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How do you think this week will turn out?

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  • How do you think this week will turn out?

    Will the Rams make the playoffs?
    Rams beat Jets; Seahawks lost to Falcons - Rams win division!
    Rams beat Jets; Vikings lose to Redskins - Rams get Wild Card birth!
    Rams beat Jets; Saints and Panthers tie - Rams get Wild card birth!
    Rams beat Jets; Hawks and Vikings win, Saints/Panthers don't tie - just miss playoffs.
    Rams lose to Jets; go home with sub-.500 season.

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    Re: How do you think this week will turn out?

    Why do I say that the Seahawks will lose and the Rams will win?

    Why not? Who can tell in one week. Heck, no one thought the Hawaii Warriors would beat Northwestern and Michigan State to make a bowl game.

    Who knows? Jets haven't looked all that great lately. Seachickens have shown they want the division almost less than us... and even though we played against the scrubs of the Eagles, Jackson showed he could get the job done.

    The wild card? Martz Madness.

    Who knows what game he'll call. Who knows when he'll try some ****amamie fake punt/fg that could knock all the wind out of our sails?

    I think our players will step up. They can beat the Jets. Vick can beat the seachickens.

    It could happen. Would a playoff victory be possible if we DID go in as division champs? Ya never know. It's crazy.


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      Re: How do you think this week will turn out?

      On last night's win againts Eagles, I really liked what I saw from the Rams overall, not just their impressive initial drive and SJs running.

      Bulger and company looked good. Repeat that quality of play Vs. NYJ!

      Please :redface: ... no more fumbles after nice catches and yard gainers.


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        Re: How do you think this week will turn out?

        May your words ring true, ATC!


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          Re: How do you think this week will turn out?

          But, the Rams didn't really play against the big starters of the Eagles and often times they should have been able to do more. It was very sad to see Faulk in the game and get tackled in spots where he used to be able to bust through. They really need to play Jackson more and evaluate Faulk's future.


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            Re: How do you think this week will turn out?

            I think we gut check our way into a win on Sunday and Minnesota (5-13 in the stretch runs from '00-'04) will pull another end of the year choke.
            The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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              Re: How do you think this week will turn out?

              I think Minnesota on the road is more likely than Seattle at home. Atlanta is playing their starters, but that doesn't necessarily mean they will play the whole game.

              I think the Rams may get stuck and pull out a win, but get no love.


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                Re: How do you think this week will turn out?

                With HFA THROUGH OUT the playoffs at stake last year coach RAIN MAN managed to lead a 12 win team to one of the biggest FLOPS ever for a season ender at lowly Detroit. Now here comes a VERY GOOD team in the Jets with their post season lives on the line. Considering the season Curtis Martin(1500 yds/12 tds) is having and the state of the Rams run defense I think the outcome here is pretty predictable. The Jets will BASH the Rams ALL DAY. I almost forgot...they bring the #3 defense in the league with them. The Rams mustered 20 whole points vs Phillys 2nd and 3rd stringers. Yawn.
                "You people point your 'f'in' finger and say theres the bad guy....what that make you....good?" Tony Montana


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                  Re: How do you think this week will turn out?

                  Thank you for that commentary, Fargo ??? Fan.


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                    Re: How do you think this week will turn out?


                    I hope history does not repeat itself. I also hope that your realistic prediction is wrong and RAMS win by 10.

                    Livin' on a prayer!

                    Socrates: Surf to live! and Live to Surf!


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                      Re: How do you think this week will turn out?

                      if Martz runs the ball about 50% with Jackson, then the Rams have a 50/50 chance.

                      if Martz comes out throwing and throwing and throwing ( maybe we can refer to him as the Energizer Gunny ), then the Rams have a 0 chance of winning.

                      the gameplan must be somewhat balanced.

                      the defense is a major ?. they may allow Pennington to look like Johnny U in his hay day. or Martin to look like Sweetness. they must create some turnovers to have a chance as well.


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                        Re: How do you think this week will turn out?

                        If we run the ball at least 50% of the time to keep our defense on the sidelines, I think we have a better than 50/50 chance at a victory.
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                        • AvengerRam_old
                          Two will do, but which two? (or, how this week could be HUGE)
                          by AvengerRam_old
                          I'm going to go out on a limb here (not much of a limb, mind you) and predict that Seattle will lose at least two of their last four:

                          @Vikings (they'll get crushed)
                          @Jets (they should be beat)
                          Arizona (they'll win)
                          Atlanta (probably a win, but...)

                          If this is correct, two more wins will give the Rams the NFC West crown and the #4 seed in the playoffs.

                          Looking at the schedule, the Rams have one game they should definitely win (@Arizona), one game that they should have a pretty good shot at winning (home vs. a Jet team that will probably be locked in to its playoff spot), one game they probably won't win (Eagles), and this week's game @ Carolina.

                          The odds are against the Rams this week with Bulger out and both Faulk and Jackson nursing sore knees. Then again, if they can just find a way to protect Chandler, the Rams receivers should have success.

                          A win this week really puts the Rams in the driver's seat for the division title. If the Rams essentially need only one more win after this week, and have two home games and a game at the Cardinals to get that one win, I like their chances.

                          Stay tuned.
                          -12-09-2004, 10:45 AM
                        • AvengerRam_old
                          Still Alive!
                          by AvengerRam_old
                          Well, the Eagles may have played a lot of their reserves...

                          And it may not have been that pretty...

                          But the season's not over yet!
                          -12-27-2004, 10:08 PM
                        • Varg6
                          How do the OTHERS think we'll do...
                          by Varg6
                          Ok, I have an interesting question for all the Rams fans out there.

                          Ok, we won against Denver. A team with very high expectations. Jake Plummer, a guy who threw 7 ints last year, and now, already has 3 in his first game.

                          Will this change from no respect, to hmm...maybe the Rams are the real deal after all?

                          Personally, (well, obviously), I think we're the real deal, and this win was HUGE for us, and it was especially a huge win for us because our defense basically won it. Who would've thought, right?

                          So...Are we finally going to get some respect from others after being a team that basically everyone said we'd get annihilated by?
                          -09-11-2006, 06:31 PM
                        • jdpbmo
                          those that want the Rams to lose
                          by jdpbmo
                          It sucks so bad every week to listen to the announcers trash the Rams. Last week all they talked about was the Giants defense and Collins. They didn't care to mention how well the Ram defense played. Now today all they cared about was the Jets. Aikman and Moose weren't as bad as fatasses Summerall and Madden....too bad his bus can't be involved in a mangled accident. Then you go to Bradshaw, Collinsworth, Long and out of all the game they pick out the on-side kick that the Rams used. Maybe it wasn't the opportune time to do it or maybe it was. Last week the Dolphins were shutting the Jets out and the Jets came back in the second half to win. A game isn't over until it's over. Where were all these bleeding hearts when SF was beating the Rams 17 straight games? And if that isn't bad enough, the officials don't like us and we already know the commissioner doesn't care for the Rams. Go get 'em Martz and no mercy. Over and out. jd:cool:
                          -10-21-2001, 03:13 PM
                        • AvengerRam_old
                          "Rams will lose big again..." "No... that's just what they're expecting us to do."
                          by AvengerRam_old
                          This week, we will witness the epic battle between conventional wisdom and cliche.

                          Conventional wisdom says that the Rams are a team in disarray, with marginal talent, and poor leadership. Conventional wisdom says that a team like this will crumble at the sight of the defending Super Bowl Champions. Conventional wisdom says the Rams will lose, and lose big.

                          Cliche says that a team is never as bad as it looks when it loses, and never as good as it looks when it wins. Cliche says that any team can win on any given Sunday.

                          Which force will prevail?

                          Well, I think the team will show surprising fire and enthusiasm this week. The have been embarrassed and ridiculed, and they won't allow a repeat performance to occur on their home field.

                          The Rams are going to win this game.

                          What then, I ask you, will the conventional wisdom conclude?
                          -09-11-2008, 09:43 AM