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Rams Comat Helmet From Iraq

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  • Rams Comat Helmet From Iraq

    A good friend of mine is in Iraq and he took time to send this email.
    He is a season ticket holder for the skins yet he lives in Bakersfield CA. ?
    (You will have to forgive his fan loyalities)

    Attached for your website, is a real Army issue Kevlar helmet, painted like a Rams NFL helmet, complete with US Flag and Tillman's #40.

    How they plan to hide in the desert is a mystery to me!

    Hail Redskins!

    I have been fired on, and have been recommended for an ARCOM with V device for taking charge and leading/escorting out 5 unarmed civilian contractors, two 1LTS a SGT, and over 400K in cash under fire. It seemed reflexive at the time. However, the brass sees it another way the enemy could have killed or captured any combination of us and walked away with 400k. I doubt it will be approved, it feels weird anyway, and I just did my job. The thing that surprises me is that I can hardly wait to get out there again. The adrenaline rush is intoxicating if not addictive.

    The Redskins suck worse than ever before. I am now a season ticket holder for the new DC baseball team too. I put down a deposit last week within minutes after they announced. I am rooting for the Steelers the rest of the season only after we play against them this Sunday.

    Your Hero,


    There must be a rams fan somewhere in iraq
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    Re: Rams Comat Helmet From Iraq

    Awesome post and helmet!
    Socrates: Surf to live! and Live to Surf!