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  • How do you...

    ...go back to Faulk after a performance like that of Jackson's against one of the best run defenses in the league.

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    Re: How do you...

    Are the Whiners one of the top rushing defenses?


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      Re: How do you...

      Coming into the game, they were tied for 6th in the NFL allowing 3.7 yards per carry, so Jackson's 4.6 yards per carry on 26 carries (not to mention 3 receptions for 30 yards) is pretty good.


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        Re: How do you...

        Ah, well that is pretty impressive then. I was looking at average yards allowed per game, and they were middle of the pack. But to get nearly a yard per carry above their average is pretty good.


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          Re: How do you...

          On the year...

          100 carries
          496 yards

          He's ready to be "the man" in the Ram backfield.


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            Re: How do you...

            Originally posted by RamWraith
            ...go back to Faulk after a performance like that of Jackson's against one of the best run defenses in the league.
            Good question RamWraith, but I still like having the option of having both running backs on the field at the same time. It opens up lots of options.

            Jackson has proved that he can carry a bigger piece of the running game today. Some nice moves and power.


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              Re: How do you...

              agree Utter. I would like to see Faulk a third down back and/or in the slot for more plays with Jackson in the backfield.


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                Re: How do you...

                Jackson starts, Faulk becomes another option at third receiver when healthy.


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                  Re: How do you...

                  Jackson's the man, let's keep it that way.


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                    Re: How do you...

                    RamWraith ,i usually tend to agree with you but,on this one i must admit that i cannot! Don't the ***** have a soft schedule?i'm going to do some research on this matter! On paper the Rams passing attack is pretty much unstoppable wouldn't you say?
                    Sometimes stats are a bit misleading!


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                    • ramsanddodgers
                      Okay, Jackson ran for 1,042 yards
                      by ramsanddodgers
                      and only 16 Running Backs had more than 1,000 while another 4 had 900+.

                      The question is, is 1,000 yards still the goal that it used to be?

                      I realize that in today's NFL where the passing game is so much more relied upon that it may be harder to get enough carries to get the yards but one need only average 62.5 yards a game to get the 1,000.

                      Averaging 75 yards a game will get one 1,200 yards and 93.75 will garner 1,500.

                      Is it time to set a loftier goal for "premiere" runners or is 1,000 yards still going to be the 'magic number?
                      -01-02-2009, 10:10 PM
                    • HUbison
                      Ineffective running game???
                      by HUbison
                      I'm not sure where the notion is coming from that our running game has been so blatently ineffective that Martz has to pass on 80% of the plays as he did against the 'aints. Our running game is 7th in yards per attempt at 4.7 yards per carry. We are one of only five teams that have no runs for more than 20 yards. (Translation: there aren't a couple of 60,70, or 80 yard anomaly runs skewing that yards per carry average.) Yet we are dead last in runs per game. And we have the lowest run-pass ratio in the NFL. Why must our run-pass ratio be so low?

                      Some teams that are traditional passing teams, like Green Bay (who run 45.9% of the time, 3.9 ypc) you can understand. Or teams like Dallas (36.3%, 4.0 ypc) & Cincinnati (41.5%, 3.8 ypc), who are new-found passing teams. For that matter, there are the teams that are forced to pass more because of suspect RBs like Arizona (42.0%, 3.3 ypc), Philly (37.3%, 4.6 ypc), Miami (38.5%, 2.1 ypc), Tampa (35.2%, 3.5 ypc) or Detroit (43.7%, 3.5 ypc).

                      And yet, with Faulk & Jackson and their combined 4.7 ypc (which is higher than every team mentioned above), we run less (34.5%) than any of them.

                      Again I ask, why are we not running the ball?
                      -09-27-2004, 08:56 AM
                    • ramsplaya16
                      did you know...
                      by ramsplaya16
                      that many professional NFL analyst's say that Steven Jackson is going to be the rushing yard leader this season with 2000+ yards? what do you guys think?
                      i say 3rd place with 1600
                      -05-26-2006, 08:43 PM
                    • evil disco man
                      Early Season Stats
                      by evil disco man
                      Here's where the Rams are, statistically, after only two weeks of play. I thought this might be interesting, considering the inconsistency around the league.

                      *Despite numerous injuries to the secondary, the Rams are 6th overall in pass defense, but opposing offenses have only passed the ball 48 times, tied for second least in the league. Quarterbacks have completed 66.7% of their passes against the Rams, tied for fourth worst.

                      *The rushing defense, predictably enough, is 29th overall. They've given up an average of 5.7 yards per rush, 31st in the NFL.

                      *The total defense has allowed 6 yards per play, tied for fifth worst.

                      *The kicking teams are awful, averaging 15.3 yards per kick return (4th worst), and Shaun McDonald averages 3.7 yards per return taking back punts. Meanwhile, the Rams have allowed 25.2 yards per kick return and 10.5 per punt return.

                      *A year after leading the NFL in takeaways, the Rams are the only team in the league without a takeaway. Only two teams have one takeaway.

                      *Despite being -5 in turnover ratio (second worst), the Rams' offense ranks 9th in total yardage. The group is tied for 4th with 6.3 yards per play.

                      *They are middle-of-the-pack on third down (41.7%) but 2-for-2 on fourth down.

                      *The offense is tied for 6th most penalties.

                      *The passing offense is ranked 5th with 522 yards and the 72.3% completion rate is 3rd best. They average 8.57 yards per pass.

                      *The rushing offense has totaled 206 yards, ranked 22nd. However, they are tied for 8th overall with 4.6 yards per rush. The fact that they've had (only?) 45 rushing attempts (tied for 6th least), explains the difference. They are one of ten teams without a 20+ yard run so far.

                      *The team has scored only 3 touchdowns - 2 passing, 1 rushing.

                      *Aeneas Williams leads the defensive team with 15 tackles. Adam Archuleta comes next with 13 total tackles.

                      *Marc Bulger is ranked 7th overall with a 95.5 quarterback rating.

                      *Torry Holt and Isaac Bruce are 2nd and 3rd in the NFL with 217 and 214 receiving yards, clearly placing them as the top receiving duo in the league. They are also 2nd and 3rd in receptions, but Bruce (17) beats Holt (16) by one.

                      *The only players who have registered a sack are Pisa Tinoisamoa, Bryce Fisher, and Damione Lewis.

                      *Only five players - Torry Holt, Isaac Bruce, Dane Looker, Marshall Faulk, and Shaun McDonald - have a reception after two games.

                      *Steven Jackson is averaging 6 yards per rush (10/60).

                      *The Rams have 5 more first downs (41) than their opponents (35).

                      *The playcalling ratio has been 41% run plays, 59% pass plays.
                      -09-22-2004, 06:05 PM
                    • Guest's Avatar
                      257 yards rushing
                      by Guest
                      Skins had 257 yards rushing and we had 49 yards rushing. Jackson had 24, Fitz had 22, and Faulk 3 (1 carry).

                      Fitz 21-36 163 yards passing and Brunell 14-21 156 yards. I thought Fitz did as well as Brunell did today and Brunell was sacked 0 times and rarely hurried. Average game for Fitz considering OL and no running game.
                      -12-04-2005, 05:47 PM