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  • My experience with Kurt Warner...

    Hey guys, so I told you guys about a week ago that I'd give you more details on what I meant by saying that I hung out with Kurt Warner...

    I was invited to a flag football tournament out in Arizona. A bunch of NFL guys come out for the event (it's sponsored by Kurt Warner at the Arizona Cardinals' training facility; they had guys like Michael Irvin, Joe Flacco, Andy Dalton, Steve Young, Brock Osweiler, and more) and, essentially, play QB for the teams. There were about six or eight teams, I'm not exactly sure how many, but all of them were basically sports supplement companies. I was lucky enough to be a part of one of my good friend's team. We wound up getting Andy Dalton for our QB. He's a very nice guy, laid back, down to Earth. I, of course, asked him about Sam Bradford. He said, like most people say, that he thinks he's pretty good and they just need to get him some weapons. Fair enough.

    I briefly met with Kurt Warner, and I told him what a huge fan I am of him and the Rams. He said something to the effect of "oh that's pretty cool man." He wasn't necessarily thrilled or anything, but I also know he was trying to run an event and was pretty overwhelmed.

    And let me tell you something about Kurt. Really nice guy off the field. But on the field, (or with any competitive thing he does, for that matter) he's always trying to win. No matter what it is, he'll get mad if he's not winning! But that's not really a bad thing. He's fiery and passionate. It's a good thing.

    I'd say out of all the guys there, Irvin was probably the most outgoing and friendly. Everyone there was pretty cool though and it was a great experience. Caught a few TDs from Andy (wished it was from Kurt or, maybe next year, Sammy) so I felt good about that!

    Here's a pic of me and Kurt.

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    Always and Forever a fan of the St. Louis Rams

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    Re: My experience with Kurt Warner...

    Pretty awesome. I will just say this about Kurt Warner, and it's the same thing I've been saying since I got to know him covering the Rams. He's the best PERSON I have ever known personally in my 62 years on the planet. I also love Brenda, and follow them religiously (no pun intended) on twitter.

    As an athlete, Kurt is t he most underrated and underappreciated ever.
    He is a miracle, pure and simple, the real deal.

    I told Kurt when he wrote his first book that he was way too early, that his story had a lot more chapters, on and off the football field, and I reminded him of that a couple years ago.

    How great is it that he is now on NFL Network, Dancing With the Stars, and soon his own show where he helps others achieve their dream jobs. How perfect a fit is that, so KUDOS to whoever came up with the idea.

    We get to see Kurt practically every day on TV, knowing he's the same great person he always has been and always will be. Here is an IDOL, that abolutely deserves and returns every bit of love he gets.

    Kurt thanks God for all he has achieved, and I thank God for sending Kurt Warner to us when it was darkest.
    We will never see his like again, and he is perhaps the only player I would travel to see inducted into the Hall of Fame.

    When that happens, I hope Clan Ram will be very well represented to celebrate the greatest person ever to don the horns, with atip of the cap to men like Merlin Olsen and Jim Everett.
    Barry Waller


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      My experience with Kurt Warner...

      He is a truly charitable man. His new show, which we got to see a preview of, actually looks pretty good too.

      If anybody has any questions about the event, let me know!
      Always and Forever a fan of the St. Louis Rams


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        Re: My experience with Kurt Warner...

        totally awesome!
        Warner's my FAVORITE quarterback ever
        helps that he did what he did winning the super bowl when i was six years old
        definitely the most underrated, but he's the best in my opinion
        even better is what he's done off the field, smart guy, good guy
        I enjoy watching him on the nfl network, one of the only guys besides marshal faulk that I can stand lol


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          Re: My experience with Kurt Warner...

          He and Faulk will always be the greatest Rams, for me. Not only about the amazing, HOF level of play...but both are men of great intelligence and character! We were lucky to enjoy them.

          Thank you for sharing your experience and the photo.
          "You people point your 'f'in' finger and say theres the bad guy....what that make you....good?" Tony Montana


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            Re: My experience with Kurt Warner...

            Great story! I'm jealous!


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              Re: My experience with Kurt Warner...


              What a memorable moment. Kudos V6.


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                I got a chance to meet Kurt at a National Prayer Breakfast the year he was going from the Rams to NY. First, I must say that he is a very motivational speaker. You felt like he was talking to you personally and that he knew that you could do anything you set your mind to.

                They announced that due to the large showing, no autographs would be available, but we got to meet and greet Kurt and have a picture taken with him. I pulled on my Warner jersey and got in line. I asked the lady in front of me if she wanted me to swap cameras and take each others pictures and she agreed. It got to her turn and I got a couple good pictures of them together.

                When it was my turn, as I walked up, Kurt said "hey, I have a jersey like that at home." Very easy going. We talked for a couple minutes, me saying I was sad to see him go, and him saying he was sad about it too, but it might be the best for all involved. Man he was taller than I expected.

                I said my goodbyes and wished him well. Got my camera back and both pictures she took caught me in mid sentence with my mouth open looking like an awestruck idiot. Maybe I was...
                This space for rent...


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                  Re: My experience with Kurt Warner...

                  Undoubtedly KW is one of the classiest players to honor the Rams uniform; and oh, yes, to bring us a SB!

                  Glad to see we have Clan people with a personal contact with the great Warner. :ram:


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                  • RamDez
                    Kurt Warner – A Fond Farewell To A Great Man
                    by RamDez
                    Kurt Warner – A Fond Farewell To A Great Man
                    By Barry Waller
                    June 3rd, 2004

                    There are times when covering an NFL team that even the biggest fan
                    might find to be more work than enjoyment. Dealing with professional athletes
                    is a real pain at times, and trying to give fans the true story when so many rumors have sent them into so many directions is even worse. While there are times that the words fly out of a writer’s mind onto the pages he is composing, there are others when sitting down and rehashing the facts to tell a tale is almost excruciating. If I am doing a column twenty years from now, I probably won’t have had to labor over a story as much as this one.

                    Oh, sure, nobody died, no beloved sports figure met his maker far too young on the day after Memorial Day, which is the toughest stuff to cover from a personal side; but in a lot of ways, it seems like something truly died for Ramsnation when the team released Kurt Warner. When the long predicted move was made official this past Wednesday however, there was no outcry from Rams fans, no wail of sorrow at a tragic event. Not surprisingly, Warner himself left town with the same class and good feelings that are his trademark.

                    Like a parent, spouse, or child who has seen a loved one slowly slip away due to illness, those of us who will never forget what #13 meant to a team and a city have little emotion left to give as the irreversible end finally came. They have gone through the same predictable emotions of anger, denial, bargaining, and depression, then a numb acceptance of our fate, as cancer victims, ever since Kurt Warner began showing he was human after all. Ironically, the most incredible and improbable feel good story in NFL history involved a man who embodies everything decent about the human animal, despite his immortal like play when at his best.

                    As the negative stories and feelings about Warner as the Rams quarterback appeared, they acted upon his legacy like tumors on bodily organs, some spreading and mutating to other areas. We may never know how the negative vibes played a part in what so quickly turned a two time MVP passer into a backup. If Warner shines with the Giants, another team needing the kind of miracle that Warner gave Rams fans and the world in 1999, maybe it will provide a bit of a clue.

                    I was at Warner’s last start, in the Meadowlands against those same Giants, and as painful as it was having to suffer with him on that day, and suffer the slings and arrows of Giants fans during and following the game, I feel blessed that I got to see as much as I could of Kurt Warner in person. It was that personal contact over the past six seasons that makes his inexplicable fall from grace so distressing.

                    In the NFL, everyone knows the salary cap, and other factors makes it nearly impossible to keep players for entire careers, something Rams fans have had to...
                    -06-06-2004, 03:38 AM
                  • RamDez
                    Warner's Rise Inspirational, Warner's Fall Perplexing
                    by RamDez
                    By ClanRam's Don Ackerman

                    I've watched the Kurt Warner story since day 1. I still remember the disappointment I felt when the Rams lost their recently signed quarterback Trent Green to injury in the preseason against San Diego. I also remember Kurt Warner holding up the Lombardi trophy as he lead his team in Super Bowl XXXIV. Now Kurt's all but gone.

                    Before Trent Green went down, it was supposed to be redemption for Rams fans. After years of struggling, The Rams went out and signed a highly regarded quarterback from the Washington Redskins. Green, our new quarterback, was starting a new era in Saint Louis Rams football. Scratch that, the Rams were starting a new era with a new quarterback. But that quarterback was not Trent Green. It was Kurt Warner. With the Kurt Warner era ending today or tomorrow, I can't help but wonder.

                    Kurt Warner's rise was a phoenix's birth. From the fire of devastation in Trent Green's injury, Kurt Warner rose from the ashes, entered the NFL, and found his place in history. His rise to glory, Super Bowls, and Most Valuable Player trophies seem very unlikely. Kurt's Cinderella story is the stuff of Hollywood. It's an inspirational tale that everyone wants to tell their grandchildren. It's that never-give-up mantra that we all need to remember when we are down. It's dare I say Biblical in how faith was rewarded. And as near impossible as that story starts, the come-from-nowhere story actually seems probable when compared to Kurt Warner's fall.

                    As suddenly as it began, the Kurt Warner story fizzled out. But the most perplexing part of Kurt's quick fade from the Ram's starting quarterback job is not as shocking as how it happened.

                    The rise was improbable. After all, Kurt's rise to fame did not occur as a 24-year old just out of college. Kurt was older, more experienced, and had played Arena Football and NFL Europe football. He was the player trying to break through. A man of strong spiritual belief, Kurt did the Lord's will and tried, tried, tried. So really, it's no surprise that his faith was rewarded.

                    But how he's handled the fall is really the story that boggles the mind. It's confusing to hear Kurt talk about his faith becoming a reason for his departure from the starting job in Saint Louis (happened in February, 2004). When that news became public, coach Mike Martz was angry and Kurt retracted his story. How does this happen? Kurt's reaction seems inconsistent with his publicly-shared religious faith. What's going on, Kurt?

                    Honestly, the Kurt Warner story has become a bad reality television show. And like most TV, we only hear part of the story.

                    Because of that, I'm not sure what to think. The most surprising thing for me is Kurt's attitude. With his strong religious beliefs, I'd expect Kurt to hand off what happens to God. Personally, that may be how he rose to such great heights. He just followed his...
                    -06-03-2004, 12:00 AM
                  • ramhard
                    K Warner - no matter what great guy
                    by ramhard
                    From Peter King's Monday Morning QB column:

                    Good Guy of the Week

                    Arizona quarterback Kurt Warner.

                    Karen Crouse of the New York Times wrote a good feature on Warner in last Friday's paper, with a prescient story as the lead. Seems that Warner, wife, Brenda, and one or more of the Warner children have a practice the night before football games. They sit at their table in a restaurant, look over the dining room, and pick out one family. Warner then informs the wait staff that, anonymously, he'd like the dinner tab of that family of strangers added to his.

                    Crouse wrote the Warners have been doing this for several years "as a way of instilling in their children the joy of giving,'' and quoted Warner thusly: "We want our kids to grow up knowing that because of football we are so blessed.''

                    Just another reason why you can never say enough good things about Kurt Warner.
                    -09-29-2008, 09:39 AM
                  • Nick
                    Kurt Warner considering retirement after this season
                    by Nick
                    Link here.

                    I have a lot of respect for Kurt Warner, and a lot of great memories for what he's done in his career. I think in the right situation, he can still produce. But I'm sorry... considering retirement because he doesn't know if he could be comfortable as a back-up?...
                    -10-12-2006, 12:40 PM
                  • Barry Waller
                    Feelings on Warner
                    by Barry Waller
                    It comes across the screen like so many useless bits of information that crawl along the bottom of ESPN's endless sports channel....Kurt Warner agrees to 2-year deal with Cardinals. It's certainly no surprise, but thinking about my reaction to it, a moment of clarity once again reminds me of what Warner's saga means to so many, even those like me, the most hardened of sports fans.

                    Yes that was me at the Blues-Redwings fiasco last night, hoping that Marian Hossa's night was through early after a hard hit on Detroit's leading scorer. Like most ultimate fans, I think what hurts my enemy helps my guys. If sports is a microcosm of war, invented to touch that part of humans that loves competitive conflict, then this part of fandom is certain proof.

                    Even in a relatively civil group of sports fans in St Louis, fans still become obsessed to winning, and why not, in a sports environment that so offers little more on the surface. All that ESPN and most of the media wants is stories. Talented, but immature and stupid players get most of the ink in the end, and a lot of stuff about some real great people who happen to be football players never is known.

                    But we know about Kurt Warner, we know his whole life story, and some of us have had the absolute privilege to observe him up close and personal over several years, and get to know the man behind the magic.

                    Those who never got to know him can't believe why fans love him here so much, some that don't even care about football, but more amazingly guys like me, fanatics, not just fans. I can tell them this, it isn't some fake sports idolatry. WE “Warner lovers” genuinely hope he and his family do well, when normally, for we rabid fans, that would be like hoping Rommel wouldn't lose favor in WWII..

                    That's why we knew along this deal would get done without much animosity, because Kurt Warner wouldn't sell his family's comfort now for a few million bucks. His agent no doubt talked him into making that trip to Ninerville, but maybe he just went to get info that would give him an edge against a division rival. He probably went as a favor to that friend and long time agent, Mark Bartelstein, who has been with Kurt from the start, since the grocery store almost.

                    The thing that makes this amazing is that as a Rams fan, I know this really makes the Cardinals a force in the division, which I did not foresee if Warner departed or retired, but I am still happy for him. I don't have to hope or not that he will fail, because it just isn't gonna happen. I hoped Ike Bruce would fail as a Niner, and I liked him too.

                    That's what is so magical about the whole incredible Warner story. It's one off, whether we like it or not, and whether ESPN knows it or not. I sensed it would be back in 2000, after Kurt had a number of books out about his story. After a group interview session in the locker room one day, I casually mentioned to...
                    -03-04-2009, 11:57 AM