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    Saturday, December 4, 2004

    DT Jimmy Kennedy

    (On the defensive line setting the tempo)
    “Right now, as a team, our backs are against the wall. We have to see how we are going to respond. Are we going to come out fighting, or are guys going to go into the tank? I look in a bunch of guys’ eyes and know that they want to come out fighting. So from here on out, we are just trying to go out there, make the playoffs, win the division, and make the long run.”

    (On 49er week)
    “We know we are playing the *****, and I think a lot of guys are putting in the extra time on film. We know who are opponent is, but right now we are really trying to fix the mistakes that we are making. Coach Martz always preaches at us, that it’s not about the other team, it’s about us, and right now we are shooting ourselves in the foot. So we really need to bounce back, and really show what type of team we are.”

    (On how his recovery from his foot injury has been)
    “It’s been a battle. It’s a tough battle. I’ve been fighting through the soreness, and the scar tissue breaking up and having to go out there and practice. The way I feel now, is that I missed so much time that even if it’s sore, I still want to be out there on the field. So it’s definitely a tough battle right now.”

    (On if his foot is still sore)
    “Here and there. Just from switching from outside on the field, to indoor turf, to going to the stadium turf, it is just the different surfaces that creates a different kind of feeling. Sometimes it hurts, sometimes it bothers me when I plant, sometimes it hurts when I’m just running.”

    WR Torry Holt

    (On preparing the week after a loss)
    “It’s not (fun), and it’s been a consistent thing. It’s like, ‘oh, shoot, we need to go and watch this debacle (in films).’ We, as a collective group of players and coaches, need to continue to stick with one another, stay focused, and keep our eyes on our goals regardless of where we are. We are where we are. Our record is what it is, but we still have an opportunity left to finish up strong and move forward.”

    (On the Rams’ offense)
    “I think we are real close. We need to go ahead and get it before it’s too late. With some of the shuffling that we’ve done on the offensive line, and guys getting hurt, and still being able to put up the numbers and move the ball the way we move the ball, I think is very impressive. That’s a good sign for us to say, ‘Hey, we put it together.’ Like myself last week with the two offsides. If I can stay onsides, hold my water and stay focused that would help us get better in the red zone. There are a lot of positive things we can take from these weeks, it’s just a matter of putting it together for these last five (weeks) and trying to make a run.”

    (On the *****’ secondary)
    “I see a secondary that (has) a lot of guys that we don’t recognize, but they are still coming out and playing hard. An interesting stat was given to us the other day, that they are the number one defense in our division. A lot of people say that our division is weak, and it probably is because there’s no consistency, but still (their defense) is good. We will be challenged for four quarters, and it’s up to us, as an offense, to meet that challenge. If we are on our game and doing the necessary things that we know we can do, and what we’ve shown at time (we should be able to score). Again, we need to run the ball effectively. I think with Steven (Jackson) coming in that will be good. He’s should be excited and enthused. So he should be running like a maniac, which will be good for us. I think that would continue to get the offensive line more confidence and get them to open more holes for him. And hopefully, we can get eight men in the box, and then get some one-on-ones on the outside. Those are some of the things we are looking for, but if not and we get Cover Two, we just have to go to our Cover Two beaters and run the best possible route to get open.”

    (On RB Steven Jackson)
    “I’m really looking forward to seeing how he handles this for four straight quarters. It will be different. I know last year when he played (The University of) Pittsburgh he had 33 totes. It will be challenging for him, but it will be good for him. He’s a big kid. He’s excited (about starting). He’s not running from the opportunity. He doesn’t feel like there’s a lot of pressure on him. He’s just going to go out there and play football.”

    RB Steven Jackson

    (On starting against the *****)
    “I’m very excited. This is something I’ve waited for since I joined this organization. I feel a lot of pressure on me right now, but I think I’m going to stand tall and handle it pretty well.”

    (On if it has been tough playing as a backup)
    “It’s been difficult, but at the same time it has given me a chance to get my feet wet. I’ve been able to participate in all of the games this year, so it’s not like I’m coming in with cold feet. I know what to expect. I had a good game against these guys earlier this year, so I’m coming into a situation that’s fairly easy for me.”

    (On being physically fresh)
    “I don’t have a ton of carries. I can come in with fresh legs and just enter the field. That’s my style of play. I’ll get those knick-knack yards in the beginning of the game, and as the game progresses on, I’ll wear down the defense. That’s where my big gains come from. As long as we can stay in the ball game and run the ball successfully, that’s something that could very well happen.”

    (On providing the team with a spark)
    “We need to change up a little, and I have an opportunity to do that. To get this offense, and this team a different approach is something unorthodox that we do. Hopefully we can get back on our winning ways.”

    QB Marc Bulger

    (On staying healthy throughout the season thus far)
    “Every guy is playing with pain, it’s not that I’m tough. Everyone in the NFL is tough. You deal with the same thing in college, even more I think because the lines are not as good and your protections aren’t as good. Injuries are usually freak accidents in the NFL, twisted knees and little things. It’s not like you get hit and you just break. If you can avoid freak injuries you should be alright.”

    (On his blitz pick-up)
    “We saw every blitz (Green Bay) threw at us. I don’t know what the stats were, but I think we went incomplete on two, but the rest of them, six or seven, we hit for pretty big gains. When you get to that point it’s nice, because it makes them back off a little bit, and it lets other teams know that you can pick it up. At the same time, if you are good at it you want other teams to blitz you so you can get those big gains. But I definitely feel more comfortable this year. Shaun (McDonald) and Kevin (Curtis) have done a great job, not only do I have to recognize (the blitz), but they have to recognize some things to break off their routes, and they have.”

    (On if he looks forward to teams blitzing him)
    “I think last year, and more so in 2002, if I saw a lot of color coming from one side, I would just look for a hot (route) guy or a quick throw. I didn’t know why, but I knew I had to get rid of the ball. I think now I understand what’s the best option. It’s not just that I’m looking for my hitch. Now I can understand why I want to go to a crossing route, or why I want to take a hitch. Then you get more yards and you are more successful beating the blitz. And like I said, I look forward to it now.”

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  • RamWraith
    Lots of good team quotes for the week
    by RamWraith
    Head Coach Scott Linehan

    September 19, 2007

    (Opening Remarks)

    “Drew (Bennett), he got all of practice in so there shouldn’t be any issue with him playing this week. He was limited some, but just because we kept him out of things. Marc (Bulger) had full participation in practice. He was limited a little bit in his throwing, but he should be fine. Tye Hill did not practice. Richie Incognito did not practice. Claude Terrell had full practice and Pisa (Tinoisamoa) was limited. We’re headed in the right direction as far as getting guys back on the field. There shouldn’t be any surprises, hopefully we don’t have another Thursday like we had last week. Tomorrow we should be okay.”

    (On G Milford Brown)

    “He’s fine. There was no problem with him recovering from post game. He was a lot better yesterday and he went full today.”

    (On T Alex Barron’s attributes)

    “His athleticism. He’s ability to match up against speed. He has enough size to anchor. The ends aren’t getting any smaller these days. You go against some pretty incredible athletes over there. He’s been going against some pretty good ones on the other side. It’s kind of 50-50. He’s at the blind side of a right-handed quarterback. That’s very important for your quarterback knowing he’s going to see things to his right and to his left. He has to count on that guy and Alex’s No. 1 ability is to pass protect. He’s become a lot better run blocker as he’s progressed in his career. His overall talent. He’s really improved since he’s played for us in the last two years, and certainly since he came in the league.”

    (On how to reduce the number of hits on the quarterback)

    “You have to do it. The No. 1 best way to protect your quarterback is the run game. We have to get our run game going. It has not been satisfactory in the first two games. That has to be our strength – for our football team to run the ball offensively and to stop the run defensively. If you get your run game going there is a certain amount of respect that the defense gives the run game and it definitely helps your pass protection and puts you in better third-down position which is critical when you get in third-and-long or extra long. It gets the defensive ends; I know our defense is much, much better, when we get in those long-area situations because we’re equipped that way as far as our speed and all that. Until we do that it’s going to be a concern. There are other ways, protection schemes. It’s not always match protecting or keeping lots of people in. There is timing of routes. Everyone knows we have a deeper design to a number of our plays, but we have to pick and chose when we do those as well.”

    (On averaging 5-6 yards a carry for a short period of time in each of the first two games)

    “We’ve managed...
    -09-19-2007, 03:56 PM
  • RamWraith
    Locker Room Quotes
    by RamWraith
    Wednesday, January 5, 2005

    S Adam Archuleta

    (On how it feels to be in the playoffs)
    "This is three times in four years for me. It's definitely a better feeling than going home and being in Arizona right now. Which definitely could have happened. It feels good, especially after everything that we have been through, to get a chance to go on."

    (On his back)
    "It is what it is. It's a situation where I have had to pretty much battle it out, and grind it out throughout the end of the year. Really the only thing that is going to help is rest and rehabilitation. It's been manageable, I've been able to play and get through it, and it's starting to feel better. But Just like any injury, there's setbacks. It's just football, it's NFL football. I think it is evident that I haven't been as physical (this year). I'm not a guy who is going to sit here and make excuses, and say, 'the back has done this, and it's affected me this way,' because I still have a responsibility to my teammates and this organization to go out there and do my job. I know that I haven't forgot how to play football, to be physical, and how to run around and fly around. It just doesn't happen overnight. I have to say that due to not being able to workout throughout the season, my body going a little bit downhill, and not having that explosion and that pop, I have to say that it has been a factor."

    (On how he hurt his back originally)
    "It was in training camp. I had a back twinge. It was kind of my fault, I tend to overlook little injuries. Throughout my career they've always kind of gone away and taken care of themselves. So I really didn't say anything about it. This time it just kept getting worst. After the Arizona game I went to (Rams' Athletic Trainer) Jim (Anderson) and said, 'Jim, my back is really tightened up, it's really starting to bother me.' Then we took the MRI and saw that there were some disc issues, and it just kind of snowballed from there. So it's a little bit of my fault for not taking care of it when it first started acting up, and just kind of let it get out of control."

    (On how frustrating his injury is)
    "Like I said, it's frustrating because I have an obligation to my teammates. That's what they expect out of me, and that's what I was brought here to do. When I don't bring that style of play, when I don't bring that intimidating physical presence to the defense, to me I feel like I let everybody down. It's hard to look at the guys in their eyes when I had an opportunity to make a play and I didn't make a play. It's hard as a football player, and it's been difficult."

    (On if will be back to 100% next year)
    "I'm fine. Trust me, this won't happen again. I've learned a lot about how to take care of my body through this experience. I just can't ignore things, and put them...
    -01-06-2005, 05:27 AM
  • RamWraith
    Linehan and others comments
    by RamWraith
    Rams Head Coach Scott Linehan

    September 17, 2008

    (Opening Remarks)

    The out players are (WR) (Drew) Bennett and (WR) (Keenan) Burton. Burton did have the scope yesterday afternoon, everything went great, wasn’t anything more than what we thought. He’ll be out for the bye right now for him, we’ll see where he is at that point. (G) (Jacob) Bell and (DE) (Leonard) Little were limited in practice as far as their participation, but we’ll know probably by Friday, I would think, it might be a gameday decision, but probably by Friday.”

    (On if there’s any lineup changes)

    “Not anything yet. Even if we did we wouldn’t announce it.”

    (On if there are going to more changes on the offensive side of the ball)

    “Kicker. We’re not going to play (K) Josh Brown, he’s just too nervous going back to Seattle.”

    (On why he doesn’t want to announce any of lineup changes)

    “I don’t see an upside about having any personnel changes in what we do the week before. I don’t think there’s any upside to it as far as, given the information, it has nothing to do with giving it to you guys it has more for what we’re doing for the gameplan.”

    (On the snowball effect of losing consecutive games and what’s different this week)

    “Because we’ve only played two games. Really, every year is a different schedule and timing of things, all that stuff, and we didn’t play particularly well in our first two games, but we played two tough opponents that were probably preseason, Super Bowl, got a lot of accolades as to what they were going to do. We would like to be sitting here in a better situation after two games, but also knowing who we played, and it’s not like it's getting any easier, but I just feel, this is our first division game. Really all the goals we’ve set for our team are right in front of us at this point in the season. Every season, in my lifetime and it might be different for other people, but in my lifetime, has just had a unique feel or flavor to it and this will be no different in my opinion. The guys have been really, really responsive to rebounding and so we’ll see, but I just have a good feeling about it.”

    (On the atmosphere and attitude on the first day of the work week)

    “That’s great; actually it was really good. I didn’t expect any different, but you still have to see. Everybody in the building has to be consistent in that way and I think it’s been outstanding. Again, it’s early and we’d like to go back and have a couple do-overs, but that’s not the way life is and that’s definitely not the way football is so if we can keep our head and wits about us, we can really, really get something going at this point because it’s still early in the season and we’re in a good spot. We haven’t played in...
    -09-18-2008, 04:21 AM
  • RamWraith
    Coach Scott Linehan December, 1, 2006
    by RamWraith
    Head Coach Scott Linehan

    December, 1, 2006

    (Opening Statement and injury report)

    “Everything is set; I don’t think there are any changes on our injury report. Nobody got any worse and the same guys are still out and I think that everybody we expect will be up.”

    (On Cardinals RB Edgerrin James not getting many carries in last week’s game)

    “I think they’ve been in some of those weird games like we were in a couple of weeks ago. I think they certainly intended on running more last week. I know it looked like they checked out of a lot of runs and got behind. Not many teams have run the ball very well against Minnesota, so they went with the same plan a lot of people had been doing and threw the ball. He’s still very dangerous and he got into a pretty decent rhythm and ran the ball pretty well against us last time, so that’s really what we’re looking at.”

    (On G Adam Timmerman’s status)

    “I think he’s fine. I don’t think he feels any different than he did last week. I think yesterday’s day off helped him. He’s beat up a little bit, so he’s just going to have to get as well as he can and get as many snaps as he can on Sunday.”

    (On Adam Goldberg’s performance in last week’s game)

    “He played a long series and played well. That’s the natural spot for him on the right side. He’s played that primarily and most of his time was at right guard and tackle, so he looked very comfortable there when he played.”

    (On WR Willie Ponder returning kicks on Sunday)

    “Right now that’s the plan, to have him up and return unless something happens between now and Sunday as far as our depth. But I’d like to have him up.”

    (On University of Minnesota basketball coach Dan Monson’s resignation)

    “I did talk to him last night. I’m as always disappointed for anybody in this profession because I know how much time and energy people put into it. But sometimes things don’t work out. He did it right there. He went in and took over a program that was decimated by scandal and losing scholarships. He lost his two or three best players after their sophomore years and one after his freshman year. He had a hard road, but he battled and he’ll land on his feet. I told him just to be proud every time he sees the Gonzaga team playing well because he was the person that set that up. He’ll land on his feet and do a great job for whoever hires him.”

    (On his team’s readiness for Sunday’s game)

    “I think it’s very good. We’re certainly building off the momentum that we gained from the game last week, we’re excited to play at home again, and it’s certainly a big division game. There’s kind of a new life and new energy around here, so I’d be surprised if we didn’t play well on...
    -12-01-2006, 06:06 PM
  • RamWraith
    Locker Room Qoutes
    by RamWraith
    Thursday, September 30, 2004

    QB Marc Bulger

    (On preparing for the San Francisco game)
    “I think with them starting out the way they have, and obviously with our record, it’s almost a must-win game. We had two good games last year, overtime here, then they got us pretty good out there. But it’s always a good game between these two organizations, and being a division game, it’s pretty important.”

    (On playing at San Francisco)
    “Last week, the way they got beat in Seattle, that’s not indicative of how good of a team they have. Just from watching some of their defense, they move around pretty well, and they have some incredible guys over there. It’s going to be a tough challenge this week.”

    (On the Rams’ offensive style)
    “I think everyone would like to see us run the ball more, the players, and I’m sure Coach Martz too. But what I think what he meant was, if the pass is all that is going for us, than that’s what we are going to stick with. Whatever it takes to win, whether we run it every down, or pass it every down, as long as we win that’s all we care about in here. I think that’s the point that he’s trying to convey.”

    (On if the team is in panic mode)
    “We are not in a panic. We know there is urgency in the situation we are in. I know how upset the fans get, and how upset everyone gets, but nobody wants to win more than us. The problem with that is if we dwell on the loss Sunday too much, then we won’t be prepared for San Francisco. We know they are getting ready right now, and if we are still worrying about last Sunday, then we will be in for a long game this Sunday. We made our corrections. You hate to say you had to move on, but you have to move on.”

    (On if he has a good read on the ***** defense)
    “They do a lot of coverages, and have a lot of different fronts. We played against pretty much all of those guys last year, so personnel-wise, we know them.”

    (On if their defense is different now that Jim Mora is not the defensive coordinator)
    “They do a lot of zone blitzing. (Mora) was probably a little more aggressive. That was just his style. They will still dial it up, and we will have to be prepared for a lot of things. Every week, some things you prepare for they don’t do, and some things you didn’t think they would do, they do. So we are just preparing for everything.”

    DE Leonard Little

    (On the defense not having a turnover)
    “That’s the way it is sometimes. It will turn around for us. We’ll start to get some turnovers and get our offense on the field a little more. We started 1-2 last year and people put us in the same position last year at this time, so we just need to come out and play our game.”

    (On if the defense hasn’t been as aggressive as last year)
    “No, we just made some mental mistakes. It’s not like people...
    -09-30-2004, 11:58 AM