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    Head Coach Mike Martz
    Thursday, December 2, 2004

    (Opening Statement)
    “It’s 49er week. Big week. We took the extra day off like we always do after a Monday night game. We’re trying to get these guys back physically. Today will be a Wednesday practice, tomorrow will be a Thursday, and we’ll do some light work on Saturday morning. We’re excited about being back in the division with this game, and the *****, here at home. We’ve spent the last few days as a staff preparing for this game, and we’re ready to go.”

    (On playing the ***** on their down year)
    “I don’t think that ever has anything to do with anything when you line up. Whoever it is, whether it’s the ***** or anybody else, if you coach or play this league long enough, you understand when you line up it’s hard every week, no matter who you are. Nobody takes anybody lightly. The ***** certainly, defensively, are very stout. I think they are playing better than they were earlier, and I thought they were very good earlier. They play with a great deal of emotion, and they fly around. They present a lot of blitz issues for you. I think they are somewhere around 15th in the league on defense. They have good people, outstanding linebacker crew, and they make you spend a lot of hours preparing for them. They are a good football team on defense. They’ve struggled somewhat offensively at times. It seems to come together at times too for them. It will be a tough game.”

    (On if opponent’s records fools some players)
    “I think some players do. I think this league is full of players that do that, that’s why they don’t win. You can never do that. I think young players have a tendency to do that. They have not been through that, and experienced a season to know how hard it is week-to-week. In a veteran group, you won’t find that happening. Not on a team that wins.”

    (On if he is anxious to play this week)
    “Anytime you lose, you’re anxious to get that feeling out of your stomach. No matter what kind of game it was, and that one (Green Bay) was a hard pill to swallow. You’re always anxious to line up and play again.”

    (On if he thinks the Ram’s defense plays with the same intensity as the *****’ defense)
    “No we don’t. That’s what we have to resolve. It’s a major issue for us. We’re not like we’ve been at times. I think we have some guys that are afraid to make mistakes. They are very tentative. It’s not a ‘want to’ issue at all, or having heart, or being tough, it’s not any of those things. We’ve just got some guys that are very tentative for various reasons. We’re trying to get them away from that and get back to playing with a smile on your face and leaving the ball carrier in a bad mood.”

    (On the *****’ blitzing packages)
    “They are kind of selective in terms of who they play. I think, anywhere from 50-60% of the time, you’re getting some kind of pressure out of them. That’s quite a bit actually. Normally, you see overall somewhere between 25-30%. So they’re up there pretty good with the pressure. They’re good at doing it. They have real good speed at the linebacker position, they do a real nice job with their schemes, and they attack your protections. They do a good job of it.”

    (On if there is any good that came out of the Green Bay game)
    “There’s a lot of good things. That’s how I look at it. That’s how you build, comeback, and recover. Offensively, Tom Nütten, for his second game back was very good. I thought Marc (Bulger) was outstanding. The two young receivers (Shaun McDonald and Kevin Curtis) did very well. Steven (Jackson) was good. We’ve got some good young players on offense that have really started to produce even more, and are maturing. Defensively, Jimmy Kennedy I thought played pretty good. He’s getting better. He’s still not where he needs to be. Brian Howard did a nice job. Antuan Edwards did a real nice job, I was very pleased with him. There are good things from that game. Obviously, the mistakes are what you have to correct and move on.”

    (On if WR’s Kevin Curtis and Shaun McDonald are at the point where they understand the offense)
    “Yes. That’s what is so exciting for me. There are some things that they did in the game that made me kind of say, wow, I didn’t know you could do that. And that’s a nice feeling to have. It makes the hair in the back of your neck stand up. I’m excited, challenged, and encouraged by a lot of things that came out of that. There’s some discrepancy that there’s no question that we have to fix. A lot of that has to do with freeing ourselves up and getting to the ball carrier, and play with the attitude that we had in the past. That’s the major issue. We solved some issues on special teams. There’s some good things that came out of that.”

    (On if McDonald and Curtis change the dynamic of the offense)
    “They change it a lot. There are some things that you go into the game, and you haven’t even practiced, and you call it and they execute it. Young players become a little bit like robots. This is what you are suppose to do, they do it, and they have a hard time adjusting. There are some adjustments by both players in this game that are worth getting excited about. Marc (Bulger) saw it. They are all on the same page together. Things that you just can’t coach, and they were able to get it done. When you get to that point, then it’s kind of a thrill for me, being involved in the offense, to think of some of the things they are capable of in the future.”

    (On getting players to still play with a smile on their face after a loss)
    “There’s a reason why you play football, and you have to be passionate about what you do. It’s not about money. It never has been for me in coaching, and players. That’s all something that kind of happens, and it’s good, and we appreciate that. But the passion that you have for playing this game sometimes gets sidetracked and pushed aside, for a lot of reasons. You have to do whatever you have to do to let that passion come back up in how you approach and play this game. It is legal to have fun and play professional football. You can do that. That’s what we’ve tried to stress to our guys. We have good people on this team. They are concerned about making mistakes, and play tight, and we can’t do that. I want to get them away from that. We have a saying around here, ‘when you have good people, people of good character, and you know where their heart is, all sins are always forgiven.’ That’s why I never said anything to Isaac (Bruce) about the fumble. I know Isaac, nobody hurts more than Isaac does when that happens. Nobody would ever say anything to Isaac about that, because they know Isaac. Nobody plays harder or is more committed. Those things you just move on from. Young players are afraid to make some of those mistakes, or even some of the veterans. If you’re empty in the bucket, and everything you have to give, we’re getting it, we can forgive a lot. To play with passion, enthusiasm, excitement, and loving the game that you’ve committed most of your life to, is very important.”

    (On DT Brian Howard)
    “I thought Brian did a real nice job. I think the first run, you saw him knock the guard down and make the tackle. He made some mistakes, but he’s going to, he’s learning. Brian is a terrific find for us. That’s the motor and the passion when you watch him play that I’m talking about. He was productive enough to warrant that (starting again).”

    (On McDonald and Curtis helping in the red zone)
    “Some of that is coaching and game plan stuff. I get down in (the red zone) and there are some things that I would like to do better. I think that with the addition of some of these other players takes the heat off of double (teams) on Isaac (Bruce) or Torry (Holt), and it makes it more difficult (for defenses) to account for some of these other guys. You don’t know what these guys can deal with some of the time. You put as much on them as you can, some of these young players, and then they surprise you, and that’s always pleasant. Now I think I can say that I’m pleasantly surprised and excited about what they are capable of doing, particularly in the red zone.”

    (On RB Marshall Faulk)
    “Here is where Marshall is, Marshall has been banged up the past few weeks. (He is) very sore. We didn’t manage him very well. We probably played him more than we should have. This week we are not going to practice him so he’s available on Sunday. Then we will see how he is on Sunday. He’s got a bruise on the knee. There is nothing structurally wrong with the knee, but he has a bruise there that is very tender and he has been nursing that along. He’s been very quite about it. He doesn’t say anything about it, and doesn’t want anyone to know about it, but nonetheless, we need to do the right thing for Marshall. We are going to rest him the next few days. He will be involved in the game plan, and if he feels like he’s ready to go on Sunday, then great. If not, then we’ll just kind of get a feel for where he is and make that kind of decision, how much he plays, or if he will at all. But we are not going to put him on the field and risk him physically at all. So it all depends on Marshall’s well-being and how he is. If he’s completely healthy and ready to go we’ll stay with our mix. It’s been pretty effective.”

    (On if the linebackers are playing to the level necessary to succeed)
    “No, they are not and there are reasons for that. We have not had the same group in there any two weeks in a row, and that’s very, very important. Fortunately, this week we can get that squared away. We’re at the point where we can start mending some of these things, and addressing some of these issues. (Linebackers coach) Joe (Vitt) has had Brandon (Chillar) in the middle. We’ve had Trev (Faulk) in the middle. We’ve got Robert (Thomas), and (the linebacker positions) are completely different positions. So to settle in on a group and wire that down is very important. It matches up with your run fits, your running game, and combined with your safety, so it’s very important. No, we have not played as well as we’re capable of, but I’m sure we will.”

    (On LB Pisa Tinoisamoa)
    “My assessment of Pisa, at this point, is that he is one of the best, if not the best, defensive player that we have. I don’t know, from personality wise, and you talk about passion for playing the game, that’s it. You want Pisa, that’s what you want. He’s our captain for the rest of the year. I’ve never done that before. So that’s a statement about who I think he is, and what type of player I think he is. I think he’s terrific. In my mind, he can’t do anything wrong. He dislocated (his shoulder), came out (of the game), and then went right back in there. It did not phase him. He’s the standard you would kind of like to hold everyone to, in terms of how you play the game. You talk about passion, having a smile on your face, what it means to you, you look at Pisa. I think he’s terrific.”

    (On K Jeff Wilkins)
    “I haven’t even thought about (his previous foot injury). I don’t think that’s even an issue, really. The field goal he misses, he just missed. He’s the best. I just would never question or doubt him in any way, shape, or form. He’s another guy, like Pisa, he can’t do anything wrong in my book. He missed that field goal, he’s very disappointed, but we all hurt when a guy that we are all so close to (misses) a field goal. You know how Jeff is. He takes this stuff personally. He’ll wear that thing all week. He’ll be fine.”

    (On K Kevin Stemke)
    “I thought he did a real nice job. That’s what we wanted him to do. We don’t want those punts from the 50 (yard line) going into the end zone for average. We want to pin it inside the 20-yard line. Then when we are coming out, he has that height and hang time so we can get under these punts, cover them, and have no returns. That’s why he is here. Will he miss a punt or two? I’m sure he will. But he’s a good, talented, young punter that is worthy of our time and investment to keep him around here and develop him.”

    (On QB Marc Bulger)
    “There are a couple of things that you just need to live through as a quarterback. He and Trent (Green) are a little bit alike in this respect, they feel like they can get the ball to you, but there is someone coming off of the protection, and they want to make that throw, even though they are going to get hit. There’s a real fine line there. If you feel that you can’t finish the throw, you need to take a sack or throw it away. That’s a minor deal, but it can end up in a bad play. Those are the type of things that he needs to live through, and feel. But by and large, right now, I can tell you that he is playing so well. I’m so proud of him. He’s so confident, and some of the things he has done on the field with the check-downs and finding guys. I just think the world of him.”

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  • RamWraith
    Mike and the Mike
    by RamWraith
    Head Coach Mike Martz
    Wednesday, January 12, 2005

    (Opening comments)
    “The only guy that is questionable would be DL Tyoka (Jackson) for this game. We’ve got some bumps, nicks, and bruises, but it’s two short weeks that we had, so to give them an extra day off I thought was important. So we are going to treat this week as a short week, so we will go Wednesday practice, Thursday (practice), and a shorter version of our Friday practice on Friday, and then travel down to play the game. RB Arlen Harris, we may or may not have him. We are not real sure with his hamstring (injury). At this point everybody else should be in pretty good shape for this game. We have the normal annoying injuries that most teams have at this time of year. This is a terrific opportunity for us. We are excited about the opportunity to go down there and play in the divisional playoffs. I think the challenge is obvious with QB Michael Vick and their offense. I said on the conference call a few minutes ago that, playing their offense is a little bit like trying to defend the option. You’ve got RB Warrick Dunn, you can hand that ball off, or you can bootleg, or throw the football. The threat to do all of those things in one play is unique to the National Football League. It really creates problems for us, and then everybody is scrambling to adjust to it. He’s such a terrific player, probably the best athlete in the league today. He is capable of single- handily beating you, as much as anyone I’ve seen in this league since I’ve been in it. He’s a lot of fun to watch. What a terrific player he is. We’ve got our work cut out for us. Defensively, I think their whole defensive line, their defensive front, is very active, and very physical. They are very, very well coached. They did a terrific job of adjusting. They are tenacious. They stay after you the entire time. They are a very well coached football team throughout, that’s one of the reasons why they are in it. They have good people. Their defensive line is one of more impressive groups, overall, that we’ve seen all year.”

    (On what has been clicking on offense)
    “I think a lot of things. I think that when things calm down on the offensive line, you start to settle in on some personnel. With G Blaine (Saipaia) gaining more experience, and his play goes up every week. Having Tommy Nütten who has played an awful lot of games for us, and Super Bowls, having that calm down has had an enormous effect on our offense, and what we can do. Everything that we do, is predicated on that group up front. As they go, we go. If we can protect the quarterback, obviously, we had problems with New England, for instance. They were getting at us with a four-man rush. That’s tough duty to either run or throw the ball. We’ve come a long way on our offensive line. It’s remarkable if you consider all of the changes that have gone on, and the guys have done a terrific job...
    -01-13-2005, 04:41 AM
  • RamWraith
    Lots of good team quotes for the week
    by RamWraith
    Head Coach Scott Linehan

    September 19, 2007

    (Opening Remarks)

    “Drew (Bennett), he got all of practice in so there shouldn’t be any issue with him playing this week. He was limited some, but just because we kept him out of things. Marc (Bulger) had full participation in practice. He was limited a little bit in his throwing, but he should be fine. Tye Hill did not practice. Richie Incognito did not practice. Claude Terrell had full practice and Pisa (Tinoisamoa) was limited. We’re headed in the right direction as far as getting guys back on the field. There shouldn’t be any surprises, hopefully we don’t have another Thursday like we had last week. Tomorrow we should be okay.”

    (On G Milford Brown)

    “He’s fine. There was no problem with him recovering from post game. He was a lot better yesterday and he went full today.”

    (On T Alex Barron’s attributes)

    “His athleticism. He’s ability to match up against speed. He has enough size to anchor. The ends aren’t getting any smaller these days. You go against some pretty incredible athletes over there. He’s been going against some pretty good ones on the other side. It’s kind of 50-50. He’s at the blind side of a right-handed quarterback. That’s very important for your quarterback knowing he’s going to see things to his right and to his left. He has to count on that guy and Alex’s No. 1 ability is to pass protect. He’s become a lot better run blocker as he’s progressed in his career. His overall talent. He’s really improved since he’s played for us in the last two years, and certainly since he came in the league.”

    (On how to reduce the number of hits on the quarterback)

    “You have to do it. The No. 1 best way to protect your quarterback is the run game. We have to get our run game going. It has not been satisfactory in the first two games. That has to be our strength – for our football team to run the ball offensively and to stop the run defensively. If you get your run game going there is a certain amount of respect that the defense gives the run game and it definitely helps your pass protection and puts you in better third-down position which is critical when you get in third-and-long or extra long. It gets the defensive ends; I know our defense is much, much better, when we get in those long-area situations because we’re equipped that way as far as our speed and all that. Until we do that it’s going to be a concern. There are other ways, protection schemes. It’s not always match protecting or keeping lots of people in. There is timing of routes. Everyone knows we have a deeper design to a number of our plays, but we have to pick and chose when we do those as well.”

    (On averaging 5-6 yards a carry for a short period of time in each of the first two games)

    “We’ve managed...
    -09-19-2007, 03:56 PM
  • RamWraith
    The COACH on the Mike
    by RamWraith
    Head Coach Mike Martz
    Friday, December 31, 2004

    (Opening statement)
    “Just a little bit about our injury situation, as you probably have discovered, we did put S Aeneas Williams on IR (injured reserve). Talking to Aeneas, I really do think that he wanted to come back this week, and potentially, if things went well, in the playoffs. It just puts him in Jeopardy or at risk (if he played). It just hasn’t progressed well enough to play him. It’s just not worth it. We did put him on IR, which has allowed us to pick up another player. Injury wise, TE Cam (Cleeland) should be fine from his concussion. We should have him this weekend. He will practice today. Other than that, RB Steven (Jackson) is fine, and G Tom Nütten’s foot is fine. I think we’re pretty healthy, other than those things. We are a little banged up. I think our Monday (night game) schedule is routine from what we’ve done in the past, in terms of making sure we give the players two days off. This Saturday’s practice will be more of an abbreviated Friday practice, always with the thought that recovery is the most important issue, and then you take a little bit off the end if you have to. Particularly this time of the season, when you want to cut back some of your reps anyway. In terms of the Jets, Defensively, they’re outstanding up front. I think the two tackles inside are just absolutely having a wonderful year. They’re very physical and have a great push. We’ve watched some outstanding guards really struggle with them physically. (LB Jonathan) Vilma, obviously is playing well with the speed and range that he has. Overall, defensively, I think they are very impressive, particularly the front. They’ve done a terrific job. They’re very efficient on offense. They’re a terrific running team, and they do a great job rushing the football. The quarterback manages the game terrific, he is a high-percentage passer, and he sees things well. I know he was banged up a little bit, but his team does what it takes to win. The mark of a good quarterback is moving the football, and he does this. It’s a big game for both of us. It keeps our hopes alive for the playoffs, and of course the Jets as well. It’s what the NFL should be all about this time of the year. Final game of the season, and having this kind of importance is a thrill to be a part of. As a coach and a player you work each year to be in this situation, so we’re fortunate to be here, and we look forward to it.”

    (On if he’s talked to S Aeneas Williams about his future)
    “No. That’s way too premature. I know deep down inside he really wants to play. I had a discussion with him last week, and I think down deep inside, he knows that it would be very difficult for him to play. At that time we talked about it to some extent. We’re just not going to put him in jeopardy like that. We’ll just see when the season is over how he is managing. He’ll decide what he wants...
    -01-01-2005, 05:00 AM
  • RamWraith
    Martz on the Mike
    by RamWraith
    Thursday, September 30, 2004

    (Injury update)
    “Chris Dishman is questionable. When they did the MRI here the other day, there was no damage to the capsule, fortunately, or to the muscle, or ligaments. It was just a strained capsule. We should be able to get him back in short order. Just how soon, I don’t know. How much he can do this week will probably be limited, we’ll just have to get a feel for that. Arlen Harris, who did play the rest of the game on a strained hamstring, is also listed as questionable, and we will just have to see where he is. I would expect we would have him in some capacity, but we’ll just have to see. Then Tony Newson, with the ankle sprain, what they call a ‘grade two’, is questionable, and probably, we won’t have him. We do get DeJuan Groce back. We do get Trev Faulk back. These two guys have looked real good here in the last few days, and Trev now is almost 100 percent with that hamstring (injury). And DeJuan, with that knee (injury), looks pretty good and should practice today. That helps us a great deal on defense with another linebacker and another corner.”

    (On preparing for San Francisco)
    “San Francisco week, as you all know, is a special week for us. It’s a divisional game that has been our long-standing rivalry. We are excited about it. Defensively, they have done a good job over the years. They have really proven their speed defensively, probably over the last four or five years. Bryant Young, right now, is playing the best football that I have ever seen him play. He is absolutely outstanding. Obviously, Julian Peterson, Derek Smith, and (Jeff) Ulbrich, the linebacking crew is as good as you will find in football. I think they are outstanding. They have real good speed on defense, and they do a good job of matching up. Offensively, I would expect (Tim) Rattay to start at quarterback. Everything we hear, anyway, sounds like he will start. Kevan Barlow, as we all know, can be a very explosive and physical runner. He is a threat to go the distance at anytime. We have seen him do it. It doesn’t get any better than this. An old time rival, early in the season, at San Francisco, and it’s a Sunday night game. We’re excited about it.”

    (On where S Aeneas Williams will be playing)
    “Aeneas will be going back to safety, with DeJuan Groce back at corner. Aeneas spent so much time getting himself ready to play safety, and has played so well in terms of his keys, breaks on the ball, lining guys up, making calls, and then to move out to corner is very disruptive. It’s a totally different world out there. That’s a hard thing to ask somebody to do, but we were at a bind at that point. Going back to safety, I’m sure he’s relieved. I haven’t talked to him about it, but I’m sure he’s excited. He had a lot of pass break-ups on plays where you didn’t expect a free safety to make a play, early in the year.”

    (On if San Francisco’s...
    -09-30-2004, 11:58 AM
  • RamDez
    Head Coach Mike Martz
    by RamDez
    Head Coach Mike Martz
    Friday, October 22, 2004

    (Injury Update)
    “It looks like Travis Fisher will practice this week. We’ll get him into the mix. Jimmy Kennedy will practice to some extent. We’ll see how he is out there on the field. He has conditioned and ran real well over the past week or two. We’ll give him some individual drills to see where he is, and measure his progress by how sore he is tomorrow. Other than that, we are in pretty good shape. Jeff Wilkins is nursing a sore ankle from an ankle sprain. We won’t know for a few days what we will do. It’ll come down to the wire on Sunday to see how he is. Tyoka still remains questionable with that hamstring. He’s not quite there yet, so we have a couple of days to see (where he is). We are starting to get people back , which is always a good thing.”

    (On Miami)
    “This is a short week and we head to Miami. This defense, a week ago, was the number one rated defense in the National Football League, and now they are two or four. But whatever it is, they are very substantial on defense, like they always are. Offensively, they have struggled somewhat. They have a lot of injuries, but they have moved the ball well enough to score points and win.”

    (On the difficulties of finding a kicker at this point of the season)
    “I think it’s all relative to what he has been doing. When we worked (Jeff Chandler) out, he was fine. I’m just going to make the assumption that he is ready to go if we need him.”

    (On getting Jimmy Kennedy and Travis Fisher back)
    “We were starting to wear down on the defensive line, with Tyoka out, and particularly on the inside having Jimmy (Kennedy) back, I mean that is a big man. If he can pick up where he left off, so to speak, which will be hard to do. I don’t know when he will be back, completely, but I’m really excited about his attitude and his approach to getting back here as fast as he can. In terms of (Travis) Fisher, he was playing so well when he broke his arm, that we feel he is a top-flight corner. And it looks like he should be ready to go, which will help us tremendously in the secondary.”

    (On Travis Fisher’s play before he was injured)
    “When he broke his arm in that preseason game against Kansas City, he was playing as well as he’s ever played. To have three corners like we have healthy, that’s quite an advantage. Most teams have two really outstanding corners, and with him, we feel like we have three substantial starters and we’re excited about that.”

    (On the Dolphins)
    “A few years ago we were sitting in here at 0-5. The Oakland Raiders came in here, and they were the best team in the National Football League at the time. They led the league in both offense and defense, they led the league in both categories. We played them and we beat them handily. You just don’t know. There are no breathers in this league. It just doesn’t exist. This will be...
    -10-23-2004, 01:53 AM