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    Martz on the Mike

    Head Coach Mike Martz
    Tuesday, December 14, 2004

    (Opening statement)
    “Obviously we’re all disappointed in the way that we played that football game, particularly on offense. I think up front we had some issues, we did not play very well. We did not protect the quarterback, and he got a little rattled. We just could not get things going offensively. To have that many turnovers, and to hold them to 20 points, is kind of a miraculous job by the defense. We struggled early on defense. We gave up three real big plays in a row on that first series, but after the first quarter, I thought defensively we played really well. I was very pleased with CB Jerametrius Butler. I think (Antuan) Edwards is coming along just fine. He’s doing a good job. I think DE Bryce (Fisher) probably played his best football game since he’s been here. I really felt like RB Arlen Harris played exceptionally well. I think RT Blaine (Saipaia) probably played as well, if not the best, of all the offensive linemen. He basically blocked (Julius) Peppers. On the touchdown throw he had him by himself. We were doubling the tackle with our right guard and our center, and he had him by himself. It was a long count pass, and he blocked him. He’s good enough, and he’s going to be fine, he just needs to play. I love his toughness and his competitiveness. Offensively, there are some things that we need to clean up. QB Chris (Chandler) just got off the mark here a little bit. He got pressured early, and couldn’t settle down. I didn’t do a much better job of helping him in what we called. It’s kind of a flow of things that you get into, but you have to be able to run the ball and mix it in there. Kind of the nature of the way that game went early, we felt like we had to play a fast-paced game. As it turned out, that was not the case. If I had to choose to do it again, I wouldn’t have done that. I would have mixed it up a little bit better. I was just afraid of it getting away from us.”

    (On simplifying the offense for QB Chris Chandler)
    No, not really. In our passing game, you can have seven or eight passes that are really the same read for him. Just the mechanics of what you do here as a quarterback, in terms of what you’re looking at, how you make decisions, and how quick those decisions are, those kinds of things. He’s had a lot of systems now, and a lot of different coaching, and when you get under pressure like that, sometimes you revert back to another system, and how you would deal with things in the past. I kind of think that’s where he is. I really do think he will be fine. He’s just devastated.”

    (On how QB Marc Bulger is feeling)
    “He threw today. It was a little sore. Who knows, we may have him, but I’m not going to count on it. They gave him some treatment this afternoon, and we’ll see. He has to feel good about the shoulder holding together and playing. The structure has never been an issue. It’s just the pain that he has in that shoulder, and if he has the strength to make the throws that he wants to make, and he knows that he has to make. All those guys will tell you that they are ready when they’re not, because they are so competitive. You just have to be careful. We always try to err on the side of caution with all these guys, like Marshall (Faulk) and Marc. You never question their intention or their integrity. It’s just like Pisa, his shoulder popped out three times again in the game. He put it back in the harness and went out and played. He knows he is going to have surgery at the end of the year, but he wants to finish playing. So that’s what we will do.”

    (On if QB Jeff Smoker will get any reps with the first team at practice)
    “We’ll work (Jeff) Smoker in a little bit in the event that something happens. Chris (Chandler) is our starter. I have to do a better job with Chris. That’s clearly a weakness right there. There are some things about his game that I was unclear about, like where he was, and that’s much better defined for me now. It’s much easier for me to call a game and not put him under bad situations. I could help him a lot more, and we need to help him up front. We have to do a better job of protecting him.”

    (On the play calling)
    “They just scored and scored, I thought that we were going to have to run to catch up. And that wasn’t the case at all because our defense settled down. We needed to be patient, that’s why I started to run the ball at the end. We were moving the chains and the ball, and keeping it away from them. I think to get back into a more normal flow of an offense is where we need to be.”

    (On RT Blaine Saipaia having the best game on the offensive line)
    “I would say we definitely have some serious problems, because that definitely is the case. I think he played better than the rest of them. You can draw your own conclusions about the rest of them, I don’t know what to tell you. I’m embarrassed about it to be honest with you.”

    (On G Adam Timmerman)
    “I think that Adam is injured, in fact, I know he is. Both shoulders are knocked down. I think he’s doing what he can. We would like to get him out of there, you just can’t at this point. We’re going to see if we can’t rework some things, challenge him a little bit, and see if we can’t help him. We possibly might get some other guys in there and make some changes. I don’t know, we’re going to look real hard at this. Now that the defense is kind of coming along, and I thought that this would happen all along. It just has taken longer than what you would have liked. Defensively, we are maturing quickly now, and you can see that. We gave up a couple of runs, but by and large we shut the run down good. We got out of position sometimes in the zone. I’ll say this again, and I know you’re tired of hearing me say this, but find a corner that’s playing better than Jerametrius Butler in the NFL. They went at him five or six times, and he picked one off. He’s playing extraordinary right now, and I’m going to sing his praises, and I hope you all do too, because he deserves it. This is such an odd deal because offensively we have always been okay, sometimes good, but never been bad like that, and that really upsets me, as you can all imagine. Yet these are all things that we can fix. We’ll just move on from there.”

    (On how confident he is that they can win)
    “I don’t know any other way. I don’t think any other way. That’s just my nature. I don’t mean to be a smart-aleck. That’s just me, that’s just coaches and players, you just don’t think any other way. Nobody’s going to feel sorry for you, you have to go get it done. That’s what you’re here for. Find a way, and that has to be the motto, you just have to find a way to get it done. Fix what’s broke and move on. You have to have a short memory about this stuff, and not let yourself get beat down emotionally where you can’t pick yourself back up. You have to keep fighting, and competing. That’s what we’re focusing on, and I don’t know any other way.”

    (On the team’s sense of urgency)
    “I think it’s there. It wasn’t in the offensive line yesterday, but it certainly was on defense. Defensively, that’s as hard as we’ve played this year. I’m very pleased with the effort on defense. We still made some mistakes and gave up some plays, but you can fix those things as long as you keep that intensity. We’ve got these guys believing in what (defensive coordinator) Larry (Marmie) is doing right now, defensively. The first sack of the game, we shift our front, they turn their end loose, boom, sack. Those are the types of things we like to do on defense. There is a little bit of confusion there, and multiplicity of what we want to do on defense. We pressure, we don’t pressure, all those kinds of things, that takes a lot of time and work, and understanding of what you’re trying to do. I think our guys buy into all those things at this point. They are trying to get it done the way we want to get it done. It’s taken a while, but it’s been worth while. I think we are were we should be, at this point, with these guys.”

    (On if S Antuan Edwards will be back next year)
    “I would hope so. That’s my opinion. My opinion would be that he is our free safety for a long time to come, but that’s probably a discussion for another day. I would hope that’s the situation that works out, because I’m very pleased with him. He played very well. He knocked the ball out on the goal line. (He) came up and had a good pop on the receiver, and knocks it out at the one-yard line. That’s a big play.”

    (On RB Marshall Faulk)
    “I talked to Marshall a great deal about (playing). But, again, it goes back to Marc (Bulger) and some of these other guys. Could’ve Marshall played yesterday? Yeah, he could’ve played. Would it have set him back? More than likely, it would. It’s just not the right thing to do with the knee the way that it is. He wants to play this week in a limited capacity, (but) I don’t know if we’ll do that. We’ll wait to the end of the week (to decide). What he has done for us over the years, he’s played like this, but when he’s done playing, a knee is a knee, is a knee. I just have a hard time with that, to be honest like that. The same thing with Grant Williams. He has that arthritic shoulder, the neck issue, and Aeneas (Williams) with the neck issue, these guys are people just like all of us, regardless of how much money they make. You have to do the right thing by your guys.”

    (On RB Steven Jackson)
    “They took the fluid off of his knee. He was on the treadmill today, at full speed, so that’s encouraging to me. I think that he’s still pretty sore, but who knows? You would like to be optimistic about both he and Marc (Bulger), and I think you can be. But we’ll just see.”

    (On RB Aveion Cason)
    “I think he will continue to grow and get better. Now that we have a better idea of his capabilities we can kind of tweak some things in the return (game), because he has so much juice. By and large, other than that one kickoff return, I think we did a pretty decent job (on special teams). We had one guy out of position on the kickoff, and those are all issues. The biggest part of special teams that I’m disappointed with, and angry with, are the punt returns. Nobody is blocking nobody there. That’s an issue of great concern with me, and I’ve expressed it with (special teams coach) Mike (Stock), and this is something that we have to get down. If we need to change some people on the outside to get it done, we will. It’s not fair to ask (Shaun McDonald) to return the ball like that with no help.”

    (On Cason almost breaking open a kickoff return)
    “That’s exciting. Those are the kinds of guys that are special. (Cason) and ‘Mac’ (McDonald), and ‘Mac’ in my opinion, is as good of a punt returner as there is in the league right now. We’ve just have to do a much better job of getting him an opportunity to return the ball. We have to. That’s my biggest disappointment. The kickoff returns will come. We are simplified there, and we are on our way. We are fixing some other things. We are getting better on special teams, but it’s been a slow and frustrating process.”

    (On having little success outside of the conference)
    “I can’t tell you (why we started slow). Usually, when we play a team that doesn’t know us very well, we usually have success. I don’t know what else to tell you other than on the road we haven’t played very well, and I think that comes down to veterans, how many do you have, and young players. It just kind of happens. You just try to get through it and have an experience from it, and grow from it. You are just so focused on the game as you are playing, to have those other outside things a potential issue for you, when you are calling the game, or approaching the game, is a distraction almost.”

    (On challenging players)
    “I talked to a couple of specific players, not just defensive players. It was several players on offense and defense. There were three or four guys that we were really counting on in that game to make plays for us. They looked a little overwhelmed, so you have to shake them up a little. Then they got going. They have to fight their way through that, learn, and understand that they can have great success in those situations, and that they can play well and belong. Once they understand those things, then they grow up and become a good player. They are young players learning how to play, and you have to help them along a little. (I’ve done it before) a couple of times. Not very often. You have to get their attention.”

    (On running the ball in the second half)
    “I was concerned that we were going to lose the quarterback. I was just trying to figure a way to move the ball and get back into the game. It was getting a little sloppy and out of control throwing the football. We throw a hitch outside and couldn’t complete it. There is something wrong when that happens, so you have to calm (Chandler) down a little bit. It was like the Seattle thing when you comeback and say, ‘O.K., let’s regroup men. We’re still in this thing, we’re in range.’ We get down there, and on the last two runs we don’t block them much.”

    (On expected changes on the offensive line)
    “We may, but I don’t know. I haven’t made that decision yet. But there is some potential for that now.”

    (On blocking schemes)
    “We just didn’t block right. That just shouldn’t happen. There’s a lot of involvement that needs to be straightened out .”

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  • Nick
    Martz on the Mike, 12/20/04
    by Nick
    Head Coach Mike Martz
    Monday, December 20, 2004

    (Opening statement)
    “Obviously, a huge disappointment is an understatement, I would guess. I think at the beginning of the game, defensively, they put a great deal of pressure on us, and we didn’t handle the pressure very well. From a coaching standpoint, at the quarterback position, I felt like we needed to make a change at the quarter. QB Jamie (Martin) came in, with very little knowledge about what we’re doing, and no experience at all at that point, and he did a remarkable job in my opinion. I just felt like at that point we needed to make a change. RB Marshall (Faulk) stayed in the game for protection purposes. All the things that they were doing, I’m not sure if RB Steven (Jackson) would have been able to deal with. In fact, I know he wouldn’t have been able to deal with some of the pickups we were asking him to do. They did a good job on us, they really did. They out-coached us and they out-played us. Defensively, normally when we see a pressure like that, we’ve always dealt with that well, we’ve always looked forward to that type of pressure, but it was not a situation where we could do that with the quarterback position, obviously. When we get our wide receivers one-on-one, we would like to protect the quarterback and get the ball down the field to them as much as we can, and we just weren’t able to do that. In terms of the running game, they ended up with and eight-man front inside, played more or less kind of a bear defense, and it changes everything we do. At that point you relish the ability to throw the ball, and that’s how we’ve won in the past. We were able to get a little bit of a running game going at the end. I wasn’t aware of Steven (Jackson) not being in the game. Wilbert’s (Montgomery) judgement from what they were doing, from a blitz pickup standpoint, Marshall (Faulk) was clued in to it, as he always is, and Steven (Jackson), in his mind, would have probably struggled with some of that. Marshall (Faulk) played very well. We feel he’s back, like he was in the very beginning of the season. I’m very pleased with him. We have to pick up the pieces from this point, and move on. Obviously, I’m sure Philadelphia doesn’t feel sorry for us. I think we can(pick up the pieces), there’s no question about it. We get QB Marc (Bulger) back this week. I can’t stress to you enough how proud I am of Jamie (Martin), and the job that he did in this game, and how well he played. I don’t know if anybody really appreciates what he did in that game, and the pressure that he went into that game under. Here’s a team that is contending for the division, it’s all on his shoulders, and he hadn’t had a snap at practice with the first string offense. To go in there just from papers and tests, to play as well as he did, is actually pretty remarkable. LG Larry Turner did an excellent job as a rookie, he competed pretty well. RT Blaine (Saipaia) got better. There are some good...
    -12-20-2004, 05:38 PM
  • RamWraith
    Martz on the Mike
    by RamWraith
    Head Coach Mike Martz
    Wednesday, December 15, 2004

    (Opening Statement)
    “As you look at Arizona, particularly on defense, this is a team that from the beginning of the year, creates some challenges for you. I think they’re much improved, they’ve got a good pass rush from the outside, and the linebackers are very active. They’ve changed their defense in that they are much more pressure oriented. They are getting after you and creating all types of structure problems that you have to account for. They are very disruptive and they’ve done a great job. They are playing with a great deal of enthusiasm and excitement. A passionate defense would be a good word for them. They look like they are really well coached on defense, they’re impressive to look at. They are a different defense than we saw at the beginning of the year in that they were much more of a seven-man front than opposed to some of the things that they are doing now. Offensively, with the receivers healthy, they create a real issue for you. Obviously the quarterback can move around and he has the big arm to get the ball down the field. With the big receivers they do like to do the long passes and get the ball down the field and score quickly if they can, and make some big plays. I would say it’s a challenge. Obviously they are a team right now that are kind of finding their way and have been on again, off again, much like us. It’s a big challenge for us. It’s a divisional game, the final one of the season for us, and that’s an exciting aspect for us.”

    (On WR Anquan Boldin being healthy)
    “He makes a huge difference. Just in the short time that he’s played, I can’t remember what his numbers are, but they are pretty impressive. I can remember standing on the sideline last year watching him down there, we had three or four defensive backs around him, and he pulled the ball away and scored. He’s a very electric and exciting player in this league. He’s a guy you have to account for.”

    (On if RB Steven Jackson will play)
    “Yeah. He ran full speed on the treadmill on Monday, and there was no swelling the following day. They also took him outside and did some drills. I saw him this morning and he had no swelling from the work that he’s done over the last few days. I’m real encouraged that we will have him. I assume that we will have him for practice today. Marshall (Faulk) wants to go today at practice. I asked him to be very careful, and he said he would tell me within a day or two how he feels. He’s very encouraged, he feels like he will be fine. I think we might be at full strength at running back. Marc (Bulger) is going to throw today, which about knocked me off my feet when they told me that today. I don’t know what that means, but evidently he threw on Monday, and pitched it around pretty good. We’ll just see what he does, and if there’s any doubt, obviously we will keep him out.”
    -12-16-2004, 05:18 AM
  • RamWraith
    The COACH on the Mike
    by RamWraith
    Head Coach Mike Martz
    Friday, December 31, 2004

    (Opening statement)
    “Just a little bit about our injury situation, as you probably have discovered, we did put S Aeneas Williams on IR (injured reserve). Talking to Aeneas, I really do think that he wanted to come back this week, and potentially, if things went well, in the playoffs. It just puts him in Jeopardy or at risk (if he played). It just hasn’t progressed well enough to play him. It’s just not worth it. We did put him on IR, which has allowed us to pick up another player. Injury wise, TE Cam (Cleeland) should be fine from his concussion. We should have him this weekend. He will practice today. Other than that, RB Steven (Jackson) is fine, and G Tom Nütten’s foot is fine. I think we’re pretty healthy, other than those things. We are a little banged up. I think our Monday (night game) schedule is routine from what we’ve done in the past, in terms of making sure we give the players two days off. This Saturday’s practice will be more of an abbreviated Friday practice, always with the thought that recovery is the most important issue, and then you take a little bit off the end if you have to. Particularly this time of the season, when you want to cut back some of your reps anyway. In terms of the Jets, Defensively, they’re outstanding up front. I think the two tackles inside are just absolutely having a wonderful year. They’re very physical and have a great push. We’ve watched some outstanding guards really struggle with them physically. (LB Jonathan) Vilma, obviously is playing well with the speed and range that he has. Overall, defensively, I think they are very impressive, particularly the front. They’ve done a terrific job. They’re very efficient on offense. They’re a terrific running team, and they do a great job rushing the football. The quarterback manages the game terrific, he is a high-percentage passer, and he sees things well. I know he was banged up a little bit, but his team does what it takes to win. The mark of a good quarterback is moving the football, and he does this. It’s a big game for both of us. It keeps our hopes alive for the playoffs, and of course the Jets as well. It’s what the NFL should be all about this time of the year. Final game of the season, and having this kind of importance is a thrill to be a part of. As a coach and a player you work each year to be in this situation, so we’re fortunate to be here, and we look forward to it.”

    (On if he’s talked to S Aeneas Williams about his future)
    “No. That’s way too premature. I know deep down inside he really wants to play. I had a discussion with him last week, and I think down deep inside, he knows that it would be very difficult for him to play. At that time we talked about it to some extent. We’re just not going to put him in jeopardy like that. We’ll just see when the season is over how he is managing. He’ll decide what he wants...
    -01-01-2005, 05:00 AM
  • RamWraith
    Martz on the Mike
    by RamWraith
    Head Coach Mike Martz
    Thursday, December 2, 2004

    (Opening Statement)
    “It’s 49er week. Big week. We took the extra day off like we always do after a Monday night game. We’re trying to get these guys back physically. Today will be a Wednesday practice, tomorrow will be a Thursday, and we’ll do some light work on Saturday morning. We’re excited about being back in the division with this game, and the *****, here at home. We’ve spent the last few days as a staff preparing for this game, and we’re ready to go.”

    (On playing the ***** on their down year)
    “I don’t think that ever has anything to do with anything when you line up. Whoever it is, whether it’s the ***** or anybody else, if you coach or play this league long enough, you understand when you line up it’s hard every week, no matter who you are. Nobody takes anybody lightly. The ***** certainly, defensively, are very stout. I think they are playing better than they were earlier, and I thought they were very good earlier. They play with a great deal of emotion, and they fly around. They present a lot of blitz issues for you. I think they are somewhere around 15th in the league on defense. They have good people, outstanding linebacker crew, and they make you spend a lot of hours preparing for them. They are a good football team on defense. They’ve struggled somewhat offensively at times. It seems to come together at times too for them. It will be a tough game.”

    (On if opponent’s records fools some players)
    “I think some players do. I think this league is full of players that do that, that’s why they don’t win. You can never do that. I think young players have a tendency to do that. They have not been through that, and experienced a season to know how hard it is week-to-week. In a veteran group, you won’t find that happening. Not on a team that wins.”

    (On if he is anxious to play this week)
    “Anytime you lose, you’re anxious to get that feeling out of your stomach. No matter what kind of game it was, and that one (Green Bay) was a hard pill to swallow. You’re always anxious to line up and play again.”

    (On if he thinks the Ram’s defense plays with the same intensity as the *****’ defense)
    “No we don’t. That’s what we have to resolve. It’s a major issue for us. We’re not like we’ve been at times. I think we have some guys that are afraid to make mistakes. They are very tentative. It’s not a ‘want to’ issue at all, or having heart, or being tough, it’s not any of those things. We’ve just got some guys that are very tentative for various reasons. We’re trying to get them away from that and get back to playing with a smile on your face and leaving the ball carrier in a bad mood.”

    (On the *****’ blitzing packages)
    “They are kind of selective in terms of who they play. I think, anywhere from 50-60% of the time, you’re getting some kind...
    -12-03-2004, 04:44 AM
  • RamWraith
    Lots of good team quotes for the week
    by RamWraith
    Head Coach Scott Linehan

    September 19, 2007

    (Opening Remarks)

    “Drew (Bennett), he got all of practice in so there shouldn’t be any issue with him playing this week. He was limited some, but just because we kept him out of things. Marc (Bulger) had full participation in practice. He was limited a little bit in his throwing, but he should be fine. Tye Hill did not practice. Richie Incognito did not practice. Claude Terrell had full practice and Pisa (Tinoisamoa) was limited. We’re headed in the right direction as far as getting guys back on the field. There shouldn’t be any surprises, hopefully we don’t have another Thursday like we had last week. Tomorrow we should be okay.”

    (On G Milford Brown)

    “He’s fine. There was no problem with him recovering from post game. He was a lot better yesterday and he went full today.”

    (On T Alex Barron’s attributes)

    “His athleticism. He’s ability to match up against speed. He has enough size to anchor. The ends aren’t getting any smaller these days. You go against some pretty incredible athletes over there. He’s been going against some pretty good ones on the other side. It’s kind of 50-50. He’s at the blind side of a right-handed quarterback. That’s very important for your quarterback knowing he’s going to see things to his right and to his left. He has to count on that guy and Alex’s No. 1 ability is to pass protect. He’s become a lot better run blocker as he’s progressed in his career. His overall talent. He’s really improved since he’s played for us in the last two years, and certainly since he came in the league.”

    (On how to reduce the number of hits on the quarterback)

    “You have to do it. The No. 1 best way to protect your quarterback is the run game. We have to get our run game going. It has not been satisfactory in the first two games. That has to be our strength – for our football team to run the ball offensively and to stop the run defensively. If you get your run game going there is a certain amount of respect that the defense gives the run game and it definitely helps your pass protection and puts you in better third-down position which is critical when you get in third-and-long or extra long. It gets the defensive ends; I know our defense is much, much better, when we get in those long-area situations because we’re equipped that way as far as our speed and all that. Until we do that it’s going to be a concern. There are other ways, protection schemes. It’s not always match protecting or keeping lots of people in. There is timing of routes. Everyone knows we have a deeper design to a number of our plays, but we have to pick and chose when we do those as well.”

    (On averaging 5-6 yards a carry for a short period of time in each of the first two games)

    “We’ve managed...
    -09-19-2007, 03:56 PM