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  • MOM's Psychic Friend Call

    MOM: We have Chris from Missouri on the line. Hi Chris.

    Chris: Hi. I am a pro athlete.....

    MOM: Wait! I am seeing something. Something about a cat.

    Chris: Yeah, the mascot of the team we played today is a big cat.

    MOM: Like a Panther or a Lion?

    Chris: YES! A Panther!

    MOM: OK, and I am sensing that things didn't go too well, I feel loss around you.

    Chris: Yeah, we lost, and I'm afraid....

    MOM: That you are to bear a lot of the blame?

    Chris: Yeah.

    MOM: I see someone near you.....someone else in your position. And the letter J is clear. Does this sound familiar? Is he new?

    Chris: We do have a guy named Jamie that was signed recently. And we do both play the same position.

    MOM: Oh, I'm sorry, but I just had a vision of luggage. That usually means a sudden move. Are you about to be cut?

    Chris: Gee, I hope not! I need a job.

    MOM: At your age, and in your profession, you're OK. If this doesn't work out for you, I would think about retirement. I see you being cut in the next week, possibly Tuesday.

    Chris: Oh man.....(click)

    The point of this post is that with the "caller"'s worse than poor performance today, and the signing of Jamie Martin, I have a feeling Chandler is about to get cut. Anyone else get that feeling? Or am I as as I am accused of being?
    sigpicThis is for Randy! GO BRM!

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    Re: MOM's Psychic Friend Call

    He won't be cut during the season, I don't think. Maybe after.


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      Re: MOM's Psychic Friend Call

      Martz was quoted at halftime saying "Chris is playing terrible but I cannot make the switch" Basically unless he gets hurt he is the only one that Martz would even trust to take a snap. So in my opinion that means he really has no faith at all in Smoker or Martin. I will have to say that as bad as Chandler was the O-line was equally ugly.


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        Re: MOM's Psychic Friend Call

        Hey! At least he didn't fumble.


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          Re: MOM's Psychic Friend Call

          Originally posted by ZigZagRam
          Hey! At least he didn't fumble.
          YAY!!! :disappoin

          Chandler will not get cut in this season, it would be moronic. Martin has been away from the team a long time and needs time to refamiliarize himself. Smoker, well, know... Look for Martin and Chandler both to be gone after this year and Martz will pick up another has been retread FA.


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            Re: MOM's Psychic Friend Call

            Martz will pick up another has been retread FA.
            I am walking away from this one.
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