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By Jeff Gordon

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  • By Jeff Gordon

    Does this guy ever have anything good/proud/happy/interesting to say about the Rams? Every time we win or lose, he has to dump on anything, no matter how microscopic, negative. Granted, the Rams are not performing at the level they should be, but Gordon NEVER writes anything positive even when we do good (check out his archives). I think he is a closet 9er fan. Why does he still have a job. This last article is the worst premenstral ranting I've seen yet.

    Our defense needs ALOT of work and new blood (DE, Secondary, coordinator), but still...why does someone, who is a "beat" writer for the Rams, able to get away with his trash?

    We may not make it to the SB, but we are doing pretty good for what we have...MHO.


    PS...he should go back to racing NASCAR with his twin BRO.
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