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Question For Those Who Have Attended A Game This Year

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  • Question For Those Who Have Attended A Game This Year

    Is the new bag policy a non-issue? I really thought it would be troublesome, but I have not heard about any problems what so ever. I'm curious because I'd like to be prepared to go early if need be.

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    Most people didn't have a bag, I can't recall seeing any women with purses. And I only seen a few with the clear bags


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      Re: Question For Those Who Have Attended A Game This Year

      Originally posted by Fastcat View Post
      Most people didn't have a bag, I can't recall seeing any women with purses. And I only seen a few with the clear bags
      Thanks Fastcat, I appreciate your response. Sounds like there should be no unusually long lines or out of the ordinary delays.


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        Re: Question For Those Who Have Attended A Game This Year

        wasn't an issue for me and my son =P In fact I didn't even know there was something like this until I was at work the next day.


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