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Two will do, but which two? (or, how this week could be HUGE)

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  • Two will do, but which two? (or, how this week could be HUGE)

    I'm going to go out on a limb here (not much of a limb, mind you) and predict that Seattle will lose at least two of their last four:

    @Vikings (they'll get crushed)
    @Jets (they should be beat)
    Arizona (they'll win)
    Atlanta (probably a win, but...)

    If this is correct, two more wins will give the Rams the NFC West crown and the #4 seed in the playoffs.

    Looking at the schedule, the Rams have one game they should definitely win (@Arizona), one game that they should have a pretty good shot at winning (home vs. a Jet team that will probably be locked in to its playoff spot), one game they probably won't win (Eagles), and this week's game @ Carolina.

    The odds are against the Rams this week with Bulger out and both Faulk and Jackson nursing sore knees. Then again, if they can just find a way to protect Chandler, the Rams receivers should have success.

    A win this week really puts the Rams in the driver's seat for the division title. If the Rams essentially need only one more win after this week, and have two home games and a game at the Cardinals to get that one win, I like their chances.

    Stay tuned.

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    Re: Two will do, but which two? (or, how this week could be HUGE)

    I'm with you AV


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      Re: Two will do, but which two? (or, how this week could be HUGE)

      Yep, it could come down to two wins that are needed to find the playoffs.

      The odds seem to be stacked against us this week, but I must tell you that I picked the Rams to lose in my knockout pool a couple of years ago when Bulger first made his start, and they won that game, so it's best not to count them out so quickly when things are changing.

      I am sure Martz must find all this change to be a challenge as far as game strategy goes.


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        Re: Two will do, but which two? (or, how this week could be HUGE)

        I agree, but I wouldn't overlook Arizona at home. They've got big receivers and we have little CB's who are banged up, and who are backed up by slow little safeties, who look like Rich Coady.

        Should win though.


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          Re: Two will do, but which two? (or, how this week could be HUGE)

          agree, but I wouldn't overlook Arizona at home. They've got big receivers and we have little CB's who are banged up, and who are backed up by slow little safeties, who look like Rich Coady.

          They better win that one; I'll be there.

          Adm. William "Bull" Halsey


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            Re: Two will do, but which two? (or, how this week could be HUGE)

            Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if the Seahawks lose three of those last four games and finish at 7-9. I think the Rams will beat Arizona, but the other three games are looking questionable to me. I wouldn't underestimate the Jets this season. Thank God we have the tie-breaker against the Seahawks, because I have a bad feeling we might need it.


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              Re: Two will do, but which two? (or, how this week could be HUGE)

              The good thing about the Jets game is that it is nearly certain that they will be locked in to the #5 seed by the time they play the Rams, so they may rest many of their starters. If the Rams had to play a motivated Jets team, I agree that would be a tough one, even in St. Louis.


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                Re: Two will do, but which two? (or, how this week could be HUGE)

                It's getting to be a difficult game to predict, any of those games. This seems like the division nobody wants to win. The Rams, ideally, have an easier schedule with the possibilities of the Eagles and Jets resting some starters with their positions locked up. The Panthers game makes me nervous with our injury situation. And Arizona is a crapshoot of how they will play.

                Regardless of who wins our division, I'm sure we'll still see the Starbucks in the first round of the playoffs.


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                  Re: Two will do, but which two? (or, how this week could be HUGE)

                  It's more certain than not, but if the Jets lose against Pittsburgh, lose against New England, and lose against the Seahawks (the former two are very likely, the latter not so much), then the Jets would need a win against the Rams to keep them from losing their spot to an unimpressive Denver team with a fairly easy schedule until the last week of the season.

                  Realistically, the Broncos could win three of their next four and the Jets could lose their next three, putting the Broncos at 10-6 to end the season and the Jets at 9-6 going into the Rams contest. Then, the Rams game is suddenly a must win if the Jets want to keep their five seed. I think the Jets have all but locked up the #6 seed though, unless Jacksonville or Buffalo go on a run. The Bills could also win three of their last four, putting them at 9-7.

                  Regardless, if the Jets beat Seattle, I think they'll have locked up the first wild card spot. But with this Seattle team, you never know.


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                    Re: Two will do, but which two? (or, how this week could be HUGE)

                    I envision that the NFC will play out this way:

                    East: Eagles
                    South: Falcons
                    North: Packers
                    West: Rams
                    WC1: Vikings
                    WC2: Cowboys

                    That would mean that the Rams would host the Vikings in the Wild Card round. That's not a bad matchup for the Rams.


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                      Re: Two will do, but which two? (or, how this week could be HUGE)

                      I like you're scenrio Av., I hope it plays out that way. Of all the potential first round opponents the Rams could face, the Vikings scare me the least. In fact, they really don't scare me at all.
                      Clannie Nominee for ClanRam's Thickest Poster


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                        Re: Two will do, but which two? (or, how this week could be HUGE)

                        I hate to sound heretical here; but, if the Rams "win" their division with only an 8-8 record I'm not sure I would want to go to the playoffs. Sure I know what the league rules are but are any of ya'll somewhat embarrassed? I know I will be. Therefore I hope that the Rams finish up strong (with at least a winning record) so we don't "slink" into the playoffs. Er... let's remeber what Elton John said: "Don't shoot me , I only the piano player!"

                        WHAT SAY YE?


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                          Re: Two will do, but which two? (or, how this week could be HUGE)

                          After the loss to Green Bay, I felt the same way, and said as much in a post.

                          Now, having cooled off from that fiasco of a night, I have concluded that I do want the Rams to make the playoffs, even if its with an 8-8 record. My reasons:

                          1. The Rams have gone to the Super Bowl before with an 9-7 record, so you never know.
                          2. Marmie's probably not going to be replaced (as I'd like him to be) either way.
                          3. There's nothing like a Ram playoff game.


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                            Re: Two will do, but which two? (or, how this week could be HUGE)

                            Well Av I certainly agree with your 3 points here. But doesn't 9-7 sound a lot better than 8-8?

                            GO RAMS!!!!


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                              Re: Two will do, but which two? (or, how this week could be HUGE)

                              The embaressment of our regular season record and performance will surely fade if by some miracle we scratch our way to the Superbowl.
                              Clannie Nominee for ClanRam's Thickest Poster


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                              • laram0
                                RAMS @ Seahawks...this game is HUGE!
                                by laram0
                                A win at Seattle would turn this season around. Can we win this game? Sure.
                                Will we win this game? The experts say no but the game still has to be played. Any given Sunday right?

                                All of our games against division foes are going to be HUGE. We need to keep our eyes on the NFC WEST. I still belive we can win our division. Yeah I know you think I'm nuts. Maybe I am but look at the respective schedules of all four teams in the NFC WEST. The other three teams are going to be playing Philly and the GMEN too. We've had by far the toughest two game schedule to start out the season.

                                I know things look bleak but I'm not giving up. A win at Seattle is just what the doctor ordered for our RAMS.

                                GO RAMS!!!!!

                                -09-16-2008, 10:18 AM
                              • Guest's Avatar
                                Lets put the win in perspective, what happens next
                                by Guest
                                What does this win mean? It means we are right in the hunt for the nfc west title and still have a real shot to have an elite season. We now have a huge tiebreaker advantage against seattle, and if we can beat them at home, we in effect have an enormous benefit as we will win the west in the event of a tie. Its also a division win, which i believe helps conference record and tiebreaker wise for both home field and other playoff positioning.

                                Its not just the huge road win against a quality team, its how we came back and won. There is no quit in this team and we will only continue to improve if we can stay healthy.

                                At this point, the real key is not to rest on our laurels, but to be able to carry the fourth quarter and OT performance into the next two games, tampa at home and miami on the road, two games that we have to win. 5-2 at the break is very competitive. I would absolutely hate to see us give it back with a subpar performance that leads to a loss against the two inferior teams coming up.

                                The new orleans loss eliminates any margain for error at this point, given the tough games ahead. We cant afford to lose any more games to teams that we are better than, for 100% sure at home, if we want a shot at home field through the playoffs.

                                Good health, better defense, and continued improvement by the offense and we are still a 12-4 team, maybe even 13-3 if we get a break.

                                Can you imagine the odds of winning in seattle with a minus three turnover ratio? We really need to do a better job pressuring the passer, tackling and creating turnovers, but for tonight, lets enjoy one of the greatest comebacks in rams history.

                                ramming speed to all

                                general counsel
                                -10-10-2004, 06:17 PM
                              • AvengerRam
                                If the Rams win on Sunday, will Week 17 vs. SF matter?
                                by AvengerRam
                                If the Rams win on Sunday, they go to 11-4 and clinch the NFC West.

                                The question is... if that happens, will the Rams be playing for anything (other than pride) in Week 17?

                                Here's the breakdown.

                                The Eagles have clinched first round bye.
                                If Minnesota wins this weekend (Saturday @ GB w/out Aaron Rogers), they clinch the other top 2 spot.

                                That would mean that the Rams would be locked into a #3 or #4 seed. The Rams currently hold the #3 seed due to their advantages over both New Orleans (head-to-head) and Carolina (conference record). If both New Orleans (Falcons) and Carolina (Tampa) lose this weekend, then the Rams would clinch the #3 spot in the NFC. Otherwise, Week 17 would determine who has the #3 and who has the #4.

                                Of course, one could reasonably ask... does that really matter?

                                For the Wildcard Round of the Playoffs, the answer is... not really. Both the #3 and #4 get a home game against a Wild Card team, and I don't see a big difference among the likely first round opponents (Carolina, New Orleans, Atlanta and possibly Dallas).

                                In the divisional round, both the #3 and #4 seeds (if they win in the Wild Card round) go on the road. Again, I don't see a big difference between going to Philadelphia and going to Minnesota. Both would be tough games and tough places to play.

                                The only significant difference would come in the unlikely event that the #3 and #4 teams meet in the Conference Championship. If that happens, the seed would, of course, determine home field.

                                So... in the end, the Rams can wrap up the major prize (the division) this weekend and then view Week 17 as something far short of a "must win," which could be good if there are some players who are banged up and would benefit from some rest.

                                Stay tuned!
                                -12-22-2017, 09:21 AM
                              • AvengerRam
                                Looking ahead to the 2nd Quarter of the Season
                                by AvengerRam
                                When we looked at the schedule, the Rams had what appeared to be some favorable match-ups in the first four games. The Rams were able to take advantage of this schedule, and now sit at 3-1.

                                While things change from week-to-week as teams develop and players go down to injury, here's how I see the next four games:

                                Week 5: Seattle
                                This is a big game, as the Seahawks are likely the team the Rams will have to beat to win the NFC West. We've had success against them in recent years, and their offense (particularly their OL) is struggling. But, make no mistake, they still have one of the top defenses in football. I think the Rams can live with a few 3 and outs this week. What they can't allow are turnovers (that and... don't lose contain against Russell Wilson).

                                Week 6: @Jacksonville
                                I'll be there to watch the Rams take on one of the biggest Jeckyll and Hyde teams in the NFL. The Rams' D will need to force Blake Bortles into mistakes, and the OL will have to hold its own against a talented front 7.

                                Week 7: Arizona (London)
                                The Cardinals are vulnerable, as the loss of David Johnson has slowed their offense. I think the Rams can outscore the Cardinals if it becomes a track meet. This could be a chance to take a division opponent out of the West race fairly early in the season.

                                Week 9 (after bye): @ New York Giants
                                The Giants seem like a team that the Rams should have success against, given their poor OL play, weak running game, and QB who can be mistake prone. If they were matching up this week, I'd feel pretty confident in a Rams' win. We'll see how things are going come November.

                                All in all, I think this is a manageable schedule. All four games are entirely winnable, and I think its reasonable to hope for another 3-1 quarter. If the Rams can get to the halfway point of the season with a 6-2 record, they're going to be playing some meaningful games in December.
                                -10-03-2017, 07:56 AM
                              • general counsel
                                rams challenge to win the west
                                by general counsel
                                Even with the hass injury, we face a tough road to win the west. Not impossible, but tough. For a second lets assume that we beat seattle on the road, with or without hass. Seattle has two other probable losses: at kc this week (without hass) and at denver later. Other than those two games, they play a series of crappy teams, including oakland, sf twice, tampa, greenbay, arizona. THey have a tough game vs. san diego in the next to last week, but its at home. Given that other than kc and the rams, their games without hass are likely to be oakland, sf and greenbay, i think they will win all of those without him.

                                Remember that since we lost to sf, if we split with seattle and wind up tied, they will win the division by virtue of a better division record (please correct me if i am wrong on this). Thus, unless they really screwup somewhere, we need to go 11-5 to have a shot at them and that might only get us a tie for the division, which would be a loss of the division if i am correct on the tiebreakers.

                                Bottom line, we caught a break with the hass injury, but we are still going to have to play GREAT football for the rest of the way to have a chance to win the division, barring a real collapse by seattle or at least one real mulligan of a loss.

                                From my perspective, my three losses left on the sked were at sandiego, at seattle and at carolina, with the bears game and vikings game hanging out there as could go either way. Now, if we play seattle without hass, i think we have to like our chances, not that its an easy game, but if you cant beat them without their starting qb, you really need to throw up your hands and just say that they are flat out the better team and just think about a wild card at best.

                                It is unclear how long he will be out of course, teams are NEVER really honest about those injury reports. Hass is a very tough guy, if he can be out there for the rams game, he will be ready.

                                ramming speed to all

                                general counsel
                                -10-23-2006, 01:07 PM