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Uses for today's game tape

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  • Uses for today's game tape

    What would be the best use?
    Good Christmas gift for Cardinal fans.
    Put in box labeled "how not to play."
    Might be able to make a good Tony Hargrove highlight tape.
    Place under short leg of wobbly table.
    Put in poison control kit in case ever need to induce vomiting.
    Skeet shooting.

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    Re: Uses for today's game tape

    toilet paper?


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      Re: Uses for today's game tape

      Perhaps sentimental value?

      Well you never know....this could be the last game of Mike Martz as head coach of the Rams.

      Curly ~ Horns


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        Re: Uses for today's game tape

        first, you dub it. save one for later and use one as follows:

        unreel all the tape out of the cassette and use it to tie up Martz to a chair.

        then, put the 2nd tape in the vcr and make Martz watch it over and over and over again.

        then, have him explain what the hell he was thinking with that game plan.

        conclusion, he will blame it on someone other than himself.


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        • RamDez
          Good game, Martz gets the credit
          by RamDez
          just as he should do.

          Well done Mike
          -08-27-2004, 07:52 PM
        • NY RAMFAN
          Should Mad M. be allowed to coach the last game ?
          by NY RAMFAN
          Now that whe has medical clearance, should he be allowed to at least coach for one last time as a farewell for his players and his fans?
          I know I'm going to miss him
          -12-17-2005, 06:15 AM
        • RamWraith
          Martz put his credibility on the line with latest ploy
          by RamWraith
          Post-Dispatch Sports Columnist
          Friday, Nov. 12 2004

          Mike Martz, playing the role of Bear Bryant?

          The casting, to say the least, is unusual. But with Martz, we should never be
          surprised. The NFL's most fascinating and quirky head coach was at it again
          this week at Rams Park.

          Leave it to Martz to conduct a psychology experiment in the middle of a season.
          This player-friendly coach cracked down on his players, publicly calling them
          out for their lackluster play. Then he put the boys through a tough,
          full-contract practice, which went against his previous coaching standards.

          It's good to see Martz morph into "Mad Mike" in a different way. We'll see if
          the motivational ploy works on Sunday against the visiting Seattle Seahawks.

          A few observations:

          * The Rams' primary problem is a decline in overall talent. The offensive
          line, neglected in the draft, is mediocre. The defense has only one player,
          pass-rusher Leonard Little, consistently capable of altering a game with
          big-play moments. Poor drafts are the root cause of the erosion in personnel.
          The Rams have missed on too many premium picks. Period.

          * If Martz wants a tougher and more physical team, fine. But you're supposed
          to cultivate that attitude in training camp. It's difficult to transform a
          team's personality over a few days. The culture must be gradually changed over
          a period of time.

          * Martz has, to an extent, put his credibility on the line as never before. By
          going off on his players, he's gambling that they'll respond in a positive way.
          But suppose the psychological tactic fails, and the same old Rams show up on
          Sunday? He could lose the respect of his players. And then he could lose the

          As Others See Us

          Bob Oates, Los Angeles Times, says that Martz should forget about the running
          game, be himself, and air it out:

          "Through three years and two Super Bowls, Coach Mike Martz has shown that he's
          the best passing coach football has yet seen, but, now, he wants to integrate
          running plays with pass plays and can't find the right recipe. In their big
          years, the Rams didn't need a running game. And now, every week, they're
          proving that they still don't understand the problem. Thus, Martz has been
          operating a schizoid offense. Running the ball when defenses expect a run, he
          bulks up with tight ends and blocking backs. Then, passing the ball when
          defenses expect him to pass, he takes out the beef and inserts more speed.

          "The result is that, at the start of most of their offensive series, the Rams
          -- instead of passing...
          -11-13-2004, 05:42 AM
        • Guest's Avatar
          Martz Has To Go.... PERIOD!!!!!
          by Guest
          I know there are alot of Martz fans here, but he has to go. it is his responsibility to get his team ready for each game and he clearly didn't get the job done.

          he had 2 weeks to prepare for this game and the Patriots were descimated in the secondary. this should have been a big win. instead it is a big loss.

          I've heard all the arguements that this team does not have the talent on the defensive side of the ball or the offensive line. but you can't tell me if Belichek was coaching this team that he would be getting the most out of this team and they would be winning.

          the Patriots don't have superstars on their team. can you even name an offensive lineman on the Patriots? exactly my point. no real superstars but dominating the NFL.

          Belichek chould turn this team around with the same personel. no doubt about it. Martz has not made the most of his tenure and that is why it is time for him to go.

          now, will the Rmas actually fire him? NO!!!!! they will blame it on the defense and fire Marmie and Martz will skate by again.

          sorry Martz fans and supporters, but you know I am right about this.

          if another coach could make winners out of the dame personel and the coach you have can't, it's time to fire the coach.
          -11-07-2004, 07:49 PM
        • RamWraith
          Think what you will about Martz; he made football fun in this town
          by RamWraith
          By Bernie Miklasz

          Mike Martz will resurface. He will return to dial up 50 passes a game in another town, for another team, driving his new team's fans crazy. They may be laughing or frowning, cheering or booing, but Martz will move them. This is a coach who gets a reaction. He is many things, but the word "dull" never will be applied in any description of Martz.

          "The Greatest Show" goes away, but never completely leaves the imagination. After all, the circus always comes back, and so it will be for Martz, the ringleader of one of the most dazzling offensive productions in NFL history.

          Mad Mike still has a few scores to settle, a few more defensive coordinators to torment, and may the football gods have mercy on defenses when this coach clears his head and reloads his offense during a second-chance head-coaching opportunity.

          Martz may have to sit out for a while. He may have to go into exile for the 2006 season, to rehabilitate his image and find inner peace, but that may be the best thing for him.

          Martz needs time to truly disengage from the grueling experience in St. Louis. Martz's bacterial infection of the heart valve has cleared, and medically he's 100 percent ready to work, but he's still battered emotionally after predictably losing a power struggle with Rams executives John Shaw and Jay Zygmunt.

          If Martz doesn't hook up immediately as a head coach, he should view the sabbatical as a precious opportunity to exhale and enjoy life. Martz could take his wonderful wife Julie on a trip around the world, or go on the kind of relaxing, leisurely adventures that are impossible to arrange for a full-time, football-consumed coach.

          And a year from now, a completely rested, recharged and refocused Martz would be a hot candidate. His agent, Bob Lamonte, would have no problem marketing the Martz II Project to NFL owners. If you're an NFL owner with a dormant offense that needs to be zapped back to life, how could you resist the reformed Mike Martz? How could you turn away from 30 points a game? Americans love a second act.

          Martz is feeling low these days, but he's been through rougher days than this. His alcoholic father bailed on his mom and four brothers when Mike was a kid. Mike survived, maturing sooner than any child should just to help keep the family strong.

          After Martz got fired from a coaching gig at Arizona State, he couldn't find another job, so he became an unpaid volunteer assistant to Los Angeles Rams coach Chuck Knox. By then, Mike and Julie had four children, and it wasn't easy. But again, he overcame the hard times.

          And Martz will rally again.

          During his time as the Rams head coach, I frequently sparred with the media-sensitive Martz. This is a guy who did not hesitate to pick up the phone, dial my number,...
          -01-05-2006, 04:52 AM