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  • Still Alive!

    Well, the Eagles may have played a lot of their reserves...

    And it may not have been that pretty...

    But the season's not over yet!

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    Re: Still Alive!

    Here We Come


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      Re: Still Alive!

      It was a respectable performance considering reserves, etc. I hope that Jackson's knee is just getting a rest. Is he a stud or what?? He is definately the future. What an opening drive; all runs!
      The Jets will play everyone. They, like us, have everything to play for. Unfortunately there are too many "ifs" involved even if we win next week (if Seattle loses, if Minnesota loses, etc.). Let's get motivated for next week and come out aggressive again. :ramlogo:


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        Re: Still Alive!

        Bring On The Jets!
        Jinx Jinx Jinx Seattle!


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          Re: Still Alive!

          * The season is still on. We won (the Eagles did NOT "hand us this one"). :helmet:

          * So we played Vs. 2nd, 3rd string Eagles. OL, M .Bulger, S. Jackson played well.

          * As SSGRamFan said, I hope we come out as motivated next week Vs. NYJ.

          * The significant face mask call on Eagles while defending T. Holt was NOT "offsetting" as Michaels and Madden thought and insisted. Torry was attempting a stiff arm on the mask of the DB, not grabbing it.

          * I am concerned about FUMBLES after a nice catch by our WRs! :tough:

          * Please, DO NOT start on Coach MM because of late 1st half timeouts and/or calls!

          * SJ's shoulder should be fine for Sunday's final regular season stand.


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            Re: Still Alive!

            What an opening drive; all runs!
            If only we had done this against Arizona. Still, it's great to be "alive and kicking"!


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              Re: Still Alive!

              Stayin alive , Stayin alive, ha ha ha ha ,Stayin aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiive. Yea , that is just great! :tongue:


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                Re: Still Alive!

                Originally posted by r8rh8rmike
                If only we had done this against Arizona. Still, it's great to be "alive and kicking"!
                No doubt and the New Orleans Game and the ... game and the ... game ....

                Geaux Falcons and Skins too!

                A decent RAMS effort next week is what i am hoping for.

                Geaux RAMS!
                Socrates: Surf to live! and Live to Surf!


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                  Re: Still Alive!

                  Originally posted by RealRam
                  * The season is still on. We won (the Eagles did NOT "hand us this one"). :helmet:
                  No...but you got the win against 2nd and 3rd stringers and were only able to get 20 points. You are in serious trouble next week.


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                    Re: Still Alive!

                    JT , some of us are a little blind to think this game wasn't handed to us , but dude, stop rubbing it in! Or I'll find you on your board and rub it in when you guys lose first game out ! :redface:


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                      Re: Still Alive!

                      Aight...aight...good luck against the J-E-T-S next week y'all!


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                        Re: Still Alive!


                        JT , some of us are a little blind to think this game wasn't handed to us , but dude, stop rubbing it in! Or I'll find you on your board and rub it in when you guys lose first game out !
                        Good word..


                        Aight...aight...good luck against the J-E-T-S next week y'all!
                        Good call. Congratulations on your season.


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                        • DJRamFan
                          [Jets] Edwards Relishes Jets' Must-Win Situation
                          by DJRamFan
                          By ANDREA ADELSON
                          AP Sports Writer

                          HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. (AP) -- The New York Jets could have wrapped up a playoff berth last week with a victory.

                          Ah, but these are the Jets, who seem to enjoy doing things the hard way. Now they face their toughest game of the season: They must win at St. Louis, in front of a hostile crowd, against another team playing for a postseason berth.

                          A daunting task, indeed. Unless you ask coach Herman Edwards.

                          "It's good for you," Edwards said Wednesday. "The harder, the better. Come on. The bigger the bully, the better. Come on. Because life is about a fight. You can't go run in your house and close the door. You're not in your neighborhood, so you'd better go fight. If we do that, we'll be OK."

                          There was not much fight in the Jets (10-5) last week in a 23-7 loss to New England. They returned to practice eager to make up for all the mistakes they made against the Patriots - and knowing a victory is the only thing that matters.

                          Whether or not this is a good situation come Sunday remains to be seen.

                          "I don't know why but we always play our best when our backs are completely against the wall," veteran receiver Wayne Chrebet said. "We could have had it locked up and go looking forward to the playoffs this week instead of sweating it out, but ... I think we'll see a different team out there last week."

                          It better be. But that will not be easy.

                          The Rams have won 13 straight regular-season home games in December and January dating to 1998. The Rams last lost late in the season at home on Dec. 14, 1997, when they fell 13-10 to Chicago.

                          St. Louis (7-8) also is alive for a shot at the NFC West title or an NFC wild card with a victory, thanks to a 20-7 victory over Philadelphia on Monday night.

                          "It's great," Edwards said. "It will be loud; it's a playoff atmosphere. It's everything you can ask for as a coach and as a player. I love it, that's why you do this. You want these moments for your football team."

                          He has gone through these moments before, in 2001 and 2002, when the Jets needed to win their final game for a playoff berth. They did just that both times, beating Oakland on the road in '01 and Green Bay at home in '02.

                          Perhaps that is why Edwards and his team are not panicking.

                          "Maybe we are a drama-filled team," running back LaMont Jordan said. "Maybe we like those exciting finishes. I am quite sure it gives some fans some heart attacks, and I am pretty sure there have been a couple of TVs in New York City thrown out some windows. But everything that has happened from Week 1 to Week 16 would be forgotten if we make the playoffs."

                          That means...
                          -01-01-2005, 03:11 PM
                        • DJRamFan
                          [Jets] PLAYOFFS OR ELSE FOR JETS
                          by DJRamFan
                          December 29, 2004 -- THE JETS like to remind us of the small progresses they make, the way the culture in Hempstead is so much better than it used to be. They seem proud as hell to win 10 games. They seem delighted at the prospect of making the playoffs for a third time in four years.
                          Bully for the Jets!

                          They aren't a football snuff film any more!

                          Can that possibly be enough? Can that possibly be the length and breadth of this team's ambitions, especially in a season like this one, founded in such promise, grounded in such early prosperity? Is that really all the Jets believe we should judge them on? That it's been a while since they inspired their fans to wear paper bags on their heads?

                          They really need to be more than this. They need to expect more of themselves than this, to demand more of themselves than this. They need to be held accountable for more than this, especially now. The next few weeks loom as an ominous crossroads for who they are and what they want to be.

                          Forget the playoffs. They'd better make the playoffs. They'd better get after the Rams early and hit them in the mouth and jump out to the kind of lead that will inoculate them to the kind of weirdness Jets teams are so susceptible to. The Rams are a lousy team that let the Eagles' JV hang around almost to the final gun Monday night.

                          It isn't about making the playoffs, not with this Jets team, not in this season. In a now league, the Jets constantly inspire thoughts about the future, about next week, next season, the next five years. They constantly are a work in progress.

                          The fact is, there is no guarantee the Jets ever will be better than they are right now. There is no certainty they ever are going to have the confluence of strengths Hall of Fame running back, occasionally brilliant quarterback, above-average line, solid if unspectacular defense any time in the near future.

                          The NFL is a fluid league, players coming, players going. There is no such thing as a five-year plan anymore, or even a three-year plan. You get a shot to compete for something special, you'd better take your shot. You'd better not leave any tricks in your back pocket.

                          The biggest lie the Jets can sell you right now is that this season is a building block for something better down the road. No way. They are a now team. They have enough talent to compete with the AFC elite in a way that belies what they've done when they've actually played those teams this year. That talent won't be around forever.

                          Curtis Martin isn't getting younger. Neither is Kevin Mawae. Lamont Jordan probably will be somewhere else next year. John Abraham might, too. Soon enough, the usual machinations of the NFL square dance will sparkle, and the roster will spin around, and who knows if the same elements will be in place the way they are now?

                          -12-29-2004, 03:03 PM
                        • DJRamFan
                          [Jets] Suddenly shaky Pennington
                          by DJRamFan
                          Chad Pennington quickly has reached a defining moment in his career.

                          He will either guide the Jets into the playoffs with a big game against a bad Rams team or, after presiding over their first 5-0 start, be held accountable for the biggest collapse/choke in team history.

                          "I'm like a volcano inside," Pennington said yesterday. "Sunday can't get here fast enough."

                          The tension was evident in the locker room on a day the Jets followed the handbook for teams in crisis and held an obligatory players-only meeting. They've been going at this non-stop since the end of July and now for the fourth time in the last five seasons, their playoff fate will be decided on the season's final day. After not losing until Oct. 24 then sitting in great shape at 9-3, a team meeting to fire each other up was not supposed to be on the agenda. Neither was a potential single-elimination season finale.

                          But these are the Jets. So nothing ever comes easy.

                          Pennington is only 2-2 since coming back from his shoulder injury. He played horribly in the December losses to Pittsburgh and New England with one touchdown and five interceptions as the Jets scored only 13 points. Suddenly it was appropriate to wonder if he will ever be an elite quarterback.

                          "I feel good," he said. "I'm not down on myself. I don't doubt myself at all."

                          This has been a difficult few weeks for the $64 million QB. He admits it's been the most "challenging" time of his career. Two years ago, he was Joe Montana coming down the stretch. This year he's been Joe Pisarcik.

                          "Every game is a defining moment," Pennington said. "I'm excited about it. But you know what? I can't talk about it. I just got to go do it."

                          Reputations are made or destroyed in season-deciding games. Pennington's career was set to take off after he carried the Jets into the playoffs two years ago. But he's since gone backwards. Now, so much is at stake for him in St. Louis.

                          "It's a hump game. Get over the hump," he said. "It's a hump game for me to play well in a big situation and perform well and win."

                          If the Jets win, they get to 11-5, tying the second-most regular-season victories in their 45 years. If they lose, they still get in the playoffs with a Bills or Broncos loss, but they're out if they lose and the Bills and Broncos win. They don't want to back in.

                          So, what happens Sunday? The Jets will beat the Rams and Pennington will play like he did against Seattle.

                          It's evident the Jets can't yet play with the big boys of the NFL. The Patriots are better than them. So are the Steelers. Probably the Colts, too. When the Jets step up in class, they can't handle it. But they...
                          -12-30-2004, 01:15 PM
                        • AvengerRam_old
                          How do you think this week will turn out?
                          by AvengerRam_old
                          Will the Rams make the playoffs?
                          Rams beat Jets; Seahawks lost to Falcons - Rams win division!
                          Rams beat Jets; Vikings lose to Redskins - Rams get Wild Card birth!
                          Rams beat Jets; Saints and Panthers tie - Rams get Wild card birth!
                          Rams beat Jets; Hawks and Vikings win, Saints/Panthers don't tie - just miss playoffs.
                          Rams lose to Jets; go home with sub-.500 season.
                          -12-28-2004, 09:34 AM
                        • bruce4life
                          Does the jets loss sting even more???
                          by bruce4life
                          Now that the jets are not even putting up a fight in tonight's game against the patriots...The jets have had an average of 3 turnovers the last 7 games including 4 turnovers in the 1st half of this game. We could no muster 1 turnover at all last week!

                          Either the jets played one hell of a game last week and were flawles in execution 2nd quarter on or the rams have not made as much progress as we think or anticipated up to this point..
                          -11-22-2012, 06:59 PM