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The Big Boy may not be able to play this week...

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  • The Big Boy may not be able to play this week...

    According to the post dispatch today (someone please post the article), The Big Boy's knee was more sore than expected on monday. the injury was suffered on his last carry of the game. status for carolina game uncertain. faulk status uncertain.

    You know what, i think we can beat carolina with chandler and arlen harris if need be. Reminds me of the steelers game last year. Maybe this is the kind of adversity we need to overcome to pull together as a team and play to our potential in what is obviously a huge game for us.

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel

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    Re: The Big Boy may not be able to play this week...

    Here's the part of the article that discusses it:

    Meanwhile, the outlook on rookie running back Steven Jackson's bruised right knee was more clouded Monday.

    "I don't know if he'll be available this week or not," Martz said. "I suppose he will be, but who knows?"

    Jackson apparently suffered the injury on the last of his 26 carries against the *****. He was replaced for the final two Rams offensive plays by Arlen Harris. If neither Jackson nor Marshall Faulk is able to play against the Panthers, Harris would get the start.

    According to team officials, Jackson complained of soreness in the knee when he reported for treatment Monday - more soreness than expected. But Jackson has another day to rest the knee before the team's first practice of the work week on Wednesday.

    This seems to me like the reporter is jumping the gun a bit. Maybe Jackson came in and they said "how's the knee?" and he said "its more sore than I expected" and that's the basis for the whole thing.

    I'd wait to see if he practices on Wednesday before I'd be concerned.