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When does the draft talk start?

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  • When does the draft talk start?

    Just wondering.

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    Re: When does the draft talk start?

    whenever you decide to...but really, it's pointless until we know exactly where the rams will pick in the upcoming draft...


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      Re: When does the draft talk start?

      Some of us have been discussing draft possibilities for a while, as in potential picks, need areas, etc etc.


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        Re: When does the draft talk start?

        I typically wait until the combine to really start talking it up, but its always on my mind when I watch college football.


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          Re: When does the draft talk start?

          We've been busy discussing the coaching draft which comes up in 2 weeks. Looks like we're going to stick with our 4 year veteran and not look to the draft to replace him...although there does appear to be a lack of talent at this position.


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            Re: When does the draft talk start?

            During bowl week, I watch most of the games and jot down the playmakers names & team. When the experts come out with their top 100 or whatever, I take a look where some, if any, fall into the list. It usually has quite a few of them on there, plus I've seen them make PLAYS.

            We need more playmakers !!

            Maineram :ramlogo:


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              Re: When does the draft talk start?

              Originally posted by maineram
              We need more playmakers !!

              Maineram :ramlogo:
              I don't know if we really need more playmakers; well maybe on the defensive side of the ball. But I would be happy with some solid players that give everything they have for 4 quarters every game day.


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                Draft Day...what do you do?
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                Seriously, I tried last year to watch the draft. Thought that it might be relaxing after a strenous tax season. However, I found myself longing for the guy who painted little trees in the corner because the bushes needed friends. That's how boring I thought this "draft coverage" was. So, how do you make it enjoyable?

                This year, it's golf. You know, they should make one of those ESPN commercials about me when I'm going to be fixated on my phone while the draft is on. Then, when the Rams draft Sigmund Freud in the first round and I sling my putter across the green in disgust it will make a perfect Verizon highlight moment.
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                I think this could be the draft that changes the Rams into a wildcard team not this upcoming year but in 2 years.

                what does everyone think?
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                Just wondering what some of you do for draft day. Me, myself I go out

                with the same friends, about 15 to 20 to a local bar "Capones" and watch usually the first two rounds. Why only two? Im too drunk and my wife
                has to pick me up. Anyways we have been doing this for ..... Id say the last 5 years.
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                The Draft
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                Guys, the draft is tomorrow......
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                Tired of looking forward to the draft
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                Anyone else?
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