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    I was thinking the way the defense is playing whats our chances of winning against the **ers on sunday

    Can we self destruct again again again

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    Re: Next Game

    If we lose Sunday that is the bottom, we already proved we can lose to the fins…


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      Re: Next Game

      I won't forgive them if we lose to the ***** this week, at the Dome.


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        Re: Next Game

        I don't think that it will happen against the **ers. However, if it did, there will be a lynch mob waiting for Martz at Ram's Park. If we can't get up for this one and kick them while they are down, then it will be a dark day. Avenger would have to write a Doomsday Chapter...Don't see it happening though. We seem to rule our own conference. Outside of our conference, well.....


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        • ljcrayton
          The Rams will LOSE Sunday
          by ljcrayton
          I have heard alot of talk about how we have a very winnable game against our 'best shot" in the Seattle Seahawks. Well I have news for you guys. The way we have been playing lately, we are SO NOT beating them! I TOLD YOU WE WERE GOING 0-16. THIS IS NO JOKE FOLKS ITS GOING TO HAPPEN. and i dont like to talk about my team like that but its the truth. DO you REALLY think we can beat anyone given how pathetic we are on offense and defense? COME ON MY FELLOW RAM FANS ITS GOING TO BE UGLY FOR THE REST OF THE SEASON. and dont feel good about garbage wins near the end because they dont count in my book against teams who have "packed up their weapons" for the playoffs or whatever.

          -09-09-2015, 09:40 AM
        • AvengerRam_old
          "Rams will lose big again..." "No... that's just what they're expecting us to do."
          by AvengerRam_old
          This week, we will witness the epic battle between conventional wisdom and cliche.

          Conventional wisdom says that the Rams are a team in disarray, with marginal talent, and poor leadership. Conventional wisdom says that a team like this will crumble at the sight of the defending Super Bowl Champions. Conventional wisdom says the Rams will lose, and lose big.

          Cliche says that a team is never as bad as it looks when it loses, and never as good as it looks when it wins. Cliche says that any team can win on any given Sunday.

          Which force will prevail?

          Well, I think the team will show surprising fire and enthusiasm this week. The have been embarrassed and ridiculed, and they won't allow a repeat performance to occur on their home field.

          The Rams are going to win this game.

          What then, I ask you, will the conventional wisdom conclude?
          -09-11-2008, 08:43 AM
        • RamWraith
          Why we lost
          by RamWraith
          It took me a few days to swallow this lose. We lost this game because of the sure fact we were out played. Football is a game of match-ups, and Tampa matches up against the Rams GREAT.

          If we don't bring out "A" game to them and get our heads out of the sky we are going have trouble against teams like TB. We need to start getting the hunger feeling back and start playing football. There is NO sense of urgency from this team and the next few weeks will tell the tale.

          Here's to lessons learned. I hope some people have woke up and smelled the coffee and see that we are human. WE WERE OUT PLAYED WE DIDN"T BEAT OURSELVES. Wake up team....PLEASE! :rolleyes: :confused: :eek:
          -11-29-2001, 07:00 AM
        • RamsInfiniti
          Linehan's fate will be decided in the next two weeks ...
          by RamsInfiniti
          After rethinking this topic, I think Linehan has exactly two weeks to secure his future as the Ram's head coach, or to potentially lose any chance of ever coaching an NFL team again. Ultimately, it doesn't matter what the final record of this team is this season. With the horrendous start, and all the injuries, I think we have to separate into two seasons to see what this team might be capable of when the majority of the participants are healthy. We had a great showing against New Orleans last week. After reviewing the tape, I know alot of people were unhappy with how poorly our prevent defense played in the fourth. I noticed alot of confusion abound on a lot of the plays, and it looked like a team that hadn't been in a position to play much prevent during the season. Obviously, that is to be expected when you are 0-8. With that said, it makes some logical sense why Haslett would have stuck with the strategy so long with was seemingly an insurrmountal lead. Although the prevent defense sometimes prevents you from winning, there are late game situations where it could be useful as part of a package against a more explosive downfield passing attack, and I think Haslett was getting in some "practice" time ...

          With that said, we thoroughly dominated the Saints. What's next? NFC west battles against the ***** on the road and the Seahawks at EJD. As the oddsmakers in Vegas have portrayed, the Rams may very well be the greatest 1-8 team in the history of the NFL, as we are still favored to take this game by 3. We all know this team has talent. Even with some of Linehan's ineptitude aside, we would lately have at least 3 wins under our belts if not for all the injuires. The 49'ers are absolutely terrible. They currently have to be fielding one of the worst offenses in NFL history and that is inexcusable for a team that has a great downfield runner like Frank Gore. This should be a blowout for the Rams. We absolutely destoryed the Niner's secondary in the first game by throwing Martz-esque passes all over the field, as Bulger accrued 360+ yards passing. This game should be no different. I see our boys easily putting this game away early and winning by at least 10 points. As bad as the Niner's are, I think Linehan has to win this game convincingly to continue to show improvement to the choads in the front office. If we barely squeek by in this game, I don't think it'll help Linehan's case much, if any. A loss here buries Linehan into a deeper hole than he was in before the Saints game. Absolutely no excuse for losing to this sorry ***** squad ...

          The Seahawks game is the absolute kicker. We took a 33-6 mauling in the first game that lies almost solely on the shoulders of our terrible offense, as our defense shut down the Hawks running game, damaged Hasselbeck, and finished the game with a pretty solid performance. Special teams let us down again in this game, as Ram killer Burleson, ran another return back. With this game...
          -11-15-2007, 05:59 PM
        • general counsel
          This is an UPSIDE game
          by general counsel
          Injuries aside, this game really has only upside. Its a very tough road game against a team we dont match up well against, even with their injuries. We are healthy, coming off a bye and hopefully rejuvinated for the rest of the season, but we have been unable to consistently stop the run all year and this is one of the best running teams in the nfl with what is maybe the best back in LT and a solid young improving qb. They have a stout defensive line and a monster nose tackle.

          If we can find a way to stay in this game, we have a legit shot to win at the end of course. If we can protect bulger, we can score on them, but of course, merriman is a part of that and his status remains up in the air at this point. I hope we have a plan to control that nose tackle, but i suspect this is one of those cases where a plan is great but execution is very very tough. If jackson cant run at all and we spend the day in long yardage situations, its going to be even tougher.

          We are 9 point underdogs which is a very big spread and tells you that the oddsmakers, who know more than any of us, think that bye or no bye, injuries or no injuries, we are in big trouble.

          To me, our shot at this game is simple. We have to win the turnover battle convincingly and score tds in the red zone. In short, we will need to play our best game of the year and hope that they make some mistakes. If we can do that, we have a shot in this game. If we only play a half or maybe even three quarters of football, it wont be enough on the road against sandiego.

          At the end of the day, this is NOT a game we have to win. Thats what i mean when i say it really has only upside as long as we dont get hurt. The game we will have to win is the following week at home vs kc.

          Ramming speed to all

          general counsel
          -10-24-2006, 08:24 AM