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  • Penalties

    For three quarters we killed ourselves with penalties. against that type of team in a road game it its almost impossible to come back with a 21 point deficit. Almost though is a good way to describe todays game. Bradford again brought the team back with some solid play. If we stop them with 2:09 and two T/O left it would've been interesting to see what we could've done. Question is, should we have kicked an onside? its one of those things as a head coach if you trust your defense or not.

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    Re: Penalties

    I think an onside has less percentage of happening than the Rams forcing a 3 and out and you need the field position as well. I don't have a problem with the decision to NOT onside kick.


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      Re: Penalties

      There was plenty of time, we had 2 time outs, and the 2 minute warning. I think kicking away was a good decision, especially the way the defense was playing in the second half. If only JLau had better coverage on the critical 3rd down.

      The penalties were maddening. I haven't checked the stats, but I wouldn't be surprised to see the Rams once again leading the league.


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        Re: Penalties

        To me the most frustrating thing about all these penalties is that they're not going to go away. Some might say it's because we have a young team, but if you look at Fisher's extensive track record, his teams are always near the top of the league in penalties per game. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth after the game because I'm left wondering "what if.."


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          Re: Penalties

          Originally posted by R8rh8rmike View Post
          The penalties were maddening. I haven't checked the stats, but I wouldn't be surprised to see the Rams once again leading the league.
          Maddening. Exasperating. Annoying. Appropriate adjectives. I felt them and I wasn't even watching!

          In hindsight, even after a few hours today, I want to think that as PARamfan said, these Rams mistakes are honest and true, terrible growing pains. I also believe that we WILL improve this season.

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          • Curly Horns
            Stupid Penalties!!!
            by Curly Horns
            Well, I hope everyone is equally as happy this week with the on the edge chippy play. Looks like if you are going to live by it then you are going to die by it as well. We really killed ourselves in the first half. We were off the field both times they scored. 10 point deficit over stupid on the edge play. And while I'm at it; Who in the heck just pushes the punter down after he has punted the ball? I mean who does that? BONEHEAD!!!

            Hopefully we don't develop a bad rap. If we do, and the refs are looking for it, then every marginal call will go against us. Last weeks rant by the national media darling (rg3) didn't help matters.

            I don't know if we would have been able to score enough points with the beleaguered O-line, but it sure would have been nice to keep the game close, without the chippy stuff penalties.

            -09-23-2012, 02:24 PM
          • Trevor
            by Trevor
            So I was bored and decided to look at the Rams team stats. I noticed that the Rams led the league in penalties committed and the Rams are dead last in 1st downs completed.

            I don't recall this statistic being posted here so I thought I'd share. I think the 1st downs being dead last is due to the drive killing penalties the team likes to commit. This should definitel be something the Rams work on during the offseason. I thought we got rid of Alex Barron..
            -04-06-2013, 07:55 AM
          • Keenum
            Some Statistics so far...
            by Keenum
            I did some research on just for the heck of it, and here are some vital/interesting statistics thus far.

            One thing I noticed, we are tied for the fewest penalties in the league (7) with Kansas City. We also have the fewest penalty yards at 45.

            We are +4 in the turnover ratio, behind only the Dolphins at +5.

            The rush defense is 14th in the NFL at 88 yards per game. Not too bad.

            Those are definitely positives... but the reasons for those stats could be as follows:

            We are currently 29th in points scored (13/game), 31st in pass yards per game and run yards per game (116 and 45), and dead last in total yards per game (161). We are only at 27% on third down conversions and only five other teams have a lower time of possession that us (27:12).

            Now be sure to take this for what it is worth... not much, but there could be a trend here. Stats are always skewed in the preseason, but we can probably get a few things from this. One thing that pops out immediately is how low we are on yardage. Of course the conservative offense/playcalling is to blame for that. Being so "careful" is also leading to less penalties. That's fine, but I think it is showing the team is afraid to take a chance.

            I remember my junior year in high school we had a coach that would make us run for every penalty we got in a game. In one game we were facing North Jackson, a powerhouse that was bigger, stronger, faster, and just an incredible team. They beat us easily, but we had no penalties for that game. Why? Well, we were coached to never commit a penalty... so we tried too hard to avoid penalties rather than just playing football. It was always in the back of our minds "If I get a penalty here, the whole team is going to have to run." We lost every game that year. It wasn't just because of us trying to avoid penalties, but it had a small part. (On a side note, we went 8-2 the next year and made the playoffs )

            I have been wondering since week one if the coaching staff is just scared to death of the players (especially the young ones, and especially Bradford) making mistakes. There is just no other reason I can think of as to why the playcalling has been this conservative, it has got to be because they do not want Bradford to make mistakes this early. I can understand that, but there seems to be a point where you have to stop worrying about making tons of mistakes, start having fun, and just play football. I really hope I see that out of the Rams tonight... no matter the score, no matter the situation, just go out there and play!
            -08-26-2010, 07:34 AM
          • Guam rammer
            slash penalties this year
            by Guam rammer
            Last year our red zone efficiency was killed by numerous penalties and the refs just flat out laid some really big eggs during close games. Majority of the time, we moved the ball with ease but when we got into the redzone BAMM!!! false start, false start, unsportsmanlike conduct, O-pass interferrence, field goal. It was the mistakes that killed us and we couldnt rely on our D to keep teams at bay. This ultimately cost us a couple of wins, especially against the SEAWEEDS ( boy did i hate that kicker J. Brown). And we shouldnt blame the refs for loses.....cuz their a bunch of losers anyway. But we surely can fix the problems we have control of.

            Last year i felt we had a winner but at the end of close games, loosing the way we did really sucked and Being mistake proned only makes a teams goals far fetched. We'll be better moving the ball this year but the penalties should be made an item in training camp. All the bugs of the new system should now be fixed, and the players focused on excellence must be job number one!!!
            -08-08-2007, 10:27 AM
          • MauiRam
            Bernie's Rams retort: Stop whining about penalties
            by MauiRam
            By Berie Miklasz

            Because I am a bad person -- and please understand that if you criticize one of the local professional sports teams, this makes you a bad individual -- I feel compelled to growl in response to some of the noise coming out of Rams Park.

            Dear Coach Jeff Fisher:

            Believe it or not, I do respect you. And I hope you win a lot of games. I would like to see at least one winning season, and maybe even a playoff home game, before the Rams move to Los Angeles.

            (I'm not sure when this will be. You probably have a much better idea; you can check with Stan Kroenke. I have to check with my friend and colleague Bill McClellan. But I do know that whatever happens I have Sunday Ticket on DirectTV, so I'm all good.)

            Coach, you gotta stop playing the role of victim in talking about bad calls by NFL officials. The bad calls that go against your Rams. We all know that NFL officiating can be frustrating. It can be maddening. Those guys make mistakes. We all do. But they're doing the best they can.

            However, your Rams commit so many dad-gum penalties, I don't know how you can single out two or three and bring the fire and brimstone, wanting the world to know that you and your team have been wronged.

            Generally speaking, the Rams are to penalties what I am to sandwiches: we go through a large variety of them, and it causes problems.

            You complaining about bad penalty calls would be like me complaining that I feel bloated and hung over after chowing down and drinking margaritas on the beach for a week straight during my recent vacation to a resort in the Dominican Republic.

            The Rams carping about officials' calls is like someone staying up all night and then mewling about being tired the next day ... as if it's that's another person's fault.

            If I eat too much spicy food and then reach for the pack of Tums for relief and the antacid doesn't work -- it's kind of silly for me to blame the Tums. The bellyache is the result of my poor eating habits. Agreed? Well, in this analogy my Tums are your NFL officials.

            When you approach football -- or life -- with a specific style and purpose, you can expect certain things to happen. Basically, you're going to get what you deserve, be it good or bad.

            And the Rams like to play close to the edge. They're physical. They're feisty. They're disruptive. They talk smack. They seek to rattle the QB's cage. They engage in those little extracurricular things that annoy opponents and referees.

            What I'm saying is this: the Rams are undisciplined.

            So what do you think is going to happen here?


            Many, many yellow flags.

            Here are a few facts, Coach. And before I present them I think we can probably agree that these were not all the the result of a bad call ... sure, a low percentage...
            -09-26-2014, 09:37 AM