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Rams hope all the 'ifs' add up to title

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  • Rams hope all the 'ifs' add up to title

    By Jim Thomas
    Of the Post-Dispatch

    It would be a bizarre climax to a bizarre regular season. But consider this: If the Rams defeat the New York Jets and Seattle loses to Atlanta, the Rams would host an NFC playoff game ... at 8-8.

    Strange but true. Under the current NFL playoff format, all four division champions in the NFC - as well as all four in the AFC - are guaranteed to play their first playoff game at home.

    If the Rams end up winning their third NFC West title in four years, they will play either Minnesota or Seattle sometime on the weekend of Jan. 8-9 at the Edward Jones Dome. Here's how:

    If Minnesota wins its regular-season finale against Washington to finish 9-7 and Seattle loses to Atlanta to finish 8-8, the Vikings would be the No. 5 seed, and thus play at the home of the No. 4 seed (the Rams).

    If Minnesota and Seattle both finish 8-8, Seattle gets the No. 5 seed by virtue of a tiebreaker edge over the Vikings. And it would be the Seahawks who travel to St. Louis - for their third meeting of the season against the Rams.

    Even if Seattle defeats Atlanta to finish 9-7 and clinch the West, the Rams still can reach the playoffs as a wild-card entry if Minnesota loses to Washington to finish 8-8, and the Rams beat the Jets.

    If that's the case, the Rams will open the playoffs as either the No. 5 or No. 6 seed:

    As the No. 5 seed, the Rams would travel to Seattle, which would get the No. 4 seed as NFC West champs. Under this scenario, New Orleans defeats Carolina this Sunday, but Minnesota gets in the playoffs instead of New Orleans because the Vikings defeated the Saints in the regular season.

    As the No. 6 seed, the Rams would travel to Green Bay, which has clinched the No. 3 seed. The Rams are the No. 6 seed if Carolina defeats New Orleans this Sunday, which would bump an 8-8 Minnesota squad out of the playoff picture.

    And if you think all that sounds confusing, there is a third way that gets the Rams in the playoffs, albeit a very remote possibility. If Carolina and New Orleans play to a tie Sunday, both teams would finish 7-8-1, and neither team would get in should the Rams beat the Jets. If that happened, the Rams and Vikings would be the wild-card teams if Seattle wins the West by beating Atlanta.

    But don't hold your breath on that one. Since the overtime system began in 1974, only 16 of 375 regular-season overtime games have ended in a tie at the conclusion of OT.

    Following Monday night's 20-7 victory over Philadelphia, the Rams were just happy to be part of any postseason discussion.

    "It's always good to be playing meaningful football in December," offensive tackle Orlando Pace said.

    "It's thrilling," coach Mike Martz said. "After all the drama that we've been through this year, being in position to potentially be in the playoffs - how awesome is that?"

    What needs to happen

    The Rams have three ways of getting a playoff berth. In addition to winning their final game, the Rams need one of the following outcomes:
    1. If Seattle loses to Atlanta, the Rams and Seahawks would finish with 8-8 records and the Rams would win the NFC West title by virtue of a head-to-head tiebreaker.
    2. If Seattle wins and Minnesota loses to Washington, the Rams would earn a wild-card berth because of their better NFC record than the Vikings.
    3. Even if Minnesota and Seattle win, the Rams can get in if New Orleans and Carolina tie. New Orleans and Carolina would finish 7-8-1.

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    Re: Rams hope all the 'ifs' add up to title

    This is confusing....

    I'll be rooting for Atlanta, Washington and The Rams this week.....

    Go Rams, Go skins, Go falcons :redface:


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      Re: Rams hope all the 'ifs' add up to title

      That'll be a big Amen!


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        Re: Rams hope all the 'ifs' add up to title

        I'll be rooting for Atlanta, Washington and The Rams this week.....
        That's a very realistic possibility. Vick is starting, Culpepper has the flu, and the Jets... well, don't scare me. :ramlogo:

        Adm. William "Bull" Halsey


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          Re: Rams hope all the 'ifs' add up to title

          Originally posted by RAMMAN68
          the Jets... well, don't scare me. :ramlogo:
          Well, our defense does scare me.


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            BY JIM THOMAS
            Wednesday, January 4, 2012

            The St. Louis Rams have expressed interest in interviewing Todd Bowles for their head-coaching position.

            Bowles, 48, served as interim head coach in Miami for the final three games of the 2011 season following the dismissal of Tony Sparano. The Dolphins went 2-1 in those games, defeating the New York Jets and Buffalo, and nearly upsetting New England in a 27-24 loss.

            Bowles, a native of Elizabeth, N.J., who went to college at Temple, has been with the Dolphins since 2008 as assistant head coach/secondary coach. He has previous NFL coaching stints as an assistant for the Jets (2000), Cleveland (2001-04), and Dallas (2005-07).

            Bowles also spent three years coaching at the college level at Morehouse and Grambling State. He spent eight seasons playing defensive back in the NFL from 1986-93 at San Francisco and Washington.

            Along with Jeff Fisher, he's the second known candidate for the Rams' job to replace Steve Spagnuolo, who was fired Monday following a 10-38 record in three seasons.
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            9 hours ago • By Jim Thomas

            No sales pitch was necessary to get new Rams quarterbacks coach Chris Weinke on board with Sam Bradford.

            “Love him. Love him,” Weinke replied when asked about the Rams’ presumptive starting QB for 2015. “Historically, I look back at every guy that I’ve evaluated coming out of college.

            “A few years ago when Andrew Luck came out they said who would you compare him to? And I said the closest I would see is Sam Bradford.

            “And I say that without knowing Sam. I’d never met Sam until this process. Looking at his physical skill set. And then obviously talking to people and understanding his mental capacity and his football IQ, and all those different things.

            “Sam by far has had the best pro day out of any guy I’ve ever evaluated from a physical standpoint. And he was coming off an injury at that point in time. So when you look at a guy who’s a pure passer of the football from a physical standpoint, he’s as good as anybody I’ve ever evaluated.”

            Keep in mind, Weinke was talking about what he saw in Bradford as an NFL prospect when he turned pro in 2010. Not anything that’s happened in the pros. One more thing: Weinke didn’t begin evaluating college QBs in earnest until the year Bradford came out because that’s the same year Weinke became director of IMG Academy — a training/performance facility in Bradenton, Fla. So it’s not like Weinke is talking about a long period of time.

            As part of Weinke’s interview process in St. Louis a couple of weeks ago, Weinke had dinner with Bradford. New Rams offensive coordinator Frank Cignetti also attended.

            “I flew in on a Monday, Frank picked me up at the airport, and we went and met Sam for dinner,” Weinke saiid. “We spent about 3 ˝ hours together.”

            Weinke approached the dinner as more of a getting-to-know-you session, as opposed to him interviewing Bradford or vice versa.

            “It was comfortable from the get-go,” Weinke said. “What we shared at that dinner was simply, hey, who are you? Who am I? Can we work together? What would this environment look like if I was the guy in that room coaching you?”

            Bradford is the only quarterback currently under contract on the Rams’ offseason roster. So, yes, Weinke’s excited about having the opportunity to work with Bradford in 2015. He also put in an unsolicited plug for last year’s Rams backup, Shaun Hill, who is a pending free agent.

            “I see a guy that I would love to have back,” Weinke said. “I don’t make those decisions, but Shaun is a consummate pro, and a guy that I actually played with in San Francisco in 2007.”

            Weinke was in the final season of his seven-season career in ’07. Hill was in his fifth season, but had not thrown an NFL regular-season pass until playing in three games and making two starts in...
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          • MauiRam
            DT Hollis Thomas mulls Rams offer
            by MauiRam
            By Jim Thomas
            St. Louis Post-Dispatch

            The St. Louis Rams could get some homegrown help for their run-stuffing needs on the defensive line. St. Louis native Hollis Thomas, who was part of two state championship football teams at Sumner High, is trying to decide between the Rams and three other teams according to his agent, Michael Bauer.

            Bauer said Tuesday afternoon that Thomas plans to make a decision in the next 24 hours because he wants to get into training camp right away with his new club.

            Thomas, 34, has started 123 regular-season games over his NFL career. He spent his first 10 seasons with Philadelphia (1996-2005) after being signed as an undrafted rookie out of Northen Illinois by the Eagles. He played in Super Bowl 39 for Philly against New England to cap the 2004 season.

            Thomas spent the past three seasons with the New Orleans Saints, who released him last April 29.

            A wide-body, Thomas’ usual playing weight is around 335. Bauer said Thomas is in pretty good shape at the moment _ at about 340 pounds. At this stage in his career, Thomas would be strictly a rotational player. If the Rams could get a couple dozen snaps a game in run defense out of Thomas, they’d be happy.

            Besides the attraction of playing in his hometown, Thomas also knows Rams head coach Steve Spagnuolo from Spagnuolo’s tenure as an Eagles assistant coach.
            -07-28-2009, 08:07 PM
          • r8rh8rmike
            Jim Thomas Live - Aug 9
            by r8rh8rmike
            Jim Thomas Live

            Rams writer Jim Thomas goes one-on-one with readers at 1 p.m. Tuesday in a live chat.
            Tuesday, August 9, 2011

            leonard van valey: Like the experience being brought in...but... so much of it? In a couple of years won't this team be long in the tooth? What's the average age of the team now compared with other teams in the league? looks like they are serious about having a winning season with the acquisition of these experienced players of proven ability.

            Jim Thomas: Remember, 8 of the 11 free agents signed so far are one-year deals. So there's no guarantee how many of them will be back in 2012. Of the 11 outside veteran free agents, Diles is 26, Sims-Walker is 26, Ojinnakao is 27, Norwood just turned 28, Muir is 28, Williams is 29, Dahl just turned 30, Mikell is 30, Poppinga is 31, Bannan is 32, and Harris is 36. So they're spread out kind of all over the spectrum. But I think your overall point is valid. But the sheer number of free agents signed the Rams are trying to get over the hump in terms of at least making the playoffs.


            dominic zappia: Hey Jim:
            1)With the 3 big payouts this year for Bradford,Smith and Long,does this mean the Rams will have more money next year under the cap?
            2)With Murphys injury,who are we looking at for a replacement from free agency or within? Sorry,King doesnt impress me.
            3)Who has impressed you so far at camp?
            Thank you...

            Jim Thomas: 1.) Not really. Because of escalators and incentives, Bradford, Smith and Long will have high cap counts for basically the rest of their contracts.
            2.) The Rams are looking, but there's not a ton out there now.
            3.) Give me another week. I missed 3 1/2 days of practice/scrimmage while I was in Canton.


            Kyle Cooksey: Curious how you think Joe West (18) is looking in the fight for a spot as a WR. I noticed he's on the 2nd offense and gets a good amount of routes and is fairly consistent. Also noticed he is on all the special-teams, maybe because of his speed?

            Jim Thomas: I think he's running with the seconds mainly because of injuries (Avery, Alexander, Salas). But he could be a practice squad guy.


            Greg: Hi Jim,

            Thanks for the chat.

            Has Quinn lived up to the expectations so far in camp/scrimmage?

            I saw him beat Saffold nicely in a drill this last friday, and from what I heard he was all over the backfield in the scrimmage at lindenwood.

            Does he bring instant pass rush to the Rams front four even though he's still unpolished? Will the coaching...
            -08-09-2011, 07:33 PM
          • Molotov
            Is it just me, or is Jim Thomas...
            by Molotov
            Is it just me, or is Jim Thomas the most pessimistic writer on the face of the planet? It's great that he isn't a Ram homer, but his negativity is really deflating.
            -09-28-2010, 12:38 PM