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A Tale of Two Mikes

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  • A Tale of Two Mikes

    Mike Martz

    Mike Holmgren

    Let's compare. Holmgren lead two Packer teams to the Super Bowl, winning one. Martz won a Super Bowl with the Rams as the Offensive Coordinator, and then made it back and lost as Head Coach.

    Both have had the "genius" label placed upon them at times.

    Both, over the past two years, have been criticized for poor gametime decision making and failing to correct lingering problems (i.e. run defense).

    Both are coaching teams that are struggling to make the playoffs while playing below expectations.

    And yet, one Mike (Martz) remains the target for media disdain, while the other Mike (Holmgren) remains relatively unscathed.

    Don't believe me? Well, consider Don Banks' (CNNSI) comments from this morning's column:

    On Martz:

    I think it's going to be a very interesting final few weeks in St. Louis for Rams head coach Mike Martz, who's liable to say or do anything with his underachieving club's season swirling down the drain. Unpredictable even in the best of times, here's hoping Martz has his medication dosage calibrated just right between now and Jan. 2.

    Oh, and put me down for the Rams not winning another game, to finish with a 6-10 flourish, losing six of their last seven after that big home win against Seattle in Week 10. I'm just saying.

    If he wants to pick the Rams to lose the rest of his games, that's his business. But the medication comment (from a National columnist) is a bit harsh.

    Now, how about his comments on Holmgren:

    On the flip side, let's give it up for Mike Holmgren and those szchizophrenic Seahawks. They beat Minnesota six days after the meltdown at home against Dallas, a devastating loss that could have prompted Seattle to tank the rest of its season away. Down 10-0 early, the Seahawks fought back and then actually protected a fourth-quarter lead (imagine that).

    So, the Rams are inconsistent, and its Martz who needs medication. The Seahawks are inconsistent, and its the team that is szchizophrenic, while Holmgren deserves our "giving it up" for him.

    When you're writing pure fiction, its okay to create characters that are one-dimentional and extreme for dramatic or comedic purposes.

    When you are (supposedly) a journalist, you're supposed to be a bit more objective.

    I'll tell you one thing...

    For all of the times I have been frustrated with or criticized Mike Martz, I wouldn't trade him for Mike Holmgren.

    No way, no how.

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    Re: A Tale of Two Mikes

    Let's see how the media reacts after next week when the Rams get a Cardinals team that has just about given up while the Seahawks have to travel to NY to play a Jets team that is still fighting for a wild card spot.


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