jjigga3000
                  I'm thinking that Marshall will come back to play for us, and will be probably used as a slot reciever, and also get some time in the back field to let Jackson rest. Marshall knows he's not a carry the load back anymore, and anywhere he goes he's going to be a veteran presence. That's why I think he's stays with the Rams, especially the way we ended the season. With the way Jackson has been playing, that's going to open up the gates for Faulk. I can see him getting 8-10 touches, and 2 or three balls a game thrown at him.
                  -01-10-2007, 11:46 AM
                • coy bacon
                  Dump Marshall?
                  by coy bacon
                  As far as I can tell, Marshall has not been much of an impact player this year. I have not been able to see many games, but I don't hear "Marshall, Marshall, Marshall" very often it seems.

                  If he is one of the "offensive salary-cap eatin pigs" who is no longer pulling his weight, should the team dump him, trade him, or re-negotiate his contract? Jackson certainly has earned being designated the future RB, and we need help on the D, which will cost cap bucks.

                  So what do you think? Sentimentality aside, is Marshall actually pulling his contract weight?
                  -11-02-2004, 09:08 AM