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We lost. No big deal!

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  • We lost. No big deal!

    So its obvious that were at parity not playing up to our potential. Címon it wasnít in the script for the Rams to win.

    The NFL has scripts that nobody is allowed to go against. Tonight was another script to vault Favre even further into the over-rated. He is some type of super human being you know. (Notice the dink dink dink "get rid of it and save your ass offense" never dictated that Favre actually complete a pass of modest length until the game was already won?)

    So we lost, Itís obvious who the better offense is and who the better QB is. Yes the Rams, Yes Bulger.

    I'd like to see favre in the Rams offense. I bet his boo boos would have kept him out of some of those 200 games.

    Its important that Rams fans don't fall into the ignorancy of what the media shovels at the average NFL fan and look at things in the proper perspective other then Favre is just that great or Montana was just the best ever.

    Certainly If footall fans took what the media had to say at face value one would think that before Montana was gracious enough to come down from the football heavens and bestow the Wuss Coast Offense on us, teams just stood around and staired at the ball then on 4th down punted.

    Marmie was out coached before this game was ever scheduled. He cannot defend his losing ways and he cannot defend his defensive game plans never mind defending a team.

    We are one game out of first place which means itís the same as if Seattle had won and we had won. Thankfully we play in the NFC worst where mediocre will get you into the playoffs.

    Once the playoffs start anything can happen (see whiners). Then if we get a couple of breaks (see Green Gay tonight) we can advance. Mix in a good game and were in the NFC finals. Add a dash of the other team not showing up and Walla were in the big dance where the NFL knows they owe us one. I think it would be wonderful to win a superbowl without being the best team in the league. God knows we have lost enough or not gone to the big dance when we were the best team in the league. (See New England. Also see the Vikings in the 1970ís or the cheating whiners in 1989.).

    Its kind of like when your playing pool and someone scratches on the 8-ball then the winner sayís oh I hate winning that way. Bull**** it goes both ways. Unless of course you a whiner where it is unfair for any bad things to happen because it's not in the NFL script.

    The whiners stood there year after year with their hand out demanding their free passage to the playoffs due to not having any competition in the division. Well itís our turn this year and I ainít giving up.

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    Re: We lost. No big deal!

    What good will going to the playoffs do?

    If we can't win in the regular season, we'll get killed in the playoffs!