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Did this really just happen?

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  • Did this really just happen?

    Did the Rams really have some of the greatest teams in history not win a world championship. Was it really because of stupidity and ego. Did the Rams really commit the biggest waste of talent ever seen on this globe? Was I really the only one who saw him as a threat to his own creation in 2000? Was my website boycotted by Rams fans because I supported a petition to fire Martz in 2000? Was our coach really so out of touch that he threw downfield at 7 and 8 defensive backs when the opponent was daring the Rams to Run the best player in the league? Did it take a guy blowing up a couple of buildings combined with the stupidest coaching the superbowl has ever seen to barely beat us by 3 points? Did we really cut a two time MVP? Did we really score over 500 points 3 straight years? Did our coach really forget to get the team prepared for the season after we lost the superbowl? Did we really waste a 1st round draft pick on a talent we didn't need and was projected to go in the 3rd? Did we really have a head coach that thought turnovers were unimportant? Did we just lose to the Arizona Freaking Cardinals? Did we really fail to win the worst division in the worst conference when 8 - 8 would have won it? Did all the shat really happen or is this just a bad faulking nightmare?

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    Re: Did this really just happen?

    Yeah, we'll all wake up and find out we were in the shower all this time.. lol


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      Re: Did this really just happen?

      Good because I would hate to think that all this crap really happened.


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      • HUbison
        Which Rams team is the greatest of all time?
        by HUbison
        I've only been a Rams fan since they moved to St. Louis, so I have not followed the team as long as some of you guys & girls. I suffered from 95-98, but have been privileged to bask in the glory of 99-03 (with the speed bump of '02). I think I have seen some of the greatest Ram teams of all time just in the past 5 years, but I am curious what everyone else thinks. What is the greatest Rams team of all time? Now it will be easy to say '99, because of the SB win, but really looking at the team as a whole not just one game, which team was the greatest?

        I eagerly await all views.
        -06-21-2004, 07:45 AM
      • jdpbmo
        don't blame Martz
        by jdpbmo
        Well, where to begin. First, Martz didn't commit the 8 turnovers. Second, he didn't jump offsides with 2 minutes to play to seal the doom. How can a team be so utterly, utterly amazing in one half and look like the bad news bears in football gear the next? And we were stupid enough to have the false illusions of going undefeated, 19-0. I don't mean to speak for others, but it popped into my head a time or two. What was Warner doing today? Did he forget who he was supposed to throw to? And then when he was on target the receivers dropped the ball. And when he was on target and the receivers caught it, they soon fumbled it. I would much rather lose a game like we played against NYG than lose like we did today. As bad as they played, they would have won the game. There is no doubt in my mind that we were going to drive the field and either score a game-winning touchdown or at least a field goal to tie it up and send it to overtime where we would win.....if they just don't jump offsides. I would fine McCleon $1 million dollars...not for the mistake, but for being stupid. If he stays on side, NO kicks the field goal and we get the ball back for the game winning doubt about it. It's a shame we have a game like this. NO deserves the credit for their comback and the Rams deserve exactly what they got-a loss. Martz can only call the plays, he can't throw it, catch it, hold onto it, or tackle. over and out jd
        -10-28-2001, 05:14 PM
      • shortman1984
        About this loss
        by shortman1984
        It makes me mad when everyone talks about how bad the niners are. Yeah they only won 2 games last year but they had a lot of injuries last year..and Rattay is not a bad QB .. does everyone remember when he had 3 straight games with a QB rating of atleast 100 2 years ago.. Yeah they arent the greatest team but this is week one. No one knows how good a team really is. I think the next game will be different.. If we score TD's instead of FG's. then we will win. But this season is far from over..
        -09-13-2005, 06:28 PM
      • Guest's Avatar
        Don't get pissed off now. You created this monster
        by Guest
        Carolina could have sat down in straight jackets and the rams would have done their best to score points for them. When Dr. Frankenstein created his monster he later found it revolting. We should consider ourselves Dr. Frankenstein. And the Monster we created? Mike Martz of course. The praise and accolades along with the covering up of his flaws over the past 5 years were the electricity needed to keep the monster alive. Now we are smack dab in the middle of a playoff race and like cadavers we want the monster to die. It was the talent over the past 5 years that gave us the illusion that our monster was good. Conversely the lack of talent is now the reason why we find the monster revolting. So we have failed to realize the monsters shortcomings in the past and now are blaming the lack of talent on the monster. Hopefully most will see the absurdity in this. As I have stated in the recent past, itís time we stand by our creation because if we drive a stake through him now when we still have a shot at the playoffs then we will be left with a bad monster and a bad team. Sure when the season ends we should consider doing what should have been done years ago and rid the village of the monster. Right now this monster is all we have so lets just get this thing into the playoffs....
        -12-12-2004, 05:37 PM
      • RamsSB99
        How in the worl did we even win 2 games this year?
        by RamsSB99
        How in the world was this team good enough to win two games this year? How in the world did we beat Dallas and the Skins?

        Seriously look at the margin of defeat in 8 of our 9 losses.

        LOST BY:

        In 8 of our 9 losses we got beat by 3 scores or greater. I have never seen a team regualarly get there ass kicked like this team does.
        -11-24-2008, 12:59 PM