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  • Turley on KFNS

    This is being reported by another Rams fan:

    -The Arizona remark apparently was about rehabbing down there. He has a buddy who has an exquisite ranch-style rehab center with chefs, nutritionists and everything. He'll head down there after New Year's.

    -He went in yesterday and had a few words with Martz to try and clear the air about what he's been up to.

    -He is down to 240 (60 below playing weight). This is simply due to the fact that he can't lift weights. He has to work hard to get up to 300 during the season.

    -He doesn't understand how Martz doesn't know where he's been since he has been on the sidelines prior to some games, has been in the news for attending various charity events, etc.

    -His goal is to return to football next season.

    -He's spoken to guys who have had many knee surgeries and one back surgery, and they tell him they would have 20 more knee surgeries instead of the one back injury.

    -He stays back to do his rehab during away games, but has been to "most" home games. He doesn't want to be on the sidelines and be a distraction.

    -He repeated himself several times about not wanting to be a distraction and staying out of the way so the team could focus.

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    Re: Turley on KFNS

    wow 240... He certainly looked heavier than that on tv last week. I mean I weight 235 and dont look like that.


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      Re: Turley on KFNS

      Originally posted by GSOT
      wow 240... He certainly looked heavier than that on tv last week. I mean I weight 235 and dont look like that.
      Hm, 240? I wonder if Turley could play middle linebac.....nah.
      The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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        Re: Turley on KFNS

        Most of this was reported in the local paper as well. Based on what happened at the start of Macomb this year, I would bet he won't be back in the NFL. Turley is already hedging by saying he might be back "at the beginning, middle, or end of the 2005 season, or possibly even later".

        Does anyone know the Turley cap impact if he can't finish his contract due to injury? I have read it would be some type of negotiated agreement. Anyone have any more details??


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          Re: Turley on KFNS

          Not wanting to defend the guy or anything like that but I have to say that I would put MY health first as well.

          Its is just a game you know ;)

          Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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            Re: Turley on KFNS

            This is what puzzles me about the Turley situation. At what point did Turley know that his back pain was an issue? And at what point did the FO know that his back was an issue? Whatever "character" questions you have about Turley, you can't deny that RT has been an issue for far too long and that the Rams did right in trying to solidify that spot with a proven player. No way will I find fault with the FO for going out to get him.

            But I am wary of the FO not having gone out and found a suitable replacement for Turley as soon as they discovered the severity of the injury. If Turley failed to disclose his injury until it was too late for the FO to make necessary arrangements, then Turley loses a whole bunch of respect in my eyes. On the other hand, if the FO knew about the severity of the injury for some time but kept it under wraps till late in the summer, then the FO needs to be held accountable for the debacle of the O-line. Either way, the chronology of events is what is curious to me.


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              Re: Turley on KFNS

              Who in August would the Rams go after that's a suitable replacement for Turley? They had Grant Williams and Greg Randall as well as some younger guys at the time, plus Pace would be coming back after the preseason.


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                Re: Turley on KFNS

                Preseason thoughts: "Grant Williams could start at tackle for several teams in the NFL."

                HA!! So could I, but similarly, I would also suck!


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                • Nick
                  Turley hopes to recover, come back next season
                  by Nick
                  Turley hopes to recover, come back next season
                  By Jim Thomas
                  Of the Post-Dispatch

                  Kyle Turley's whereabouts haven't quite reached "Where's Waldo?" proportions. It only seemed that way last week when Rams coach Mike Martz was asked about Turley's status.

                  "I have no idea where he is," Martz said. "I have no idea if he wants to play or can play. ... I have not seen him."

                  Reached Tuesday by the Post-Dispatch, Turley said he wants to play next season for the Rams. But he's trying to do so without having a second back surgery for a herniated disc.

                  Turley said he has tried to keep a low profile since aggravating the back injury in training camp. If that approach has offended anyone, particularly Martz, Turley said that was not his intent.

                  "I don't know if there's any underlying personal issues that Mike Martz has with me," Turley said. "I have no idea. ... I've tried to keep it at a professional level from the beginning.

                  "I just mistakenly assumed that Mike Martz had talked with (team president) Jay Zygmunt and knew what was going on because my agent was in direct contact with Zygmunt and with the doctors."

                  Since being placed on the season-ending injured reserve list Aug. 28, Turley said he has participated in a lot of charity events hosted by the Rams. He has gone to several dinners with groups of players, and he has done pregame television work at home games.

                  "I walk around the field pregame, say, 'Hi' to the guys," Turley said.

                  But then he gets out of the way.

                  "Mike Martz has never expressed an interest in having me on the sidelines at games," Turley said. "I can't stand on that turf anyway. ... My back starts tightening up on me.

                  "They haven't asked me to come down and coach or help or do anything like that. So I just assumed that they knew what I'm doing. I don't want to be in the way."

                  Pass blocking at right tackle has been an issue for the Rams much of the season. And pass blocking at right tackle is what Turley does best. For that reason, he said he didn't want to be standing on the sidelines at games, and have cameras zooming in on him every time the Rams gave up a sack at right tackle.

                  "I don't want it to be viewed as, 'Oh, there's Kyle Turley. That's the reason why they're losing,' " he said. "That team needs to focus. That offensive line needs to focus. In team sports, you don't need distractions. And I'm trying hard not to be a distraction."

                  Turley has spent very little time at Rams Park. Under his physical therapy regimen, he needs only a pair of 10-pound dumb bells and what he calls a "physio-ball." So there's no equipment he needs at Rams Park. When not visiting his physical...
                  -12-15-2004, 07:46 AM
                • Nick
                  Turley wants to play defense
                  by Nick
                  Offensive lineman asks Rams to switch him to defense
                  By Brent Schrotenboer

                  April 2, 2005

                  St. Louis Rams offensive tackle Kyle Turley is planning a switch to defensive end this year a position he hasn't played since high school as long he can pass a physical exam and resume working relations with a head coach he won't forgive.

                  Turley, a former standout at San Diego State, wants to switch to defensive end to relieve pressure on his back, a subject of controversy and much physical stress for Turley since December. Turley suffered from a herniated disc in preseason training camp and missed the entire 2004 season.

                  "I need to play a position where I have more freedom to move around and get out of problem situations," Turley said yesterday by phone. "My back was injured on pass plays (on offense)."

                  Turley said Rams General Manager Charlie Armey and operations chief Jay Zygmunt have given him the "we'll see" answer to his switch request. A call to the Rams office seeking comment was not immediately returned last night.

                  In the last three months, Turley's weight dipped to 235 for the first time since his freshman year at SDSU. After working out in Tempe, Ariz., he has it back up to 260 with a target of 275. He was once up to 309.

                  As a result, he said, he's going to be faster than ever and is feeling great about extending his career. A bigger question might be how he'll be received by head coach Mike Martz if he does. In December, Turley got into a shouting match with Martz after Turley said Martz questioned the seriousness of Turley's injury. Turley allegedly threatened to kill Martz a charge Turley denies.

                  "There's definitely hard feelings," Turley said. "As far as I'm concerned, I don't have to forgive anybody. The things he said to me, I don't plan on forgetting."

                  Turley said that from now on his relationship with Martz wil be: "He stays away from me, and I stay away from him."

                  According to Turley, Martz said that Turley came to St. Louis "to take the money and run." Turley, 29, signed a six-year, $26.5 million contract after joining the Rams in 2003.

                  "How do you say that to a guy who hasn't missed a down or a practice in six years and faces a serious, career-ending injury?" Turley asked.

                  Turley, a former first-round draft pick in 1998, also said he's ditched many diet supplements in his quest to regain his health and weight. Instead of multivitamins, for example, he's sticking to a strict diet and nutritional shakes. His body fat rate is down from 10 percent to 8 percent.

                  Turley had surgery on his back in March 2004 but didn't want to have more surgery last fall that could have further jeopardized his career.
                  -04-03-2005, 09:05 PM
                • Nick
                  Turley is released after failing physical - PD
                  by Nick
                  Turley is released after failing physical
                  By Bill Coats
                  Of the Post-Dispatch
                  Monday, Jun. 06 2005

                  Kyle Turley won't be playing offensive tackle, tight end, defensive tackle or
                  anything else for the Rams in 2005. Turley has failed a physical exam
                  administered in Arizona, where he had been rehabbing the back injury that cost
                  him the entire 2004 season, and has been released.

                  Officially, Turley was designated as "waived - failed physical," which means
                  the Rams owe him $250,000 but that the effect on the salary cap is the same as
                  if he simply had been released. The "hit" is $1.82 million this year and $5.47
                  million in 2006.

                  Turley signed a six-year, $26.5 million deal with the Rams after he was
                  acquired in a trade with New Orleans in March of 2003.

                  Turley, 28, underwent surgery on a herniated disc in March of 2004 after
                  starting all 16 games at right tackle the previous season, his first with the
                  Rams. Turley reinjured his back early in training camp last July and was placed
                  on the injured reserve list Aug. 28.

                  Additional surgery was not performed, and Turley said in a recent interview
                  with the Post-Dispatch that he had been training daily since early January at
                  the Athletes Performance Institute in Tempe, Ariz. After dropping some 65
                  pounds from his playing weight, down to 235, the 6-foot-5 Turley reported that
                  he'd added about 30 pounds and hoped to play in the NFL this year.

                  Still, Turley acknowledged that he probably couldn't add enough bulk to man an
                  offensive line position this year, so he hinted that he'd be interested in a
                  different position - perhaps tight end or defensive end.

                  "As far as the team goes, I don't know what their thoughts are," he said.
                  "Obviously, they signed a contract with me to play offensive line, and they
                  don't know what I would do at another position. So, that's probably a big
                  question in their mind. ...

                  "(But) it might take another year possibly to continue putting the weight on,
                  making it good weight, and not just going out and eating a bunch of Krispy
                  Kreme doughnuts and burritos at 2 in the morning, to get back up to 300

                  It probably never would've gotten that far with the Rams, particularly after
                  Turley's well-publicized offseason clash with coach Mike Martz. Their rift
                  began when Martz became irritated that Turley wasn't returning his phone calls
                  after leaving training camp in Macomb, Ill., to seek evaluations of his back

                  A conversation between the two in mid-December in Martz's Rams Park office
                  escalated into a shouting match and ultimately led Martz to file a complaint...
                  -06-07-2005, 12:57 AM
                • theodus69
                  by theodus69
                  Anybody really heard anything about Turleys status as a Ram. Not everybody likes their coach and not every coach likes all the players! Can't Turley just rely on cummunication with his O- coordinater? He said he has a great relationship with the front office,does that count or do you think he's just gone? And if not, how can he gain back all the weight without being caught on the juice? To many juice scandals to try that approach......don't you think?
                  -02-17-2005, 01:11 PM
                • RamWraith
                  Turley still rehabbing from back injury
                  by RamWraith
                  By Len Pasquarelli

                  Still at least three months away from being able to pass an NFL physical, and about 40 pounds under his normal playing weight, offensive tackle Kyle Turley has been released by the St. Louis Rams after failing a team-administered physical exam.

                  The split with Turley, who officially appeared on the NFL's transaction wire Monday as "waived-failed physical" following an exam in Arizona, where he has been rehabilitating from a debilitating back injury, ends a turbulent stint with the team. The bile between the seven-year veteran right tackle and coach Mike Martz spilled over into a much-publicized shouting match last December.

                  Following the imbroglio, precipitated in part when the coach suggested that Turley was not returning his phone calls and updating him on his physical progress, Martz filed a complaint with NFL security. In the complaint, Martz alleged Turley threatened him.

                  Even without the bitterness, it is doubtful that Turley, who is suffering from a herniated disc, would have returned to the club. The poisoned relationship between Turley and Martz, though, cemented the fact the tackle would not return to the Rams, even though he suggested as recently as last week that he was amenable to playing in St. Louis again.

                  The only question about Turley's status with the Rams was the timing of when the club chose to release him.

                  The addition of Turley to the free agent market further crowds the pool of veterans at the tackle position. The key difference, though, is that veterans such as Chris Terry, Kenyatta Jones, Scott Gragg and Aaron Gibson are physically cleared to play in 2005. Turley is probably several months from having even a remote chance of getting back onto a field in 2005, and might have to wait until 2006.

                  Within the last week, Dr. Robert Watkins, a Los Angeles back specialist who performed the surgery on Turley's disc in 2004, examined the offensive linemen and apprised him he needed several more months of rehabilitation. At that time, Turley remained optimistic he would play football again at some point.

                  "The back is feeling really good," Turley said. "The biggest problem right now is the severe atrophy of my right leg muscles, and I've been struggling to overcome that. That's a rigorous and long process, but it's coming back, slowly but surely."

                  Turley, 28, has made it clear he does not plan to retire. He will continue his rehabilitation and hopes to resume his career at some point, even if it means changing positions. A few months ago, Turley suggested he might come back as a defensive end, a position where he would not need as much weight, and which would submit his balky back to less strain.

                  The former San Diego State star, acquired by the Rams from New Orleans in 2003, had surgery on a herniated disc...
                  -06-07-2005, 01:40 PM