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  • predictability

    I thing about yesterday and having Jackson in the mix is that for the past year or two I have been about 90% right on what kind of play the Rams were going to run. I would also be right about 50% of the time to which hole the run was going to. But yesterday, I couldn't do that. I was off about 90% of the time.

    I am not sure why things were different this time and whether Jackson changed things or not. But I do figure if I can see something in an offense so can other people. This could be the reason for the poor red zone percentage, and defenders being at the right place at the right time. Maybe Jackson will add something new to the mix and Martz will come up something more unpredictable, keeping defenses guessing like in years past.

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    Re: predictability

    I would guess that Martz was fairly conservative with his playcalling more because Chandler was in the game (and Williams couldn't block) than because of Jackson.


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      Re: predictability

      Originally posted by AvengerRam
      I would guess that Martz was fairly conservative with his playcalling more because Chandler was in the game (and Williams couldn't block) than because of Jackson.
      All that conservatism couldn't stop sMartz from trying a slant on 3 - 1 on Chandler's 2nd play instead of handing it to JackSome. Truly remarkable.


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        Re: predictability

        Good point adarian, that play call was bizarre to say the least.
        At that point of the game, The Big Boy was ramming through them on virtually every play. Run The Big Boy over The Big Man and if we cant make one yard there is not much you can say about our team.

        general counsel


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        • supachump
          Steve "Stutter Step" Jackson
          by supachump
          I don't know about anyone else, but I'm really tired of seeing Jackson take a couple of steps and then a stop before running again. He is losing all momentum and is only hurting his running game.

          Help me understand. Does he believe that he is faking out would-be-tacklers? If so, it isn't working very often.

          It is almost comical at times. He takes a few steps, jumps up and lands on both feet and then decides which way to go. Stop it!

          This guy is big and powerful, he needs to just run full speed into people -bowling them down like pins, not slow down and give the defense a better opportunity to pull him down.

          You are hurting yourself and helping the defense. STOP IT!!!
          -09-22-2008, 09:33 AM
        • general counsel
          Steven Jackson- Fourth Quarter
          by general counsel
          I apologize if this thread has already been posted and if so, mods please delete it. I have been working round the clock trying to close three deals at the same time and have had almost no time to post on the board (i did watch the game sunday of course).

          Can anyone tell me what in the world the Big Boy, bad groin and all and critical component to our offense and any shot we have of having a real season, was doing on the field carrying the ball during garbage time in the fourth quarter of a game we were losing by 30 points? Does anyone remember the debacle a couple of years back when jackson got hurt at the end of the dallas game when the outcome was long decided?

          The risk of injury to jackson is exactly the same on every carry. Arguably higher during garbage time when players are more likely to take cheap shots. What is the point of taking that risk when the outcome is long decided?

          It was a stupid uneeded risk by spags. I understand the point of wanting to show the team that they should play hard even though the game is effectively over. That does NOT require jackson to be on the field. Google the phrase "Accident waiting to happen" and you will see a highlight of Jackson running the ball in the fourth quarter of a 30 point game (regardless of whether we are winning or losing, the point is the same).

          Coaches claim we dont need a better backup? Most of us think that is flat our wrong, but exposing our superstar in the fourth quarter of a 30 point game has no rationale logic to it of any kind. The NFL is a 16 game war of attrition. There is absolutely nothing the rams can prove or win by having jackson on the field in that situation. However, they have plenty to lose. An upside vs downside analysis of risk and reward dictates that he be on the bench and getting ready for san diego next week in those circumstances.

          ramming speed to all

          general counsel
          -10-12-2010, 09:07 AM
        • RamWraith
          Coach could find his words coming back to haunt him
          by RamWraith
          By Bryan Burwell
          Of the Post-Dispatch

          For five years, Mike Martz has stood there firmly at his perch as the Rams unappreciated genius head coach, an unswerving example of pride and genius, arrogance and attitude, boldness and bravado. Even with his Super Bowl pedigree, he was forever the unloved interloper who could never do quite enough to erase the unpardonable sin of not being Dick Vermeil.

          There was always something about him that they just couldn't love, refused to embrace and loved to scorn. Yet through it all, Martz stood there defiantly defying convention, always doing it his way. It is what always intrigued me about Martz, always fascinated me with him. He was a man who spit at convention, railed against the status quo and broke convention with the zeal of a mad genius.

          Yet now, it seems that his greatest strengths have conspired against him. His defiance has become his biggest weakness. In these reeling times with his football team teetering on the edge of playoff extinction, Mike Martz is sounding a lot like a man who exposed himself fully to all his detractors.

          I admire his creative spirit and combative attitude. I did not believe this before, but I am wondering now how Martz can survive as the Rams head coach. If team president John Shaw was not thinking about firing him before, after listening to this odd performance at his Monday afternoon news conference, the thought has to be creeping into his mind.

          Martz used a 15-minute session with reporters to darned near condemn himself with his own words. In one odd stream of consciousness, he tried to explain why he chose to play quarterback Chris Chandler and didn't play rookie running back Steven Jackson. In doing so, his words spoke shocking volumes.

          Martz essentially admitted two things: He lost his poise and he has no idea what is happening in the game unless it is written down in front of him on his game-plan placard.

          First of all, he admitted he lost his poise after Chandler went into another meltdown in the first quarter. "I got very upset with (Chandler) in the game. ... I regret being that upset with him," Martz said. "I got unsettled, quite frankly, with the quarterback situation and it took me a while to get going. I could have handled that situation much better."

          Even if it was true, how could you admit that? How can the man in charge tell the whole world that he lost his poise, lost his direction and purpose, even for a brief moment? It's alarming to hear the head coach of a professional football team say that he flaked out in the heat of battle. Isn't that was he essentially what he eviscerated Chandler for doing against the Panthers and Cardinals?

          But then he went further. Much, much further. When someone asked him why the powerful first-round draft pick never got off the bench, particularly against...
          -12-21-2004, 02:28 PM
        • RamFan_Til_I_Die
          Jackson is the PERFECT Running Back for the Rams!
          by RamFan_Til_I_Die
          You guys are smoking something, and yes overreacting; as is everyone dissing Jackson. Had the Rams not abandoned the running game in the red zone, the score would have been MUCH higher and Jackson could have, and should have, had 2-3 TDs. And if he did, I'm sure you never would have posted this.

          Didn't you see him running fools over and dragging 300 lb linemen like they were nothing? It was only until 2, 3, sometimes 4 guys got on him did he go down. I was more than impressed that he did this against one of the best running defenses in the NFL. Most of the game he had zero room to run, and embarrassed the Broncos D when they couldn't tackle him. One of the best running lanes of the game was presented to Fisher on his long run. Had that been Jackson, he would have bowled that last Bronco defender over and continued on for the TD.

          I understand your frustration at the lack of points on the board; we all feel that to some degree. (At least I had Wilkins on my fantasy team ) If Bulger could have completed half the passes that mattered, on 3rd downs and in the red zone, we would've blown out the Broncos by 30 points. If this doesn't improve, it could get ugly, but I am inclined to blame it on his timing being off since he and the Rams starting receiving core played hardly any time together in the preseason. In many ways this was like a true preseason game for the Rams, in terms of learning to play together and getting into rhythm as an offensive unit.

          There were some scary Martz like moments where we abandoned the running game at key moments, which I'm sure will change as Linehan also gets into his rhythm with his play calling.

          Let's also not forget how good this "crappy" offensive line has the potential to be. We have Pace and Timmerman as proven Pro Bowlers, but they cannot block everyone. Barron is only in his second season, with today being only his 12th start. Incognito started his first ever NFL game today! Mcollum getting injured was a huge blow, even though Turner did an ok job filling in, and I hope he comes back soon. These guys need time to gel and when they do, the rest of the NFL better look out, because the Rams running game will be dominating. All things considered, today was a great start to our running game, all and all went very well. Again let me state that THIS WAS ALL DONE AGAINST THE NUMBER 2 RUSH DEFENSE IN THE NFL!! (They were barely behind the #1 run defense of San Diego.)

          I could go on, but I digress. Let me just finish by saying that I am looking forward to a season of hardcore, in your face football that Martz could never deliver. Tonight was just the beginning! These are the new Rams we've been dying to see. Linehan and Haslett HAVE turned things around and Jackson is the PERFECT smash mouth running back, to match the new smash mouth Defense....
          -09-10-2006, 09:04 PM
        • RamWraith
          one thing about Jackson
          by RamWraith
          Not sure if it just me....

          But I get kind of nervous the way he carries the ball. I know he is not noted as a fumbler, but there is something with the way he holds it with one hand. Maybe it just goes back to his very first run from scrimmage...I don't know, maybe I am paranoid.
          -12-06-2004, 06:17 AM