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The Rams Will Win Division w/9-7 Record (Here's how...)

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  • The Rams Will Win Division w/9-7 Record (Here's how...)

    This is how I see the rest of the regular season playing out...

    Week 13:

    Rams defeat San Francisco
    Seahawks defeat Dallas

    The Rams should be able to handle the Whiners on their home field, while Seattle will be psyched for their first home Monday Night Football game in a while.

    Rams 6-6
    Seattle 7-5

    Week 14:

    Rams defeat Carolina
    Minnesota defeats Seahawks

    While Carolina is playing better lately and will be tough at home, the revenge factor from last year's playoffs should provide motivation. Seattle will get slapped by the Vikings in Minnesota.

    Rams 7-6
    Seattle 7-6

    Week 15:

    Rams defeat Arizona
    Jets defeat Seahawks

    Cardinals are not the "gimme" they once were, but the Rams should be able to handle them. Jets will be fighting for playoff position and will have Pennington back.

    Rams 8-6
    Seattle 7-7

    Week 16:

    Eagles defeat Rams
    Seahawks defeat Arizona

    There is some question here regarding the Eagles motivation, as they might clinch home field advantage before this game, but the Rams will have trouble with McNabb and company. Hawks will beat the Cards at home.

    Rams 8-7
    Seattle 8-7

    Week 17:

    Rams defeat Jets
    Seahawks defeat Falcons

    Both the Rams and the Seahawks will have the motivation factor in their favor, as the Jets and the Falcons will probably have their playoff positions clinched by this point.

    Rams 9-7
    Seattle 9-7

    This would mean the Rams would be the No. 4 seed in the NFC (despite the fact that they might have a worse record than the top Wild Card team), and would host the first round of the playoffs - possibly against Seattle!
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    Re: The Rams Will Win Division w/9-7 Record (Here's how...)

    Looks pretty good to me.


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      Re: The Rams Will Win Division w/9-7 Record (Here's how...)

      I agree except for the Carolina game. If the momentum doesn't carry us through a win, we have already seen the "motivational problems" this team has had. I am not saying we will lose, just that it concerns me.

      Other than that game, looks good.
      This space for rent...


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        Re: The Rams Will Win Division w/9-7 Record (Here's how...)

        Just when you think you know what the Rams are gonna do. They do 0-something totally different. Watch, we'll end up 10-6.


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          Re: The Rams Will Win Division w/9-7 Record (Here's how...)

          As much as it hurt me to say this, I don't think the Rams are going to the playoffs this year. Of the remaining games left I can see them winning possibly two games... San Fran and Arizona and to me the Arizona game is 50/50 at this point. I wouldn't be surprised if Navarre look like a pro bowl QB against the Rams D.


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            Re: The Rams Will Win Division w/9-7 Record (Here's how...)



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              Re: The Rams Will Win Division w/9-7 Record (Here's how...)

              Sorry AV 8-8 will be a stretch

              SF = W (6-6)
              CAR = L (6-7) The Panthers will run over the Lamb D-lineman.
              AZ = W (I can hope anyway(7-7))
              PHILLY = L (7-8)
              NYJ = ??? If the Jets need the game the Lambs lose (7-9)

              The Squawks must go 8-8 to win Div. (they will win at least 3 games) (9-7)

              I like the glass is half full rationale, but I can no longer ride that wave this season. The M&M boyz - Martz and Mamie have sealed our fate.


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                Re: The Rams Will Win Division w/9-7 Record (Here's how...)

                Could somebody send me a pair of those glasses so I can see whatever the hell your seeing! 8-8 will be at best and 7-9 is looking better. Loss to Caro, loss to eagles, loss to Jets! 7-9. So don't get your hopes up! I'm sure I'm wrong in your facade but whatever man! :upset:


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                  Re: The Rams Will Win Division w/9-7 Record (Here's how...)

                  Originally posted by ZigZagRam
                  Just when you think you know what the Rams are gonna do. They do 0-something totally different. Watch, we'll end up 10-6.
                  9-7 sounds realistic, but the team is so schizophrenic this year. I'm not planning on getting my hopes up anytime soon. I'll get really excited when we have a playoff berth.


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                    Re: The Rams Will Win Division w/9-7 Record (Here's how...)

                    I said it before the season started, the Rams are going 7-9 or 8-8. I still believe that. :disappoin


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                      Re: The Rams Will Win Division w/9-7 Record (Here's how...)

                      I predicted a 12-4 season.... :disappoin
                      While I want the guys to make 9-7, then go on to the playoffs, we need to ask one question:

                      Do the Rams really deserve to go to the playoffs this year?

                      As much as I want to see the Rams in there, I don't think the team has thier act together enough to make a good showing this year....

                      We always have next year....and the best thing.....even with this years' troubles, we are still a dangerous team!


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                        Re: The Rams Will Win Division w/9-7 Record (Here's how...)

                        Before the season I called 10-6, and I honestly think I'm going to miss it by one. The next 3 games are wins, Carolina will be the toughest of the 3, but it's a win still the same. They've been playing over their heads the past 3 weeks, it won't last. Granted, we will lose to the Eagles, and we may even lose to the Jets, but I think that's a winnable game as well. At worst that's 8-8, which will be the Hawks record, at best. That makes us the NFC West champion. To get to the playoffs at 8-8 or even 9-7 is kind of sad, but it's the playoffs still the same.
                        The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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                          Re: The Rams Will Win Division w/9-7 Record (Here's how...)

                          i see us loosing in Arizona this year and beating the eagles at home


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                            Re: The Rams Will Win Division w/9-7 Record (Here's how...)

                            Of course, the last time the Rams went 9-7 and won their division, they went to the Super Bowl.

                            (That's the only comparison I'll make between the 2004 team and the 1979 team. The latter team - now they had heart.)


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                              Re: The Rams Will Win Division w/9-7 Record (Here's how...)

                              I think I said the Rams would be 9-7 (Maybe 8-8)....I cannot recall excactly.

                              In the NFL you get what you earn - not what you deserve. If 8-8 wins the West. So be it. Any year in the playoffs is better than a year not in the playoffs. Heck, its one more game to watch.

                              What will be worse is if the Rams make it in at 8-8 and a couple AFC teams don't at 10-6 or better (now they would deserve to make the playoffs....but they did not earn a birth....). Ouch!!

                              Besides, let's face it, if the Rams do make the playoffs, they will have no pressure on them. I do not think any team would say they want to play the Rams in the first round. Anything could happen...however unlikely.

                              What's really unlikely is the Eagles losing to the Rams. The Eagles owe us a few and they will take their shots at us.

                              I still say 8-8 would be a good year at this point....7-9 if they slip to AZ.

                              PLAYOFFS!!!!!... PLAYOFFS!!!! (in my best Jim Mora ranting voice...)
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                              • AvengerRam
                                We all know where this is headed, don't we?
                                by AvengerRam
                                December 17 @ Seattle.

                                Is it any surprise that, if the Rams are going to conquer the West, that is the day and place it will likely happen?

                                Right now, the Rams have a 1 game lead over Seattle.

                                This week, both teams will have tough match-ups, as the Rams host the Eagles and the Seahawks are at the Jaguars.

                                If the Rams win and the Seahawks lose, the game at Seattle is diminished in importance, as it sets up a scenario in which the Rams could actually get swept by the Seahawks and still hold the lead in the division.

                                The other three outcomes for this weekend, however, set up a major showdown.

                                Both win: Rams (10-3) would have a one game lead over Seattle (9-4)
                                Both lose: Rams (9-4) would have a one game lead over Seattle (8-5)
                                Rams lose/Seahawks win: Rams and Seahawks tied (9-4)

                                A Rams loss @ Seattle would, of course, mean that the Rams could only win the division outright, as Seattle would hold the first tiebreaker.

                                A Rams win @ Seattle would put them in a good position to win the division outright, though the tiebreaker (if Seattle catches up in the final two weeks) would likely go to the third level - common opponents - which remains too close to call.

                                The Rams beat the Seahawks in Seattle in 2015. Time for another road win!

                                Eagles first, though. ;)...
                                -12-04-2017, 09:51 AM
                              • AvengerRam
                                Four possible outcomes for today...and what each means.
                                by AvengerRam
                                Outcome #1: Rams win/Seahawks lose
                                Celebrate! This would give the Rams a 2 game division lead with 3 to go, meaning they could clinch the West next week, or by winning any 2 of the remaining 3.

                                Outcome #2: Rams win/Seahawks win
                                A good day! Rams would move closer to clinching a playoff spot, while retaining the inside track in the division race.

                                Outcome #3: Rams lose/Seahawks lose
                                Could be worse. While the Rams would lose ground in the playoffs race (and the battle for home field in playoffs), it would be status quo in the division race, leading up to next week’s showdown in Seattle.

                                Outcome #4: Rams lose/Seahawks win
                                Bad, but all is not lost. Next week would essentially become a must win in the division race, while the Rams wildcard standing, though still solid, would take a hit.
                                -12-10-2017, 10:34 AM
                              • RamDez
                                Fate presents Rams with a great opportunity
                                by RamDez
                                Fate presents Rams with a great opportunity
                                By Bryan Burwell
                                Of the Post-Dispatch
                                Friday, Jan. 07 2005

                                SEATTLE - The chill of winter in the Great Northwest is no different from the
                                brisk bite that cuts across the Midwest. It just looks a whole lot prettier.
                                From the edge of the crystal-clear Puget Sound all the way to the snow-capped
                                mountains that peek through the low-lying clouds lingering on the distant
                                horizon, this picturesque coastal city still manages to look like a stunning
                                postcard even as it braces for an ugly winter storm.

                                All around Seattle on Friday, ice, freezing rain and thick snow socked the
                                distant suburbs and crippled travel. Weathermen are predicting that by late
                                this morning, a nasty mixture of snow and icy rain will dump on the city
                                streets, making even the shortest foot travel very precarious.

                                It is under these dramatic conditions that the Rams come into their NFL
                                wild-card playoff showdown against the Seattle Seahawks at Qwest Field this
                                afternoon. And if you think the weather outside is frightful, the competitive
                                conditions for the Rams might be even more dramatic. After an injury-plagued,
                                disappointing season of discontent, the Rams know a victory this afternoon in
                                front of a nationally televised audience could be the first step in erasing the
                                memory of a turbulent 8-8 season, not to mention the first phases of an
                                improbable Cinderella story toward Super Bowl XXXIX.

                                There is so much the Rams could accomplish with one simple victory. They could
                                become the first 8-8 team in the history of the NFL to win a playoff game. But
                                that little historical tidbit is almost insignificant when stacked against the
                                other luggage the Rams tote on this little trip to the Northwest. A year ago,
                                they were surprising regular-season overachievers, yet they wasted four months
                                of hard work in one vastly disappointing game against the Carolina Panthers.
                                That 12-4 team of 2003 was good enough to go to the Super Bowl. But indecisive
                                play calling at the end of that game ruined the season.

                                So why can't the 8-8 Rams, who may have underachieved for most of the 2004
                                season, use this postseason to reverse last season's cursed ending? It is
                                improbable, but not impossible. It is unlikely, but not unimaginable. It is
                                wild, but not all that crazy to think that the Rams, who struggled all season
                                on the road, could use the confidence generated from this late-season two-game
                                winning streak against the then-once-beaten Eagles and the playoff-bound Jets
                                to provoke them into growing up fast here in Seattle.

                                It is not so crazy at all. These Rams know they can beat Seattle. They've done
                                it twice already this season, and the notion that it's hard to beat a team ...
                                -01-08-2005, 03:19 AM
                              • Guest's Avatar
                                Lets put the win in perspective, what happens next
                                by Guest
                                What does this win mean? It means we are right in the hunt for the nfc west title and still have a real shot to have an elite season. We now have a huge tiebreaker advantage against seattle, and if we can beat them at home, we in effect have an enormous benefit as we will win the west in the event of a tie. Its also a division win, which i believe helps conference record and tiebreaker wise for both home field and other playoff positioning.

                                Its not just the huge road win against a quality team, its how we came back and won. There is no quit in this team and we will only continue to improve if we can stay healthy.

                                At this point, the real key is not to rest on our laurels, but to be able to carry the fourth quarter and OT performance into the next two games, tampa at home and miami on the road, two games that we have to win. 5-2 at the break is very competitive. I would absolutely hate to see us give it back with a subpar performance that leads to a loss against the two inferior teams coming up.

                                The new orleans loss eliminates any margain for error at this point, given the tough games ahead. We cant afford to lose any more games to teams that we are better than, for 100% sure at home, if we want a shot at home field through the playoffs.

                                Good health, better defense, and continued improvement by the offense and we are still a 12-4 team, maybe even 13-3 if we get a break.

                                Can you imagine the odds of winning in seattle with a minus three turnover ratio? We really need to do a better job pressuring the passer, tackling and creating turnovers, but for tonight, lets enjoy one of the greatest comebacks in rams history.

                                ramming speed to all

                                general counsel
                                -10-10-2004, 07:17 PM
                              • AvengerRam
                                Rams @ Seahawks: Here is how the outcome impacts the Rams' playoff chances.
                                by AvengerRam
                                No time to wallow in yesterday's loss. Here are the playoff implications of next week's game @ Seattle:

                                If the Rams Win

                                Division Race
                                : A win does not clinch the division title, but its pretty close. A win would give the Rams a 2 game lead with two to go. Unless the Rams lose their last two (@Tennessee, San Francisco) AND Seattle wins their last two (@Dallas, Arizona), the Ram win the division.

                                Wild Card Race: A win enhances the Rams' wild card standing, though they can't clinch a wild card this week, as three teams (Carolina, New Orleans, Atlanta) would all be (at worst) within two games of the Rams (and, right now, Atlanta holds the tiebreaker over the Rams by virtue of a superior conference record).

                                If the Rams Lose

                                Division Race:
                                Contrary to the hype you may read this week, the Rams won't necessarily lose the division if they lose next Sunday. They would be tied in record, with the Seahawks holding the tiebreaker, so the Rams would, of course, have to finish a game ahead of Seattle. That is not outside the realm of possibility, though, as the Rams could win their last two, while Seattle has a tough road game against Dallas in Week 15. Dallas will likely still be in the hunt for a wild card at that point, and they'll have Ezekiel Elliot back. So, while nobody wants to "back into" a division title, it could play out that way.

                                Wild Card: A loss does hurt the Rams quite a bit in the wild card race. If the three NFC South teams in the hunt all win, the Rams would be a game behind New Orleans and Carolina (one of which will likely win the South, while the other will likely be a wild card), and they'd be tied with Atlanta. Based on the tiebreaker, they'd be out of the playoffs if the season ended after 14 games. However, not all would be lost. In Week 15, the Falcons are @ New Orleans. If the Rams were to beat Tennessee that week, they'd go to 10-5. That would put them back in a Wild Card spot regardless of the outcome of the Falcons/Saints game. If the Saints lose, they'd be tied with the Rams at 10-5 (Rams have head-to-head), while the if the Falcons lose they'd be a game behind the Rams.

                                So, all in all, this week's game is HUGE, but its not a MATHEMATICAL must win....
                                -12-11-2017, 10:03 AM