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    Big Game very quietly amassed 160 yards on ten catches today, including a touchdown. On a day when most people were focused on Steven Jackson and the running game, Holt had his best game of the season in terms of receptions and yards.

    Holt now has 935 receiving yards and seven touchdowns on the season. Isaac Bruce has 1044 yards and four touchdowns on the season. Ladies and gentlemen, it would appear that the days of having two thousand yard receivers have returned... unless, God forbid, Holt fails to get 65 receiving yards over the next four games.

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    Re: Torry Holt

    They are truely amazing !

    The best the RAMS have seen since Ellard and Anderson were tearing it up.
    By far the best tandem in football the last 4 years. :ramlogo:


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    • RamWraith
      T. Holt: A Historical Perspective
      by RamWraith
      By Bernie Miklasz 12/18/2007 7:09 pm

      Congrats to Torry Holt on being voted into the Pro Bowl for the seventh time.

      Holt has earned another award in what has been a special career, and he’s on a firm path to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

      Even in this day and age of inflated receiving stats by NFL wideouts, Holt stands out.

      Here’s an appreciation of T. Holt, by the numbers:

      Holt reached 10,000 and 11,000 yards receiving faster than any player in NFL history.

      Holt is the only player in NFL history to record six consecutive years of at least 1,300 yards receiving. (That ended in 2006).

      Holt has eight consecutive seasons of at least 1,000 yards receiving; in NFL history only Jerry Rice (11) and Tim Brown (9) have turned in a longer stretch of 1,000-yard seasons.

      Holt is averaging 83.8 yards receiving per game, and that ranks No. 1 in NFL history. To put that into perspective, Jerry Rice averaged 75.6 yards per game.

      Holt ranks 19th in NFL history for most catches (795). But it took all members of that Top 20 list at least 10 seasons to break the Top 20; Holt did it in nine seasons. And among the receivers on that Top 20 list for most catches, Holt has played the fewest amount of games (140). Next season, Holt should crack the Top 10. If so, Holt will have gotten there in his 10th season; the other Top 10 guys needed at least 12 seasons to climb that chart.

      Holt ranks 18th in NFL history in receiving yards (11,730). Again, he made the Top 20 in fewer seasons and games than all the other names on the list. He has an outside chance to bust into the Top 10 next season, and is headed to the Top 5. But as he makes his way up the yardage list, Holt is racing against two contemporaries, Randy Moss and Terrell Owens. But Holt has been more consistent than Moss and Owens and he’s never disrupted his teams with poor behavior or a lax attitude.

      Holt is tied for 27th in NFL history for most touchdown receptions (71), but needs only 17 more to push into the Top 10.

      Holt is consistent and durable; he’s missed only two regular-season games since entering the NFL in 1999.

      Holt is the most prolific receiver of Decade 2000. Since the turn of the century, he has the most receptions (743) for the most yards (10,942). He has the most first downs by a receiver (515). He’s fourth in touchdown catches (65) and big-play receptions of 25 yards or more (86).

      Since the coaching change from Mike Martz to Scott Linehan, Holt’s rate of production has slowed some. He averaged around 86 yards receiving per game under Martz; since Linehan became head coach in 2006, Holt has averaged about 75 yards per game.

      And a sore knee has cooled his jets a bit. Holt’s average YAC (yards after catch) has dropped to 2.4 yards this season. That equals his career low (2.4...
      -12-19-2007, 06:40 AM
    • Nick
      Congratulations to Torry Holt
      by Nick
      Just heard on the Fox Post-Game Show...

      -First 3 TD game of his NFL career

      -Fastest WR in NFL History to 10,000 career receiving yards
      -10-15-2006, 01:32 PM
    • RamWraith
      Another Big Game for Holt
      by RamWraith
      Monday, February 14, 2005

      By Nick Wagoner
      Staff Writer

      For Torry Holt, lining up alongside superstar wide receivers has become old hat. His running mate since he entered the league is another All Pro, Isaac Bruce. Even with another Pro Bowler teaming with him, Holt has been able to post some impressive numbers.

      So, it came as no surprise when the receiver known as “Big Game” had another one in Sunday’s Pro Bowl. Playing with the likes of Carolina’s Mushin Muhammad and Green Bay’s Javon Walker, Holt managed to catch five passes for 99 yards to lead all receivers.

      In an ironic twist, Atlanta quarterback Michael Vick, the man who was one of the biggest thorns in the side of the Rams this season, hit Holt for a 27-yard touchdown in the third quarter.

      Holt earned his spot on the Pro Bowl team after Philadelphia’s Terrell Owens was ruled out because of an ankle injury. Based on Holt’s season, though, there was little doubt that he belonged in his fourth Pro Bowl. He had 94 catches for 1,372 yards and 10 touchdowns.

      Holt has made his presence felt in recent years, staking his claim as one of, if not the best receiver in the league. Holt became the first player in NFL history to have 1,300 receiving yards in five straight seasons.

      “Once the season is over I will get a chance to sit back, have a drink or something, and just sit back and chill, and just think about what has taken place,” Holt said after setting the mark. “But the time that I have had a chance to think about it, it's a tremendous honor. A lot of great receivers came through the NFL, and are coming through the NFL now. For me to be able to do that is a testament to my dedication, my hard work, to Coach (Martz) believing in me, to my teammates believing me, and the guys helping me and encouraging me to go on everyday and be productive. It's a tremendous honor, but I needed help to get there. When I got the record, I thanked my teammates, because they helped me be able to go get that record."

      There was probably no better time than his stay in Hawaii for the Pro Bowl that reflection. Holt has put himself in elite company in the history of the league, not just among current players.

      To wit, Holt has more receiving yards than any player in the league since 2000 with 7,368, more than 400 yards ahead of his closest competition (Marvin Harrison of Indianapolis). He is third in touchdown receptions (33) since 1999. In his first six seasons in the NFL, Holt ranks only behind Randy Moss with 33 100-yard receiving games.

      Although his numbers this season might not have been at the level they were last year, Holt might have been better. For the first time in his relatively young career, defensive coverages began to be aimed directly at Holt, making what he did accomplish that much more satisfying.

      "This is the first year...
      -02-14-2005, 04:36 PM
    • RamWraith
      Some Holt numbers form USA Today
      by RamWraith
      Holt limits theatrics to field
      Updated 8/17/2006

      Jerry Rice has the most 1,300-yard seasons by a receiver in NFL history with seven. The active NFL receivers with the most 1,300-yard seasons:
      Torry Holt, St. Louis 6
      Randy Moss, Oakland 5
      Marvin Harrison, Indianapolis 4
      Isaac Bruce, St. Louis 3
      Joe Horn, New Orleans 3
      Terrell Owens, Dallas 3
      Rod Smith, Denver 2
      Anquan Boldin, Arizona 2
      Chad Johnson, Cincinnati 2
      Eric Moulds, Houston 2

      By Tom Weir, USA TODAY
      ST. LOUIS — In the NFL's depth chart-obsessed world, the pecking order usually is easy to detect. No matter what the exercise, the starters and stars almost always go first.

      But when St. Louis Rams receivers go through their drills at training camp, Torry Holt always is the last guy in line. Behind the third-string guys, even behind the undrafted scrubs who are almost certain to get cut.

      "I've always done that," Holt says. "There's no particular reason. I've just never been one to step to the front. I just fall to the back and do my rep."

      That attitude perhaps best explains why Holt also remains in the background when it comes to discussing the NFL's top receivers, even though he's working on an NFL-record string of six consecutive 1,300-yard seasons.

      In Cincinnati, Chad Johnson has gold-capped front teeth and "The List" of which defenders he plans to burn next. In Indianapolis, Marvin Harrison has "The Salute," his rigid touchdown celebration. And what really needs to be said about Terrell Owens?

      "I've been hearing that for so long now, I don't even think about trying to get the notoriety of a national star," says Holt, whose touchdowns are followed by a simple raising of his arms. "I just go out, and I play football."

      Holt doesn't begrudge his rivals their theatrics, but he also isn't pondering any style changes.

      "Those guys have got their own things going, they've got their own personalities," Holt says. "I applaud them. I like those guys. I like what they bring to the field. But that other stuff has just never been something that I thought about."

      And if he had to come up with a signature gesture?

      "I'd probably grab a group of 10-15 kids, and start teaching them the basics of the game," says Holt. "Do a little clinic right there on the field."

      To that end, Holt's primary offseason project was filming an instructional video with his brother Terrence, a safety for Detroit. It is due out in October, and likely will be titled either Big Game Receiving, or Essence of a True Receiver, Volume I.

      Rams running back Steven Jackson attests to Holt's teaching abilities. As a rookie in 2004, says Jackson:...
      -08-17-2006, 06:59 PM
    • RamDez
      Holt expects even bigger year
      by RamDez

      Holt expects even bigger year

      By R.B. Fallstrom
      Associated Press

      MACOMB, Ill. -- Torry Holt led the NFL with 117 receptions last year, and this year he sees room for improvement.

      If the NFL follows through on its plan to emphasize enforcement of its rule prohibiting downfield contact, the Rams' prolific wide receiver figures to be a beneficiary.

      "People say we should have better years because of the new rules they've put in," Holt said. "But I don't know if the rule is going to work until we get out there in the games.

      "I'm not really tripping over the new rule. I'm just trying to go out there and play the type of football I'm capable of playing."

      At the league meetings, owners approved enforcing existing rules focusing on illegal contact against receivers outside 5 yards from the line of scrimmage. Coach Mike Martz is on the competition committee and helped bring attention to the topic after receiving yardage per game -- 202 yards per team -- hit an 11-year low last season.

      Not that the extra contact has down much to slow down Holt. Last season his receptions total and 1,696 receiving yards both ranked in the top 10 in NFL history. He also had 10 100-yard receiving games -- a franchise record and only one shy of the NFL record.

      Last year was his fourth consecutive 1,000-yard receiving season.

      Yet, there's no sense of satisfaction. Holt came to training camp with a list of items he'd like to work on.

      "I'm looking to continue to improve my skills, continue to improve on my run after the catch, continue to work on coverage reception," Holt said. "There's some things I've got jotted down.

      "Hopefully, at the end of camp I'll have reached all of those and when the season starts I'll see where I'm at."

      The Rams expect another big year from Holt, who has put up huge numbers since he was taken with the sixth overall pick of the 1999 draft. Holt and teammate Isaac Bruce, who last season had 69 catches for 981 yards and five touchdowns, are perhaps the NFL's most dangerous receiving duo.

      Holt has made a steady ascent, going from 52 catches as a rookie to 81 in 2001 to 91 in 2002 to last year's career-high numbers.

      "Torry and Isaac come in in the same shape and the same way every year," quarterback Marc Bulger said. "That's going to be a given that those guys are going to be at All-Pro level."

      Holt, who routinely walks around with a big smile on his face, also is trying to show a more serious side at training camp. To demonstrate his commitment, he left at home his radio-controlled cars that filled much of his spare time in past seasons.

      "I didn't bring nothing this year," Holt said. "I'm surprised
      -08-02-2004, 01:48 PM