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  • Shivers claimed by the Bears

    By Bill Coats
    Of the Post-Dispatch
    Monday, Dec. 13 2004

    While most of the Rams took Monday off to begin the healing process -
    physically and mentally - after Sunday's wrenching 20-7 loss at Carolina,
    quarterback Marc Bulger and rookie running back Steven Jackson were pushing
    their bodies back toward the field.
    Bulger tested his bruised right (throwing) shoulder with some light tosses at
    Rams Park. "Just very moderate throwing, 20 to 25 yards," coach Mike Martz
    said. "He's a little sore. Who knows, we may have him (Sunday at Arizona). But
    I'm not going to count on it."

    Based on Chris Chandler's six-interception outing against the Panthers,
    Bulger's return would provide a major jolt for the Rams, who despite their 6-7
    record remain in the hunt for a playoff spot. But Martz vowed not to push him.

    "He's got to feel good about the shoulder holding together," Martz said.
    "Really, the structure of it has never been an issue. It's just the pain that
    he has in that shoulder and the strength to make the throws that he ... has to

    Bulger was hurt in the first quarter Dec. 5 vs. San Francisco. Chandler
    performed admirably in relief, and the Rams prevailed 16-6 at the Edward Jones
    Dome. But Chandler, 39, imploded against the Panthers, and the offense's
    clumsiness short-circuited a stout showing - especially after Carolina sprinted
    to as 14-0 first-quarter lead - by the progressing defense.

    Chandler blamed himself for the defeat, but Martz redirected some of the
    culpability toward an underperforming offensive line - as well as himself. "I
    can do a much better job of helping him with what we call," Martz said. "I went
    through the stuff with him (Monday) morning. The things that he had a hard time
    with are easy to fix, really. We've just got to a better job of protecting

    Marshall Faulk and Jackson, both hobbled with bruised knees, watched from the
    sideline as third-teamer Arlen Harris rushed for 61 yards on 19 carries.
    Jackson was injured on his last series against the *****, when he racked up 119
    yards on 26 attempts in the first start for the first-round draft pick from
    Oregon State.

    "He was on the treadmill (Monday) running full speed, and that's encouraging,"
    Martz said.

    As for Faulk, who has missed the last two games, Martz was more cryptic in his

    "Could Marshall have played (Sunday)? Yeah, he could've played. Would it have
    set him back? More than likely, it would," Martz said. "It's just not the right
    thing to do, with that knee the way it is. He wants to play this week in a
    limited capacity. I don't know that we'll do that. We'll wait till the end of
    the week."

    Pisa wants to play on

    Surgery will be necessary to repair linebacker Pisa Tinoisamoa's right
    shoulder, which was dislocated in the season opener Sept. 12 vs. Arizona and
    popped out of joint again three more times Sunday. But Tinoisamoa, the team's
    leading tackler for the second consecutive year, hasn't missed a game, and he
    doesn't plan to.

    "That's just Pisa," Martz said. "We got him back in a harness, and we'll keep
    him out of practice. But he wants to finish playing. So that's what we'll do
    with him."

    On Monday, the Chicago Bears claimed rookie safety Jason Shivers off the Rams
    practice squad. Shivers was a fifth round draft pick out of Arizona State.

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    Re: Shivers claimed by the Bears

    the Chicago Bears claimed rookie safety Jason Shivers off the Rams
    I was afraid of this. Shivers is a good fit for Lovie's D. Don't think, just hit. I wish him well, but I wish even more he could have caught on here. I think he will contribute in the NFL.
    The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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      Re: Shivers claimed by the Bears

      I'm a bit disappointed about Shivers. I think I would have preferred that he be on the active roster over Kevin Garrett (sorry Tx).


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        Re: Shivers claimed by the Bears

        No reason to tell me sorry, I said earlier I fanned on Garrett this year.

        I'm glad I don't judge NFL talent for a living.



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          Re: Shivers claimed by the Bears

          "I went through the stuff with him (Monday) morning. The things that he had a hard time with are easy to fix, really.
          And I thought the Rams had something to worry about. Silly me.


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            Re: Shivers claimed by the Bears

            Originally posted by sMartzism#101
            Martz said: "Really, the structure of it [the shoulder] has never been an issue.
            At least we can tell from this statement that eM 'n eM has memorized that classic little ditty - "the leg bone is connected to thhhe thigh bone, the thigh bone is connected to ..."


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              Re: Shivers claimed by the Bears

              They should of had him on the roster over Coady.....................I think that he will be a dominate force to be reckoned with sssssooooooonnnnnnnn!

              Another coaching blunder!.....................One question though. how did they claim him off our practice squad ?..........unless we cut him?


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                Re: Shivers claimed by the Bears

                this sucks!!!!

                I thought he was a steal in the draft and was going to be a force in the very near future. this may come back to haunt the Rams later.

                and I agree, why the hell isn't he on the roster instead of Coady? somebody is not thinking straight.


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                  Re: Shivers claimed by the Bears

                  Rich Coady must be the pool boy for Georgia Frontiere.


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                    Re: Shivers claimed by the Bears

                    Originally posted by talkstoangels61
                    One question though. how did they claim him off our practice squad ?..........unless we cut him?
                    Any team can claim players off of another team's practice squad. I'm not sure specifically how the details of it break down, but practice squad players can be signed by other teams. It's why last December the Rams cut Scott Shanle and Courtland Bullard, because they suspected a team was going to make a move to get Andy King or Scott Tercero, who were both on the practice squad, and needed to be promoted to the active roster.


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                      Re: Shivers claimed by the Bears

                      the Rams cut Scott Shanle
                      That's another regret. I think this kid will be a starter some day, just as will Shivers. But hey, hindsight...what can you do?
                      The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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                        Re: Shivers claimed by the Bears

                        But hey, hindsight...what can you do?
                        Isn't that forsight? Hasn't happened yet.


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                          Re: Shivers claimed by the Bears

                          It's forsight to determine what we're looking at in hindsight.


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                            Re: Shivers claimed by the Bears

                            Originally posted by NickSeiler
                            It's forsight to determine what we're looking at in hindsight.
                            But only if we view it inversely from a reverse angle through a mirror facing backward away from a rear-view mirror with a focal point outside of the image......................what was the original question?
                            The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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                            • RamWraith
                              Jackson, Faulk both are likely to play Sunday
                              by RamWraith
                              By Bill Coats
                              Of the Post-Dispatch

                              It appears that the Rams will be at full strength at running back Sunday when they play the Arizona Cardinals at Sun Devil Stadium.

                              "Steven (Jackson) is still just a little tentative, but there's no reason why he shouldn't be ready to go," coach Mike Martz said Thursday. "Both he and Marshall (Faulk) will be" on the 45-man active roster for the 3:05 p.m. kickoff.

                              Faulk has missed two games with a bruised left knee, and Jackson sat out Sunday at Carolina with the same injury, but to his right knee. Jackson, the team's first-round draft choice this year, had arthroscopic surgery on the same knee after his senior season at Oregon State.

                              Faulk and Jackson shared first-team duties at practice Wednesday and Thursday. Arlen Harris, who rushed for 61 yards on 19 carries in the 20-7 loss to the Panthers, was back with the No. 3 unit and likely to return to kickoff-return duties.

                              Jackson was injured on his final series Dec. 5 against San Francisco, when he ran for 119 yards on 26 carries. He said watching from the sideline Sunday was difficult.

                              "As a competitor, you want to be out there," he said. "And coming off a big game especially, I really felt I could help my team against Carolina. It was pretty tough, especially seeing the offense, the way it was kind of going a little sour."

                              Fluid was drained from Jackson's knee twice last week, but he said it felt "pretty good" Thursday in the wake of Wednesday's workout at Rams Park.

                              "It didn't swell up this morning, but I have a couple of more practices this week to see how it reacts," Jackson said. "I've got to prepare myself. You can't just go out there cold and expect to play on Sunday. You've got to get back into the flow of things at practice."

                              Faulk, who has had recurring knee problems in the past few seasons, had improved so much that he was removed from the team's injury report Thursday. He was listed as probable Wednesday.

                              Bulger throws again, still has soreness

                              Quarterback Marc Bulger was a little sore after testing his bruised right (throwing) shoulder with some light tossing Wednesday, Martz said. Bulger threw again briefly Thursday during individual drills, while Chris Chandler worked with the first unit.

                              "We haven't really pressed it," Martz said. "You don't want to put him backwards. It's a pain issue; it's not the joint structure or anything like that. It's just how sore it is. He's fighting through it."

                              Bulger was injured in the first quarter against the *****. Chandler, 39, replaced him, and the Rams rolled up a 16-6 victory. But as the starter Sunday, Chandler threw six interceptions against the Panthers.

                              Martz hasn't ruled out Bulger...
                              -12-17-2004, 04:25 AM
                            • RamWraith
                              Bulger has a shot at returning for Rams
                              by RamWraith
                              R.B. FALLSTROM

                              Associated Press

                              ST. LOUIS - Marc Bulger tested his shoulder for the second time this week on Wednesday, giving the St. Louis Rams some hope he might be able to return to the lineup.

                              Bulger missed Sunday's loss to the Panthers and his backup, Chris Chandler, had a nightmare game with a career-worst six interceptions. There's urgency for his return with the Rams (6-7) one game back in the NFC West entering this week's game at Arizona.

                              On Wednesday Bulger threw about a dozen passes in an individual drill after also throwing several warmups. He threw at about three-quarter speed and a bit sidearm, but it was enough for Martz to exclaim, citing Bulger's jersey number, "10's back!" after the first pass.

                              Bulger didn't participate in any team drills but the plan is to gradually increase the work load and then make a decision on his availability perhaps on Friday.

                              "I don't know what to tell you because he actually threw the ball much better today than I would have predicted," Martz said after practice. "He feels like he can zip it, but we just asked him to refrain from that."

                              Martz said Bulger, who wasn't made available for comment, had a little trouble on the follow through.

                              "I'd like to have him throw a little bit more each day just to see if he can," Martz said.

                              Martz wasn't as optimistic on Monday, when he said Chandler, 39, would get another start. The Rams had been aiming at Bulger returning next week from an injury he's sustained twice this season.

                              Bulger missed no games the first time around after being hurt in Miami Oct. 24, returning after a bye the following weekend. Martz said Bulger's arm didn't return to normal until a week before he was injured.

                              If Bulger can't go, Chandler will try to shake off his nightmarish day. In 17 seasons, Chandler had never thrown more than four interceptions in a game.

                              Martz attempted to divert some criticism, saying he could have done a better job of preparing Chandler and saying perhaps Chandler - making his first start of the season - might have reverted to running an offense from one of his previous six NFL teams. Chandler would have none of that.

                              "It has nothing to do with Mike; it was just my bad day," Chandler said. "He was just trying to be a nice guy. It was just a bad thing on my part."

                              Chandler said it was tough moving on from the game, which wasted a good effort from the Rams' improving defense. St. Louis shut out Carolina in the second half.

                              "I've never had one like that," Chandler said. "So, I'm still trying to sort it out. I'm just going to try as usual from my end to be ready, and get back to good things."

                              A much-improved backfield situation should help whoever's...
                              -12-16-2004, 05:19 AM
                            • Nick
                              Rams Inside Slant
                              by Nick
                              Inside Slant

                              He might have been briefly in coach Mike Martz's doghouse before training camp started, but running back Steven Jackson has done everything in his power to win back the coach's good graces in training camp.

                              Martz had said Jackson was out of shape, didn't know the offense and wasn't in attendance at a precamp the team had before leaving for training camp. Jackson was unsigned at the time, but quickly signed a five-year contract and got to work.

                              He would routinely stay after practice getting pointers from running back Marshall Faulk, and was showing all the attributes the Rams believed he had when they traded up to pick him in the first round of April's draft.

                              In a scrimmage against the Bears Aug. 7, he showed good hands and pass-catching ability on a 22-yard play. Then, in the first exhibition game last Thursday, also against the Bears, Jackson rushed 15 times for 73 yards and added four receptions for 18 yards.

                              One reason given for the Cowboys passing on Jackson is that he had arthroscopic knee surgery in the offseason. Martz acknowledged his knee is still not 100 percent.

                              "His leg, where he had his scope, is not quite as strong as it used to be," Martz said. "You can see that. He favors it a little bit."

                              Still, most important, is that he did a solid job picking up blitzes. Martz wasn't upset that the Bears blitzed in such an early game because it gave the offense an opportunity to work against it.

                              Said Martz of Jackson, "Offensively, Steven is learning the offense, he's getting better. He still doesn't have the leg strength back yet that he will have eventually. He's still learning our offense, but he did a terrific job in pass blocking, which for a rookie, is a big challenge. He did a great job in recognizing blitzes and getting over. Fortunately, they did blitz us, and that's good for us, because with him back there, he has to get tested before the season starts."

                              Asked about Jackson's prior experience in that phase of the game, Martz said, "He was tuned in and that's what's impressive about him. I was very impressed with that. That's very important. I'm pleased with him in his progress. I really am. He still has a long way to go. He's very talented. He's a little bit of a misguided missile right now. The hardest thing about a running back is, he's still not familiar with the angles we are trying to block and the anticipation, and setting guys up. He doesn't know this running game like he will. There's a lot to be said for that. It's just like a quarterback coming in and not knowing where the receivers are. You can kind of guess, but it affects you a little bit."

                              CAMP CALENDAR: Camp opened at Macomb, Ill., July 27, with the first practice the following day. The Chicago Bears traveled to Macomb for an afternoon practice Aug. 5, two practices...
                              -08-16-2004, 09:47 PM
                            • RamWraith
                              Quarterback Situation Uncertain for Sunday
                              by RamWraith
                              Quarterback Situation Uncertain for Sunday
                              Wednesday, December 15, 2004

                              By Nick Wagoner
                              Staff Writer

                              Quarterback Marc Bulger made his return to the practice field on Wednesday. That doesn’t necessarily mean he will return to the playing field on Sunday, but it is a sign of progress.

                              Bulger, who missed last week’s game against Carolina with a right shoulder sprain, threw the ball in warm-ups and about another 12 in some short team drills. He did not have as much zip on his throws as normal, but that was mostly because he was doing his best to ease back into it, according to coach Mike Martz.

                              “He threw the ball much better today than I predicted,” Martz said. “He didn’t turn it loose. He feels like he could, but he didn’t attempt to. We’ll just let it go until Friday and see where is on Friday.”

                              Bulger is listed as questionable for Sunday’s game against Arizona. In the meantime, it appears that veteran Chris Chandler will get the start for the second consecutive week. Chandler threw six interceptions in the worst outing of his career against the Panthers last week.

                              Chandler was inconsolable after the game, taking all of the blame for the 20-7 loss. He still appears to be trying to get over the difficult loss. Martz attempted to help Chandler out Monday, claiming that he asked Chandler to do too much, but Chandler insists that his coach is just attempting to share in the blame.

                              “Mike’s just trying to be a nice guy,” Chandler said. “It was just a bad thing on my part. I’ve never had a day like that. I’m still trying to sort it out.”

                              The sooner the better for Chandler. Martz did not really consider pulling Chandler in last week’s game, mostly because rookie backup Jeff Smoker isn’t quite ready to step in and play. This week, though, Jamie Martin will likely be ready to play if needed and Martz might have a quicker hook if things go wrong.

                              Bulger seemed to be solid in practice Wednesday and will probably take more repetitions as the week goes on. Martz said that most of Bulger’s pain and problems comes from his follow through and not his actual throwing motion. It could come down to a gametime decision this week if Bulger continues to perform and show that he can make all of the throws needed in practice.

                              Martz said he would wait as long as he has to to make a decision on Bulger.

                              “If there’s any doubt, we will keep him out,” Martz said. “I think Sunday morning is pretty good (in determining when he will play). We’ll get him out in the parking lot and pitch it around a little bit and we’ll roll. I would not hesitate one minute if on Friday he is ready to go.”

                              More than likely, Bulger will not be ready to go Sunday. Regardless of who gets the start, any quarterback on the active roster will need to be ready just in case.

                              RUNNING BACKS BACK: Steven...
                              -12-16-2004, 05:18 AM
                            • Nick
                              Martz leans toward starts for Chandler, S. Jackson
                              by Nick
                              Martz leans toward starts for Chandler, S. Jackson
                              By Jim Thomas
                              Of the Post-Dispatch
                              Sunday, Dec. 05 2004

                              Things could change over the course of this week, but it appears better than
                              50-50 that quarterback Chris Chandler and running back Steven Jackson both will
                              start for the Rams next Sunday at Carolina.

                              "I think at this point, we're going to go ahead and count on Steven starting
                              provided he's healthy," coach Mike Martz said.

                              Jackson suffered a bruised right knee on his final carry in Sunday's 16-6
                              victory over San Francisco. He was replaced by Arlen Harris for the Rams' final
                              two offensive plays of the game.

                              "My knee got rolled up a little bit, but it's all right," Jackson said. "It's
                              just one of those things where your body has to get used to being hit like that
                              and taking those types of poundings."

                              Marshall Faulk suited up but didn't play against San Francisco because of a
                              bruised left knee.

                              "We won't know, I think, until the end of the week where Marshall is," Martz
                              said. "Marshall needs some time. ... So we're going to be as patient as we can
                              and do the right thing by Marshall."

                              Meanwhile, quarterback Marc Bulger left the Edward Jones Dome at halftime after
                              undergoing X-rays for a sprained throwing shoulder. He was thus unavailable for
                              reporters after the game.

                              Although Bulger's injury isn't serious, team officials indicated that it's
                              worse than a similar bruised shoulder he suffered Oct. 24 in Miami. Keep in
                              mind, the Miami injury might have sidelined Bulger the following Sunday had the
                              Rams not had a bye week.

                              Another concussion for Hargrove

                              For the second time this season, defensive end Anthony Hargrove suffered a
                              concussion on kickoff coverage to start a game. It happened previously in the
                              season opener against Arizona. As was the case against the Cardinals, Hargrove
                              tried to keep playing against the *****, but eventually was removed from the

                              Left tackle Orlando Pace left briefly midway through the fourth quarter because
                              of a bruised thigh, but missed only a few plays. Cornerback Jerametrius Butler
                              suffered a bruised shoulder early in the third quarter, missed several plays,
                              then returned later in the quarter.

                              Barlow is unimpressed

                              Two plays after Butler was shaken up, San Francisco running back Kevan Barlow
                              suffered a concussion on a jarring tackle by Rams middle linebacker Robert

                              "I don't want Robert Thomas to think he got me," Barlow said. "It was a good
                              hit. If he had an opportunity to hit me like that,...
                              -12-05-2004, 10:39 PM